‘The Brothers Sun’ Ending Explained & Season 1 Recap: Will Eileen Become Dragon Head In Season 2?

The Netflix original action drama The Brothers Sun season 1 is an eight-part series that follows Big Sun, the leader of the Jade Dragon, a Taipei-based gang. After Big Sun was shot by some assassins, his elder son, the most feared assassin, Charles Sun, aka Chairleg Sun, vowed to track down the person responsible for the assassination attempt to protect his family, but in this pursuit, he would also have to take care of his mother, Eileen, and younger brother Bruce, who lived in LA. However, while Charles tried to find their enemy, he couldn’t grasp the idea that the actual enemy was within their family. Let’s find out who that was.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Series?

Bruce didn’t have any idea about his mother’s actual identity until he met Charles in a pub, where his big brother saved him from an attack. Bruce came to know that his father was Big Sun, the gangster from Taipei, and his mother had come to LA to hide from their enemies. Charles tried to protect his family while also trying to find their enemy, but in this pursuit, he put his younger brother in a lot of trouble and made him aware of the crimes and killings he had always carried out. Meanwhile, Charles met his childhood friend Alexis, who was the Deputy DA, aiming to catch the gang leader Big Sun. She cunningly came closer to Charles and gave him a flip phone with a tracker installed in it to keep an eye on him.


Charles’ mother, Eileen, who was a nurse, was not an ordinary woman. She had always been under the control of Big Sun, who ran the patriarchy both in his family and the gangs. It frustrated Eileen, who demanded to make her own mark in the Triad. So, she made a plan to take over the Jade Dragon but Big Sun wasn’t a fool. As he recovered from his comatose state, he learned about his wife’s cunning scheme and came to LA as a threat to Eileen and her sons’ lives.

In the meantime, Bruce fell in love with his classmate, Grace, who was none other than the leader of the Boxer gang, who wanted to eliminate the Triads and enact her revenge on Big Sun, who was responsible for killing her family. Grace pretended to be someone who had a crush on Bruce and got closer to him to eventually learn the whereabouts of the Triads and orchestrate an attack on them. Under pressure to protect his mother as well as his brother, Bruce had to reveal everything to Grace.


What Happened To Big Sun?

Even though Big Sun had always taught Charles that their main objective in life was to protect their family, Big Sun actually never meant it. Family meant nothing to him, as we clearly saw him using Charles as a protector and a warrior with unwavering loyalty. Big Sun was nothing but a power-hungry and selfish individual who pretended to be a genuine father, while in reality he had put Charles in dangerous situations several times to make sure that he’d become a perfect assassin. That’s why Eileen had chosen to run away with her younger son, Bruce, to give him a normal life and a proper education. She wanted Bruce to become a doctor so that instead of killing people, he could save lives. But after Bruce learned the truth about his family and was exposed to the atrocities, he ultimately decided to take up the weapon.

Big Sun set up a meeting with the Triads to maintain his position as the leader or also known as the Dragon Head of their gang, but Eileen intervened in the meantime and expressed her desire to become the leader. The Triads were interested in listening to her and seeing her point of view, but everything was destroyed when the cops, led by Alexis, tracked down their meeting and arrived there. Not only cops but with the help of Bruce, the Boxers also came along and orchestrated an attack on the Triads. After a fierce exchange of gunfire between the Triads and Boxers, most of them were killed in the process, leaving Charles, Big Sun, and Eileen standing.


Big Sun had initially thought that Eileen would back off from her mission to take over the gang, but realizing that Eileen would never comply with his orders, he asked Charles to take out Bruce to make Eileen suffer for the rest of her life as a punishment. Charles couldn’t assassinate his own brother, whom he had loved the most, so he decided to confront Eileen and Bruce and express his vulnerability.

Meanwhile, the cops arrested one of the Triad’s leaders, who demanded the cops arrest Big Sun. Alexis sought Charles’ help, but Charles chose not to betray his father. Eileen made a cunning plan to finally take out Big Sun so that her path to conquering Taipei would become easier. Bruce realized that his father wouldn’t even hesitate to kill him and his mother, so clutching a gun, he confronted Big Sun. Big Sun tried to negotiate with him, but Bruce had already made up his mind. He’d never wanted big cars, expensive clothes, or a luxurious lifestyle, but all he demanded was his family’s safety. So he shot Big Sun in the stomach and rushed him to the hospital. The police, however, couldn’t arrest Big Sun because of his admission to the hospital, but Eileen made sure that Big Sun would never recover from his wound. She made a fake medical chart, indicating that Big Sun had diabetes, and continued giving him insulin, which would slowly worsen his condition, rendering him unable to talk or walk. Eileen didn’t want to kill Big Sun, but she also wanted to make him suffer for the rest of his life.


Why Did Charles Move Back To Taiwan?

After Big Sun was out of the picture for the time being, Eileen, Charles, and Bruce were finally free. While Eileen decided to move back to Taiwan to lead the Jade Dragon, she wanted her son to stay back in LA and have a normal life. She bought a bakery shop for Charles, who was passionate about baking cakes. Eileen asked her son to follow his heart and get married to start a family, but Charles didn’t have the luxury to fulfill his own wish. He was bound to protect his family, and he chose to stick with that. As he had lost his father, the man he trusted the most, he could no longer risk his mother’s existence, so he chose to go back to Taiwan with Eileen. Bruce was left alone in LA, but he was at least happy that his mother was finally on her way to making her dream come true. Although initially he stood in her mother’s way to stop her from going back to Taiwan, eventually he realized that her mother truly wanted to be a Dragon Head, and he had no right to become an obstacle in her path. Alexis finally succeeded in capturing Big Sun, but they couldn’t put him in prison because of his condition. Alexis would soon be promoted to DA, but in the midst of all that, she wasn’t quite content since her and Charles’ relationship got marred by their previous misunderstandings and trust issues. Charles moved on from Alexis and decided to start afresh in Taiwan.

Will Eileen Become Dragon Head?

Even after defeating Big Sun, the question remained if Eileen would really become the gang leader of the Jade Dragons. She was very close to achieving her dream, and now that her son, Charles, was with her as a shield, she wouldn’t have to worry about her protection, but in Taiwan, the situation could deteriorate anytime. Except for Frank Ma, most of the remaining members of the Triads were killed, therefore, it might be easy for Eileen to conquer her throne, but as Big Sun’s assistant, Yuan, was still in the picture and making schemes to rescue his boss, it seemed like Eileen was still far away from reaching her goal.


What Did The Post-Credit Scene Signify?

In the post-credit scene, we saw Yuan talking to a cop and asking him if the police had any additional data on Big Sun apart from the testimony given by Frank Ma. As the cop responded negatively, Yuan had an evil smirk on his face, which indicates that he already has a cunning plan in his head. Probably, in the upcoming season of The Brothers Sun, Yuan will bring Big Sun back to take revenge on Eileen. Even though we don’t have any official announcement for the renewal of The Brothers Sun season 1, we can anticipate a great power battle among the Sun family, which will probably be the major conflict of the upcoming season’s plot. As the first season of The Brothers Sun turned out to be a great entertainer with jam-packed action and comedy, we can expect its renewal for another season to hit Netflix screens soon.

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