‘The Boys’ Season 3: Episode 6 – Ending, Explained – Is A-Train Dead? Why Was Soldier Boy Hunting The TNT Twins?

Episode 6 of “The Boys” Season 3 is titled “Herogasm.” We will today discuss some chapters of it. This episode talks a lot about “Soldier Boy” and his involvement in the entire conflict established in the season. Teaming up with Soldier Boy divided the boys gang as Butcher and Hughie were ready to go to any length to kill Homelander while MM and Starlight were done with killing innocent people. Soldier Boy described what happened to him before the Russians captured him. He told Hughie that he had been blacked out for 10 minutes. In Vought, there was confirmation that Soldier Boy was back and hunting. Homelander was shaken by this for a bit, then prepared himself to kill Soldier Boy. On the other hand, MM knew that he had to face Soldier Boy. Back in his mind, he feared losing control in front of him, as he always wanted to kill Soldier Boy for murdering his grandfather. Starlight tried comforting him, saying that they needed to stop the bloodbath, as if there is a face-off between Soldier Boy and Homelander, hundreds of innocent people would die. Well, what happened next was something the audience wanted to see for a long time.


The Weight Of The Episode’s Title

What does “herogasm” stand for? Well, it’s an occasion where supes do all kinds of weird sexual stuff with each other. Now, what will be the best orgasm for the viewers of “The Boys”? “Herogasm,” of course, but instead of the literal meaning, the orgasm viewers wanted (was) to see the face-off between Butcher and Homelander. The makers thought, since it is all about orgasm, they would give the audience Soldier Boy vs. Homelander. But, to our eyes, it was more than what we wanted. Butcher and Hughie were both using their temporary superhuman abilities against the Homelander. Soldier Boy was also there. They all went berserk against Homelander. Unfortunately, the Homelander escaped, but for the very first time in all 3 seasons, he was actually challenged. If this isn’t orgasm to the viewers, what is it? So, yes, the title of this episode suits just fine, both literally and visually.

The Duality Homelander Possesses

When Homelander came to know about Soldier Boy’s existence, he went back to his chamber and stood beside a mirror. The mirror confronted him. It was a version of the Homelander himself, except for the fact that this version is what the real Homelander wishes to become. This ‘perfect’ Homelander in the mirror discussed the fear that existed within the ‘real’ one. He said the fear of confronting Soldier Boy is the result of the small human part still living inside Homelander. This part seeks validation, love, and appreciation. These are the things that make someone weak. The mirror suggested that Homelander needs to get rid of the thought that he should be loved by everyone. All he needed to do was to kill Soldier Boy, no matter what.


We all know how Homelander always want to be loved. At the beginning of “The Boys,” we see him drinking milk. Those were the signs to imply that there is a child inside him who is lost and needs to be taken care of. Yes, he was strong like no man on the planet, but even so, he feared Stan Edgar, a common man with no superpowers. Why? Well, Homelander knew that Stan had the power to take away all the attention he got. This urge to be loved by all had made him weak. At the end of “The Boys” Season 3, Episode 6, he again stood in front of the mirror, beaten to death by Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie, except this time, there was no one on the other side of the mirror. What does it suggest? Did Homelander achieve ‘perfection’? Was he not looking for validation anymore? If so, there is a certainty that he will be unstoppable this time around.

Kimiko’s Realization

Episode 5 already hinted to us the possible events where Nina will abduct Kimiko as she already had Frenchie. Here, in “The Boys,” Season 3, Episode 6, Nina abducted Kimiko and brought her along with Cherie. She gave an offer to Frenchie and asked him to pick one of the two women who would be killed for his mistakes. Between all this chaos, Kimiko got rid of her handcuffs and attacked one of Nina’s men. In the process, Nina escaped, and Kimiko ended up killing two of her men. The way Kimiko killed them without possessing any of the superpowers left her with a realization. When Frenchie brought her and Cherie to a safe place, Kimiko confessed that it was never the Compound-V; it was always her. The killing mentality, the brutality, everything she ever blamed Compound-V for, she now realized that the monster was residing inside her. Frenchie tried to tell her that she was wrong to think this way, but she seemed to have lost all her faith.


Soldier Boy Hunts Down The TNT Twins

While Soldier Boy was on a killing spree to end every last supe from “Payback,” Butcher made a deal with him. He promised Soldier Boy to help him find every supe he wanted to kill. In return, Soldier Boy needed to kill Homelander. So, Butcher found out the whereabouts of the TNT Twins. Who are they? This brother and sister were once part of the “Payback” team. They were flawed from the very beginning. They were designed to create a TNT-like blast, but eventually, they always failed at it. So, anyway, Soldier Boy knew that the whole “Payback” betrayed him and handed him over to the Russians. So, he went there and came to know from the Twins that it was Black Noir who executed the whole plan against him. There was some sort of Russian music playing in the background that triggered Soldier Boy’s atomic blast, and the Twins were killed along with dozens of others.

A Huge Problem For Hughie!

Hughie wanted to get the Twins out of the house so that no one gets hurt while Soldier Boy kills them. But, as Starlight was already there, he came to know that Homelander was also coming to get Soldier Boy. So, Hughie tried to save Starlight from this mess. At that moment, Hughie confronted Starlight, saying that her being more powerful did bother him. He wanted to save Starlight for once. This was again a case of approval. Hughie wanted to make a point to Starlight that he, too, was capable of saving her. But, in the process, Starlight said that she thought the change in his attitude was because of the temporary V he had been taking. But now, she comes to realize that Hughie was feeling insecure from the very first date. It was a disappointment for her and a disaster for Hughie. Hughie knew that his future with Starlight was now in danger.


An End For A New Beginning

Since Episode 5 gave a hint of Soldier Boy being the weapon to kill Homelander, everyone thought this was it. But, “The Boys” Season 3 Episode 6 ends in a different way. The trio, i.e., Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy, failed to do much harm to Homelander. Yes, he was cornered for a bit, and there was even a moment that felt like it was the end for Homelander, but Soldier Boy was not as strong as everyone thought he was. The Homelander escaped, and now he understood what he was up against. The way the episode ended, it felt like Homelander had now sorted out all his trauma and was getting ready for the final face-off. There is minimal doubt that between Homelander and Soldier Boy, the odds are very small against the hero of the heroes. Butcher and Homelander fought each other with their eye lasers in one scene. Whatever it is, the most promising power against Homelander is Hughie’s transportation. It was seen that Homelander couldn’t even touch Hughie once while he was transported. So, if Hughie could control this, the transportation thing might work. But, thinking about how powerful Homelander is, he would need one chance to grab Hughie.

“The Boys” Season 3 Episode 6 ends with a promising factor. Starlight finally talked against Homelander and Vought. She said, “There is no hero who actually cares for anything but their image.” This statement from the co-captain of The Seven can actually have an impact on Vought. She also said that she was resigning from The Seven and that she wouldn’t be Starlight anymore. She is Annie January, and she will remain as such. This opens the door for Hughie and Annie to be together once again. However, where one is rejecting superpowers, another is sort of falling for them. This might create a ruckus in the end. For whatever it’s worth, the season finale is coming to a close, and we are excited to see who ends up being dead.


‘The Boys’ Season 3: Episode 6 – Ending, Explained – Is A-Train Dead?

A-Train finally grabbed Blue Hawk by the neck and ran. The doctor said that his heart was not in the right condition to use his superpowers again. In episode 5, we saw Blue Hawk accidentally injure A-Train’s brother. The doctor said his brother, Nathan, could never walk again. This left A-Train with a broken heart as his brother was very close to him. He talked with Ashley about punishing Blue Hawk, but Ashley rejected his proposal. He wanted to take revenge on Blue Hawk. So, he grabbed him at the TNT Twin’s house and ran at superspeed. In this process, he killed Blue Hawk, but the idea turned out to be suicidal too. The scene ended with the A-Train falling to the ground. His breathing was fading away as the birds chirped in the distance. Is the A-Train dead? Well, probably yes. We will have to wait for the next episode to find out more about it.

According to the reports, “The Boys” season finale will take place in Episode 8, so the next episode is going to be very crucial. Buckle up, as one of the greatest shows is on the verge of its end, or is it?


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