‘The Diplomat’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Kate & Austin Find Out Who Attacked The Ship?

The third episode of “The Diplomat” had the President visiting the UK and meeting the British PM at Winfield House, the residence of the US Ambassador to the UK, currently where Kate and Hal are living. With so much news overwhelming her, Kate is trying hard to navigate what’s important and what’s not. All of this culminates in one big solution, which is that the US will not provide any aid or rescue ship for the aircraft carrier bombing matter. Kate decides not to take up the Vice President’s job, but her rejection of the offer is not being accepted, which has put all her plans on hold.


Spoilers Ahead

Kate And Hal, The Aftermath

Once the formal visit was done and dusted, Kate and Hal went back to living as a married couple but in two different rooms because they just didn’t get along, and it had been a while since they separated. They don’t talk to each other unless it is necessary. It has been 48 hours since the President left the UK, and still, there is no news of the US backing out of the rescue mission. Kate is not sure why the UK media has not heard about it from Trowbridge’s government. Meanwhile, Kate and Hal are trying not to annoy each other. Hal, too, is trying not to get involved too much in her work life. Hal is the one who was keen on pushing Kate to be the Vice President; his real motives are yet to be known, but since Kate knows her husband too well, she is aware of what Hal is capable of. She wants to know Hal’s game plan for placing her in the chair of the vice president.


Stuart asks her questions about why the marriage cannot work if it will help her put herself in a position of power, and it should be worth working for. Kate knows her marriage is way too complicated to give it importance just for the sake of power. Kate comes across as someone who wants to take care of herself first, and trust that the rest would fall into place. But unfortunately for her, it is not going her way, and she is still busy contemplating whether to take the Vice President job or not. Kate, though, wants to know who attacked the aircraft carrier. If the Iranians claims are to be believed, they will have to find another way to find out who was behind this ghastly terror attack. She comes up with the plan of getting at the information via Iranian intelligence. It is a slippery slope for her, for she rained down on her husband for contacting Shahin, but she seems to conclude that it would be Iranian intelligence that could help her find the answer. There is no direct way to contact the Iranians, and Kate will have to find another method to get what she wants.

Meanwhile, at the gala meant for the American businessmen in the UK, Kate and Hal attend as a couple, but the festivities are marred by the chief guest, the PM, who lets the crowd know for the first time that the USA has refused to help with the rescue mission. The PM leaves the party immediately to showcase his protest against the Americans, which is something Kate had expected. She is just confused about why the British government took two days to break the news. Kate is curious to know what the British government is up to now that there is no rescue mission coming to carry out their dirty work. Kate, Stuart, and Eidra came up with a plan to make a statement about the trade, which would include the name of the country, Turkey, for they are allies of America as well as Iran, and a cryptic message that would reach Iranian intelligence to get more information about who bombed HMS Courageous. Kate can only hope this method of reaching out will work because she has no other solution for getting to the bottom of this issue. They must know who the mischief maker was and why Iran is being dragged into this as a result.


‘The Diplomat’ Episode 4 Ending Explained: Do Kate & Austin Find Out Who Attacked The Ship?

Stuart is at it again with Kate, wanting to know why she is giving up on her marriage when they have been together for many years. Kate is sure that President Rayburn and Billie and Hal are on her side, and by making her the Vice President, Hal will always be on their side, helping with the drafting of some excellent foreign policies. Hal, who has worked as an ambassador before, especially in plenty of conflict-ridden nations, is good at foreign policy, and he will be an added advantage for the President. She is aware they need him in the background, and Kate would be the face of the new America they are building. If she mentions the divorce, Kate is sure they wouldn’t want her at all. Though Billie and Rayburn are hell-bent on waiting for Kate, she is still unsure whether the job is worth the stress of marriage that she’ll have to live with.

Thanks to their brilliant idea, the “Turkey” comment got a response on the Twitter account, where the Iranian official claims that the Iranian ambassador to the UK has been summoned by the UK Foreign Secretary, while the British in Iran have been asked to leave the country. This was the response Kate was waiting for, and she knew only Austin Dennison could help her with this. Kate can trust so far only Austin with any sort of classified information that comes to her because he is the only one who is trying to tell the PM that the man is taking the wrong approach and it needs to be rectified, not fueled. Kate lets Austin know of her plan to get the Iranian Ambassador be summoned by him, and she will be in the office to get the information Iranian intelligence wants to provide. Things go as planned, and as the ambassador walks into Austin’s room, he is shocked to see Kate being part of the meeting. The ambassador reveals that the attack was carried out by Roman Lenkov, a Russian mercenary. This means the attack was funded by the Russians to increase Iran’s dependency on Russia. Eidra Park, on the other hand, plants a device on Kate to get more information from the only reliable source of information, which is the Iranian ambassador. She wants every form of data she could get so that it would help the CIA in some way. Kate is shocked to hear the Russians are getting involved even though they are busy with the Ukraine War.


Kate had not expected Russia to get involved in this mess that they have now created. But she also knows that this information that she has cannot go out directly through the Brits or the Americans. It has come out some other way. Sadly, the Iranian ambassador to the UK dies of cardiac arrest right in front of Austin and Kate. It can be safely assumed that either Russia’s was involved in inducing the heart attack, or Iranian intelligence wanted the ambassador to die once the information was out. Kate runs away from the scene of the crime and rejoins as a spectator, letting Austin know that the man should be declared dead only in the hospital, or the entire suspicion will fall on Austin.

As the event unfolds, Kate and Austin cannot believe they came this close to being fired from their jobs. If things had gone south, their lives would have been at stake, and they probably would have been on the hit list as well. Kate, Austin, and Eidra get the information they were looking for, but at a cost. Kate and Austin have a weird moment between them as they relive the day of absurdity. Meanwhile, Eidra tells another of her informants about Russian involvement. The news must come out but in a discreet way. The last scene of “The Diplomat” Episode 4 has Kate maybe reconsidering her marriage with Hal, and they finally sleep with each other after the long separation. Kate is more than happy to have gotten one piece of good news in the last few days, which have been nothing but noisy and chaotic. Hopefully, this information will help the US and the UK find a better way to solve the problem at hand.

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