‘The Crown’ Season 6 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Al Fayed Deal With Dodi’s Death?

The third episode of the sixth season of The Crown ended with Diana and Dodi’s car crashing in Paris as they were being chased by the paparazzi. Hours before the crash, Dodi had proposed marriage to Diana, which she’d politely declined. Dodi quickly got over the rejection, and they were planning to move forward from this incident until both got involved in a horrendous accident. The Crown Episode 4 would be about the aftermath of the accident and how it might change the way the English monarchy is looked at.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Charles And His Family React To The News?

The Queen, Philip, and Charles were informed almost immediately of the accident in which Dodi died on the spot while Diana was being treated for severe injuries and internal bleeding. Charles, at some point, had expected to hear news of her recovery, but unfortunately, Diana succumbed to her injuries.


The Queen was upset for William and Harry because they would have to wake up to this nightmarish piece of news. Charles was devastated because he had not just lost the mother of his children but also the friend he had found in her. Despite their bitter marriage and divorce, Charles and Diana had been in love at some point, and the idea of her death threw him to the depths of sorrow. The hardest task would be to inform William and Harry about the tragedy that had befall upon the family. The sons were beyond sorrowful, as they had planned to meet her the very next day in London. The kids were probably in shock too because they got to speak to her just hours before the crash, and waking up to the news of their mother’s passing surely would leave a lasting pain in them.

What Was Charles’ Decision After His Trip From Paris?

Charles visited Paris to bring back her mortal remains. He had requested a royal flight to bring her back, which was initially declined since Diana was no longer a part of the royal family. The Queen and Philip had forgotten that Diana had been a part of their family for a long time. The couple were still in pain caused by Diana and Charles’ divorce. Charles’ request made sense because she was the mother of the future monarch, and she needed to be treated with dignity even in death. Charles was a wreck when he saw her lifeless body in the Paris hospital. The Queen and Philip had hoped the Spencer family would conduct a private funeral at their estate, but Prince Charles had other plans.


Prince Charles was the first to notice the impact of her death on countless people around the world, which is why, as a monarch, his mother should step up and acknowledge the loss and announce a public funeral for the mother of the future monarch. Charles wanted to set an example as heir apparent that he cared for the mother of his children. This would show his empathetic side and gain the support of the people if he ever becomes a monarch. The Queen and Philip were not in favor of what Charles was proposing simply based on a technicality. Charles wanted to set an example for his children as well as being sympathetic towards things that matter.

Why Did William Take Off Without Informing Anyone?

William, Charles and Diana’s oldest son, was deeply affected by his mother’s untimely passing. He also heard his father talking about how William should be given training as a future monarch to step up and do what is right. The young boy was disturbed by the talk about his future. He probably wanted someone to comfort him in this time of loss. The young man was a shy person, and just like his mother, he was also sensitive. William was taking time to process the pain and the loss of the most important person in his life.


Diana was not a distant mother. She was very much involved in the upbringing of her kids, and she was very close to her sons and was always concerned about their well-being. Losing her is like a void that can never be filled by anybody else. One fine morning, William took off and went for a long walk around the wilderness of the Balmoral Castle just to stay away from the noise and the chatter of their home which was filled with people feeling sorry for him. The whole family went on the lookout for him, but William came back on his own and refused to speak to anyone about what was bothering him.

How Was Mohammed Al Fayed Dealing With Dodi’s Death?

Mohammed Al Fayed was as devastated as the Royal family. He was bothered by the coverage of Dodi’s death in the car crash, as there was hardly any mention of him. He felt the coverage was a bit one-sided, even though Diana was close to the Al Fayed family for a while. Dodi and his family were being sidelined by the world media only because they were not as famous as Diana’s family. His anguish also implied that his Arab roots could be the reason why the British media refused to cover Dodi’s death as well. Mohammed Al-Fayed had a conversation with an illusory version of Dodi. As a last message from his son from up above, Dodi requested his father to stop pandering to the West and live with the truth. Dodi’s life was in California, and he was happy doing what he did. Dodi also claimed he was affected by his father’s unfair expectations of him, and Mohammed Al Fayed profusely apologized to his now-deceased son for not listening to him. 

How Did The Queen Agree To A Public Funeral For Diana?

The Queen was in two minds about how to tend to the situation as the public grieving of Diana was only increasing, and it was only Charles who could see why the Palace needed to make a statement expressing her grief. As the grandmother of the future monarch as well, she had a responsibility towards the public. It was also about the growing negativity towards the Palace and the people living behind those large doors. Charles was a traditionalist, but he felt the need to tap into the pulse of the public and give them what they wanted. The Queen had to behave like a politician with only one agenda: improving the public perception of her as the head of the state.

Charles reminded his mother that she needed to take things into hand just like a mother would and comfort the people of the country who grieve the death of a person and make them feel comfortable and happy. The Queen needed to give them attention, love, and understand their state of mind. A statement from her would change the tide in their direction. It would be a win-win situation. Diana passed knowing she was loved by a large population from around the world. The Queen could have been the bigger person, acknowledged Diana’s status, and been a companion in their times of sorrow. Charles was presenting hard facts that were not easy to comprehend for a traditional lady like Elizabeth, who had seen many deaths in her family and refused to publicly showcase her pain.


The Queen could finally see the point Charles was trying to make and agreed to deliver a speech to the country on behalf of herself and the palace. The family returned to Buckingham Palace for the public funeral. As the Queen’s speech made an impact on the public perception of monarchy, the episode ended with Philip, Charles, William, Harry, and Diana’s brother walking behind her coffin as the entire city mourned for her sons. The last scene of the show had Queen Elizabeth offering a small prayer before heading to sleep as a long day had come to an end. We assume the Queen again prayed for Diana to find peace in death.

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