‘The Devil’s Workshop’ Ending, Explained: Was Clayton Able To Get out? What Happened To Eliza?

“The Devil’s Workshop” is the latest movie directed by Chris Von Hoffman, starring the likes of Radha Mitchell, Timothy Granderos, and Emile Hirsh in the leading roles. The movie chronicles the events that unfold in the life of Clayton when he decides to spend some time with a demonologist in order to better prepare for an upcoming role in a horror movie.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is ‘The Devil’s Workshop’ About?

Clayton, played by Timothy Granderos, is a talented but struggling actor, and the movie opens with him auditioning for a role. He has been struggling in the industry for more than a decade now, looking for a role that would catapult his career. He auditioned for a role, but the director said that he was looking for an actor who could pour his heart out in the movie. As Clayton exits, he bumps into Donald, who is an already successful actor who also happens to be auditioning for the same role. Clayton’s hope of getting the role hits rock bottom when he sees one of the judges hugging and greeting Donald at the door, realizing that he has once again snatched his part.


Clayton also receives a voicemail on his phone from a friend who constantly calls to check up on him and chides the producers for cutting him out entirely from the NCIS episode. In the first few minutes of the show, we realize that Donald and Clayton aren’t good friends, and the former is always looking for an opportunity to humiliate Clayton, as seen in one scene where he made Clayton call himself stupid during the acting class. Donald is an influential guy in the industry and is even favored by his acting instructor, who wants to have an audience with his manager. Donald subtly insults him by calling him a bottomless Dolphin, but he appreciates him for his honest remarks.

Clayton wishes to be Donald and enjoy the success that he has. The scene shifts, and we see Clayton pouting about his miserable career. He has received a call from his manager, who informs him that the director has selected him for the final round and is expecting a re-audition. Clayton remembers his comment and wants to stand out from the crowd, so he reaches out to a practicing demonologist to brush up on the details of his new field. He posted an online ad to get in contact with a demonologist. The next morning, he receives a call from a woman who asks him to visit her in her country home. Clayton drives to a weird-looking house and is greeted by the demonologist, played by Radha Mitchell.


Eliza is the proprietor of a huge property, and immediately after the meeting, we realize that her intentions are sinister. The strange and weird portraits of demons and ghosts on her walls only strengthen our assumptions. She asks Clayton to make himself at home and walks into the kitchen to prepare tea, and we see her putting something in his tea. Eliza asks about his family and career. Clayton tells her that he usually gets small roles in movies and hasn’t had anything that would shoot him to fame. It dawns on Clayton that, rather than him probing her for answers, she was the one who seemed genuinely curious about his parents and his career. Eliza convinces Clayton that it is evil spirits that are restricting his success and will slowly consume his soul. She offers to perform an exorcism to expel the evil spirits living inside him, saying that it would provide him with the research he came for. Clayton agrees.

The Strange Reality TV Footage and The Ensuing Exorcism

Eliza suggests Clayton stay in her house as she would need a couple of days to prepare for the “Ritual.” Eliza also makes Clayton turn on his phone, so that he won’t be able to call for help. The next night, we see Clayton engaging in his daily shenanigans, like talking to himself and exercising. Clayton notices something and is drawn to the next room, where he finds a couple of videotapes lying on the floor. Guessing he has nothing better to do, he decides to go through the tape. The tape shows Eliza as a TV show host. The show follows the story of a man who once a day had a strange man knocking at his door. The catch was that no one knew whether this stranger was a human or a devil. Clayton hears a strange noise and goes in to check on Eliza. He sees Eliza covered in sheets and behaving oddly. She has a strange wound on her back, and it seems like a leech has been attached to her. Eliza, upon being questioned by Clayton about the footage, reveals that she was part of the show, but it got scrapped due to bad reception. Eliza says that the time has come for the exorcism and prepares Clayton by washing him and asking him to howl like a dog and chant weird spells. Clayton remembers her mother, who died because of the accident he had caused. As the day passes, Eliza presents Clayton with another ritual. She asks Clayton to slay a white goat to complete the blood magic, and he complies. The next scene sees Clayton drenched in blood, and Eliza advises Clayton not to leave the house. Clayton’s patience finally floods when he sees Eliza holding a knife over him. Clayton calls her crazy and decides to wash the blood off his skin and leave. Eliza defends her actions by saying she was only performing an ancient ritual. Clayton walks towards the door in anger, and Eliza calms her down with the same song his late mother used to sing.


‘The Devil’s Workshop’ Ending Explained: Was Clayton Able To Get out? What Happened To Eliza?

Both Eliza and Clayton indulge in a conversation over the tea, and Clayton explains his motivations for being an actor. He wants everyone to recognize his talent and take a bow in front of him. She told Clayton that his old life was miserable and there was no point going back. Eliza tries to force Clayton to admit his real intentions toward those who undermine him. The scene shifts, and we see Clayton going mad after hearing the song again. He desperately tries to get out, but all the doors and windows are sealed shut. He even attacks Eliza but ceases after seeing her face changed to that of his mother’s. Eliza, still posing as his mother, handcuffs him. She informs Clayton that, like every other woman, she too longed for a son and a family. She brands Clayton with a hot iron, pours a jar of blood over his face, and demands Clayton to repeat after her so she can fulfill her sinister desires. The green tea Clayton drank earlier had subdued him. Eliza pours gasoline over Clayton, but he gathers his remaining strength and crawls out of the room, where he sees Eliza slowly peeling her face off. It was Galvino (The Demon of Lust and Sexuality) who was posing as Eliza. Galvino steps onto Clayton’s body and burns herself along with him. The scene shifts to the audition, and we see Clayton’s rival, Donald, auditioning for the role. The judges call his acting “Terrible,” questioning how he lands his acting gigs. The judges were waiting for Clayton, but he never showed up, and Donald ended up getting the part that he clearly didn’t deserve or have the talent for.

The Final Verdict

“The Devil’s Workshop” is a movie that completely fails to captivate its audience by keeping the majority of its horror elements in the second part. Both Radha Mitchell and Timothy Granderos completely nailed their parts, and their chemistry was one of the few things that made this movie watchable. Radha Mitchell is brilliant in the role of a psychopath demonologist and completely convinces Timothy that there’s something evil lurking inside of him. The movie completely wasted the talent of Emile Hirsh, who has given an outstanding performance in “Into the Wild” by limiting his character to a douchebag actor who knows nothing better than making TikToks and humiliating others.


“The Devil’s Workshop” is a Drama Horror film available on video on demand.

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