‘The Clearing’ Episode 3 Recap & Review: Where Was Sara?

In the previous episode of The Clearing, viewers were introduced to a cult led by a charismatic woman named Adrienne. She had orchestrated the kidnapping of children and formed her own cult. Among the members was Amy, a teenager who had been taken by Adrienne and was involved in the kidnapping. However, in a different timeline, it was revealed that Amy had grown up under a new identity, Freya. As Freya, she became a protective mother to her son Billy. Despite her efforts to move on from her past, Freya’s fears of the cult resurfaced when she suspected a white van was involved in another kidnapping. Through a series of flashbacks, it became evident that the children within the cult had suffered severe physical abuse and were subjected to Adrienne’s cruel methods of drugging, referred to as “Clearing.” The third episode of The Clearing features additional intriguing revelations about the secrets that illuminate Freya’s current situation and explain how she managed to flee the cult.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Driving The White Van?

Episode 3 begins with a traumatic flashback from Freya’s past, revealing that she not only had a son named Billy but also a daughter named Maxine from her previous marriage. However, due to the lingering effects of the abuse she endured in the cult, Freya was unable to concentrate on raising Maxine and made the difficult decision to leave her daughter. One day, when she was out with her family, her little child started wailing in the car. Freya left her alone in the car, hoping her husband would discover the situation and lose faith in her. Although her husband, Wayne, managed to get the baby out of the car, he couldn’t forgive Freya for what she did. They ultimately divorced, and Wayne obtained custody of Maxine. Over the years, Freya became estranged from her daughter and was unaware of her whereabouts. In the present timeline, Freya’s concerns about a white van that frequently passed by her house were revealed to be connected to Maxine, who had been driving the van in an effort to find her mother and have a conversation with her. When Freya finally confronted Maxine, she invited her inside, but Freya remained emotionally unequipped to be present for her daughter. Maxine questioned Freya about why she had abandoned her but chosen to raise Billy. Freya explained that she had wanted to protect Maxine from her own unstable nature. Freya contacted Wayne, who arrived and decided to take his daughter with him. Wayne also expressed his desire to know if Billy was his son, but Freya adamantly refused to discuss the matter at that moment.


How Did Joe Find Amy?

In a series of revealing flashbacks, the audience finally learns how the cult was disbanded. Previous episodes showed the severe abuse and drugging of children in the cult by the supervisors, including Adrienne. Amy, who had endured these tortures, gradually realized that the group was fraudulent, using unnecessary rules, regulations, and abuse to control the helpless children. She also maintained a diary of everything that went wrong with her in the group. One day, during a picnic, Amy managed to escape from the confines of the cult and find her way outside the fences. Amy was finally rescued by a local man, who subsequently called the police. However, due to Adrienne’s indoctrination in the cult, Amy had been taught to fear the police, whom the cult referred to as the “Blue Devils.” Terrified, Amy ran away from the scene but ended up colliding with a tree and losing consciousness. When she woke up, she found Joe Saad, who questioned her about Sara’s kidnapping. Although Amy chose not to reveal any information about it, her diary revealed a lot of necessary information that led Joe to head towards the place where those children were kept. The events in Episode 3 indicate that Amy’s successful escape from the cult may have led to its eventual disbandment. However, the reasons behind Amy’s reunion with Adrienne after everything she had experienced remain unknown.

Where Was Sara?

Since the night Sara attempted to escape but was caught by Henrik and his wife, she has disappeared without a trace. Dr Latham informed everyone that Henrik had sent Sara back home, but it was clear that this was not the case. If Sara had truly returned home, the police would not be actively searching for her. It became apparent that the cult members had silenced Sara to prevent the revelation of the tortures she had endured. Led by Joe Saad, the police force, including Colin, a follower of Adrienne, conducted a raid on Adrienne’s hideout where the children were being held. Tamsin, who had been threatened by Adrienne previously, managed to escape unnoticed. However, all the children were discovered inside the house, and Henrik and his wife were arrested. Despite the raid, Joe did not find Sara or Adrienne at the location.


In Episode 3, it is revealed that Freya had been residing in a house owned by Adrienne. However, one day a couple approached Freya, informing her that they were purchasing the house. Freya questioned Adrienne about why they were selling the house, but neither Adrienne nor Latham offered any assistance. Instead, they claimed that they would arrange for another place for Freya and her son to live. Finally, Episode 3 of The Clearing concluded with a suspenseful cliffhanger, revealing that one of the former children from the cult, Anton, had grown up and still maintained ties with the cult. In the previous episode, it was disclosed that Adrienne had been instructing Anton, who was actively involved in kidnapping children and establishing a new-age community under Adrienne’s leadership. The storyline of The Clearing continues to deepen, becoming increasingly enigmatic and leaving viewers both intrigued and hooked on the narrative. Each episode heightens the audience’s desire to uncover more information, and the series proves successful in maintaining this suspense. It remains to be seen in the upcoming episodes of The Clearing whether all the mysteries will be solved or not.

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The storyline of The Clearing continues to deepen, becoming increasingly enigmatic and leaving viewers both intrigued and hooked on the narrative.'The Clearing' Episode 3 Recap & Review: Where Was Sara?