‘The Crown’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Diana’s Car Crash?

The second episode of the new season of The Crown ended with Diana facing the brunt of the images of her and Dodi that were published without their consent. The two were still in a relationship but slightly distressed because of the madness caused by the paparazzi. Charles and his family were able to move past this scandal by replacing Diana’s images in the press with photographs that showed them being a strong family despite his divorce. Somehow this PR move worked in favor of the Royals. The fourth episode of The Crown season six will be about Diana and Dodi’s helplessness regarding the paparazzi’s fretful behavior.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Mohammed Al-Fayed Offer His Son?

The Crown Episode 3 begins with Mohammed Al-Fayed offering the entire business empire to Dodi if he manages to make Diana say yes to his marriage proposal. Dodi, being the eldest son in the family, was always seeking the approval of his father. Dodi himself was not in love with her, but his father’s offer was tempting. He allowed himself to be carried away by his father’s words, and a desperate Dodi hoped Diana would say yes. Mohammed Al-Fayed did not realize his son would need Diana’s consent for a wedding to take place.


What Was The Therapist’s Take On Diana’s Situation?

Diana was probably deeply affected after her images with Dodi were leaked. Her session with her therapist revealed that she, as a person, was addicted to drama, which is why it was probably difficult for her to break away from this relationship. She could put a stop to the theatrics, but maybe she likes getting attention, even at the cost of her anxiety and breakdowns. The therapist asked her to seek love, peace, and contentment that could keep her grounded instead of leading a jet-flying life. Diana probably took a lot from that session and decided to go back to London to meet William and Harry. She could be herself in their company and probably get used to the quietness.

Why Was The Couple Stuck Inside A Jewelry Shop?

Dodi wanted to bring a sense of normalcy into Diana’s life and suggested going shopping and eating ice cream while they were in Monte Carlo. Diana, as usual, was apprehensive about it because of the people and the photographers who might chase them again. They were having a good time in the city until a group of girls recognized them. The couple was chased, and they walked into a jewelry store to avoid getting mobbed. This is something Diana did not want. She craved to have a normal life without being hounded.


Dodi felt bad for making her go out, which led to this situation, but he intended to make her want him and randomly asked her to choose what she would like from the jewelry store while they were stuck in it. She absentmindedly looked at a diamond ring with the tagline “Dis Moi Oui,” which is loosely translated to ‘say yes’. Dodi believed this could be their engagement ring, and he figured Diana might say yes to her after everything went through together. He was also unperturbed by the attention she received and was willing to overlook that to live with her.  

What Was The Purpose Of Taking A Pit Stop In Paris?

Dodi planned to purchase the said diamond ring in Paris, and he wanted to propose marriage to her in the most romantic city in the world. Diana was restless and wanted to head to London, but he convinced her to make a one-day stop in Paris. Dodi was still being manipulated by his father, and he was under the impression that Diana would eventually say yes. The man couldn’t understand how unreasonable the pressure was. His father tried to manipulate the situation by taking the couple to Villa Windsor, which was owned by the grand uncle of Diana’s ex-husband Charles, on landing in Paris, which Diana did not appreciate, but Dodi was able to handle the situation. Since he had an apartment in the city along with the Ritz Hotel, which his father owned, the setting couldn’t be more perfect for a proposal.


Did Diana Say Yes To Dodi?

Diana and Dodi had a long day in Paris, which was marred by paparazzi photographers. These people reduced Diana to tears and panic attacks, and Dodi chose to stand by her side in her hour of distress. Diana was able to speak to her sons one last time and told them she would make some changes in her life moving forward. The boys also asked her if she was marrying Dodi Al-Fayed, to which her answer was no. Seeing how she was treated by the media, she probably decided to take action against the paparazzi. She wanted to bring her life back to normalcy and dedicate as much time to her sons. It was heartbreaking to witness events unfolding as Diana was conversing with William and Harry. The audience watching the show cannot help but weep at her destiny. 

Dodi finds the right time and proposes marriage to her, to which she immediately says no. Diana had just come out of a turbulent marriage, which she used as a legit argument to say no to Dodi. She also pointed out that he too had exited a long-standing relationship and should wait before jumping into the next one. Diana was quick to understand the predicament he was in, thanks to his overenthusiastic father. She stated they can’t get married just because the world press wants them to. Diana must consider William and Harry’s approval before saying yes to any prospective suitor in the future. The man was devastated, but he knew this was the right thing to do. The couple had adored each other but had not reached a stage where they could give marriage a shot. She politely said no to him and urged him to come clean and be honest with his father about the life he wanted to lead.


Why Did The Car Crash?

It was not clear if Dodi and Diana had broken up by the end of the episode since she had rejected his engagement proposal. They conversed as longtime friends about life and moving forward in general, which would be the right thing to do for both once they were out of Paris. Dodi planned to head towards his apartment with Diana, but to deal with the paparazzi situation, he sent a decoy car to distract them and have the couple leave the hotel from the back door entrance.

The couple’s driver was drunk as well, but he was the only fail-safe option for the two of them for the night. Dodi was an exceptionally accommodating person, and he went out of his way to make sure the photographers didn’t chase them because it distressed Diana and was close to causing multiple panic attacks. We believe Diana did suffer from some underlying mental health issues because of this. The attention she believed in was slowly becoming the bane of her existence, and she hated every second of it.


Diana and Dodi left in the decoy car only to be surrounded by photographers again, and the episode ended with the car crashing in the tunnel as shown in the first scene of the show. The vehicle crashed mainly because the photographers were relentlessly chasing them, and the drunk driver had no option but to drive the car at a high speed, which caused a deadly impact on collision. This car crash changed everything and nothing would be the same for William, Harry, and Charles going forward.

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