‘The Crown’ Season 6 Part 2 Ending Explained & Series Recap: Was The Queen Having An Existential Crisis?

Part One of season six of The Crown ended with the tragic death of the charismatic Diana, Princess of Wales and the noise around the Queen’s reaction to it. In The Crown, Prince Charles’ insistence was the reason why Diana was given a state funeral as the mother of the future monarch. There was plenty of emphasis on how the death did not just affect William and Harry but also the Queen herself, who had finally let go of the woman who had managed to upstage her.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was William Angry At?

William decided to rejoin school not long after his mother’s passing. The young boy was still processing the pain and was having a hard time being inundated by people offering him condolences. The boy also had to attend public functions with his father, which distressed him further because William was not used to the attention. Diana was the camera-friendly person, and since William resembles her, he was expected to be exactly like his mother. William began snapping at his father for forcing him to engage in photo ops for the press, and there was a growing distance between them. Charles’ conversation with William about the same takes an accusatory tone. William was finally pacified by his grandfather Philip, who himself had witnessed the deaths of his family at a young age. The man can empathize with Willaim’s state of mind and asks him not to be angry at his parents, especially his mother just because he is unable to live up to the legacy Diana left for him. William realized he could not remain angry at his father forever, which would be followed by regrets in case Charles ever passed suddenly like his mother. The two reconcile and decide to move forward.


Was The Queen Jealous Of Prime Minister Blair?

While Prime Minister Tony Blair was gaining popularity in the UK, there was a steady appreciation for the man of the Labor Party for uniting the country under his wing. For the first time, Queen Elizabeth felt threatened because she was competing with a man she had appointed to form a government in her name. The aging queen was no match to the young, charismatic leader. The Queen was invited to speak at the annual Women’s Institute, a community-based organization she had also been a part of for many years. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Blair was again reported to have given a riveting speech that convinced US President Bill Clinton to send US troops into Serbia, which eventually led to the end of the dictatorship in the country. This made Blair an internationally recognized hero who essentially ended a war.

The victory aided the Queen in asking PM Blair to hold a committee that could suggest reforms the monarchy could make. PM Blair was honored and came back with a list of titles that could be gotten rid of, which were a burden on the economy. The Queen had a tough time understanding these reforms because of their long history with the palace and her family. The Queen refused to acknowledge the reforms because she felt the antiquity of the country needed to be preserved as well. PM Blair could never win over Queen Elizabeth, and she recognized that her expertise and experience would never match up with any Prime Ministers from here on. The jealousy immediately ceased when PM Blair was booed at the same Women’s Institute for his political speech.


When Did William And Kate Start Dating?

William decided to join St. Andrews College in Scotland to be closer to Balmoral, but the young prince took a gap year to travel the world and work for many charitable institutions in a bid to keep the legacy of his mother alive. A year later, at the college, he comes across Catherine, who seems to be the most beautiful girl on the campus. Both took the same classes and started noticing one another. Catherine’s mother on the other side had orchestrated their meeting by making sure her daughter Kate took a gap year, mimicking the footsteps of William in the hope the two of them accidentally meet and fall in love. Kate was made aware of this plan by her mother. She consciously chose to agree to be a part of the ruse after learning of William’s plan to leave university. Both rekindled their friendship and began dating while on campus, and there was no looking back for them from this point on. William eventually mentions Kate to his grandmother, the Queen, who wanted nothing but a normal life for him outside of the guarded life he had to lead up until now.

What Happened To Princess Margaret And The Memory Of Elizabeth She Talks About?

Princess Margaret suffered three strokes back-to-back. Her worsening health took Margaret and the Queen down memory lane. The Queen not only hosted a memorable 70th birthday for Margaret, but reality hit like a rock when she finally came to terms that Margaret was her only friend and she might not live that long. Elizabeth not only gave a touching tribute to her sister at the birthday celebrations, but the sisters in private revisited the night when they, as young girls, had a run through a crowded London after the war was over. Margaret claimed to have seen the real Elizabeth, a personality she shunned the next day after a night of adventure.


Elizabeth and Margaret spent the night dancing at the Ritz as two young girls whom many did not recognize. Elizabeth had the time of her life, and she let her guard down as the oldest daughter and the heir apparent to the throne. Margaret and Peter Townsend were the only witnesses to this transformation; they swore to keep it to themselves till their last breath. Margaret and Elizabeth were spending a lot of time together as the former’s health kept deteriorating, and for the first time in years, the siblings were inseparable. Elizabeth had a hard time believing her younger sister might be the first one to pass, but she slowly came to terms with it. Margaret was also Elizabeth’s strength. Princess Margaret eventually passed away in 2002 from a long illness, thus ending the chapter of the enigmatic Princess.

Why Was Diana’s Case Reopened?

Princess Diana’s case was reopened at the behest of Mohamed Al-Fayed, who made claims all over the world media about the Royal Family’s conspiracy to kill his son and his fiancée Diana, who was pregnant with Dodi’s child. William and Harry were not happy with the ongoing drama around their mother, whom they knew well. Sadly, the police had to do their job and rope William, Harry, and Charles into this investigation to acquire more details about the night she had passed. William and Harry had to cooperate with the law. Thankfully, the final verdict given by the commissioner stated that a series of unfortunate incidents had led to the deaths of four people on that fateful night. The investigation report also concluded that Diana was not pregnant, and all of them died because the driver was drunk and none of them wore seat belts. William and Harry were glad the report did not divulge any more shocking information.

Was The Queen Having An Existential Crisis?

The Queen had turned 80 years old, and suddenly she was surrounded by people, including her husband, who wanted her input on her funeral because, by now, she was dubbed the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the world. The Queen felt the walls were closing in around her, and she was overwhelmed by the idea of wanting to do right things, not just for herself but for the people she loves. There is a sense of mortality that hits her. She might be the head of the Church of England, but Elizabeth was indeed a mortal woman who would have to think twice before making any major decision. Margaret and the Queen Mother had always been by her side, cognizant of the kind of woman Elizabeth was. Philip was the last of the people of her time who empathized with her.

Charles wished to marry Camilla and asked his mother to honor his request because she deserved a better life where she is treated with respect and dignity. Camilla spent over thirty years waiting to be his legal partner for life, and as a person in love, it was Charles’ time to reciprocate for the life she sacrificed for him. Charles wanted to serve the community as a couple instead of keeping his lover away from the limelight. He believes he would be happy if he had a partner who constantly stood by him.


The Queen offers to think it over, but she plans to grant her blessing because it is high time some sanity prevails in the family. As a woman who was planning her funeral, she was aware of the chaos that would ensue after her passing. Before hell broke loose, she wanted to make her stance clear so that Charles wouldn’t have to lead a tumultuous life like that of his granduncle, King Edward VIII, away from the country he always wanted to serve. The church agreed to a civil ceremony followed by a service that would be about atoning for the sin they committed while being married. Elizabeth also had William and Harry’s permission because this marriage would significantly affect their relationship with Charles. There have been a series of estrangements between father and son, and Camilla was a topic of contentment. William immediately agreed to the marriage because he was realistic about it.

According to William, his mother and father should have been together, but fate had other plans. William probably wanted to have his father’s back since he was already in a relationship with a non-royal as well. Agreeing to his father’s re-marriage came easily to him. William knew how much Camilla meant to his father, and this would be one step towards his father not becoming a bitter person. Giving Charles what he wants would be one step towards them having a decent relationship. Harry was against it only because of his mother, but William somehow tried to make him be realistic about it.


The Queen had prepared a special speech and many were wondering if she would be abdicating the throne for Charles. Elizabeth also realized there was a lot left in her to give to the community while she could still walk and talk. She is surrounded by two younger versions of herself, one wanted her to retire, while the other wanted her to embrace freedom now that her mother was not around to control her movements and decisions. Elizabeth was not like Philip, who was excited about planning his funeral; she believed Charles needed to settle down with the love of his life before taking charge of her office. In her speech, she showed immense gratitude to her family and Camilla for being patient.

Philip finally understood why Elizabeth was disturbed, and he tried to add some sense of her troubled mindset. He sensed she was not in a good mood since the funeral plans were being made. He was the first to point out that the people out there are not ready for him to be the next leader. Philip, as a partner, was aware of who Elizabeth was as a woman, and she has a lot remaining to provide as a service to her country. As a husband to the Queen, he was always honest with her, no matter how difficult life got. He loves and respects her but also chose to remain a logical person to the woman, who was surrounded by people who would say yes to her. The series finale of The Crown ended with Elizabeth coming to terms with her mortality as she saw herself in the casket, surrounded by her regalia, and remembered the glorious life she had led. She was backed by her younger selves, who may be agreeing with her current mindset to just move on.


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