‘The Boys’ Season 3: Episode 4 & 5: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Is The Legend?

“The Boys” has released its latest episode, which is titled “The Last Time to Look At This World of Lies.” Well, true to its title, this is one of the most melodious episodes of “The Boys” so far. We will talk about what happened in Season 3 Episode 4, and Episode 5 overall. This discussion will also include the vivid identity of “The Legend.” So, hold tight as this will raise some of the most significant points.


It’s been quite a ride for the audience to witness the transformation of so many exciting characters in “The Boys.” The smooth writing helped produce one of the most scintillating superhero shows of all time. Eric Kripke, along with Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, wrote a screenplay of a lifetime. Also, the performances of Antony Starr and Karl Urban played a crucial role in making it a close-to-perfect series. Now, without any further ado, let’s jump into the ‘what happens’ in “The Boys” Season 3 Episode 4, and Episode 5.

‘The Boys’ Season 3: Episode 4 And Episode 5 – Recap Summary

The Boys’ Season 3 Episode 3 leaves us with the hint of a super weapon named “B.C.L. Red” that presumably killed Soldier Boy. So, for obvious reasons, Butcher and his team believed that this weapon can help in killing Homelander. We also came to know about the temporary compound V that could make anyone a “supe” for 24 hours. So, “The Boys” Season 3 Episode 4 starts with the promising foundation of a political dilemma. Stan Edgar commanded his daughter Victoria Neuman to make a public statement against Homelander for using words against the people in power. But, surprisingly, without Edgar’s knowledge, Neuman puts out a statement against him, stating that he is involved in crimes happening in Vought. Neuman made a pact with Homelander behind Edgar’s back.


Since Edgar is removed from Vought, Homelander enjoys full freedom, and he can do whatever he wants to do in Vought. By the time ‘The Boys’ Season 3 Episode 4 reaches its end, Hughie confronts Butcher with the temp-V situation. Hughie asked to have one shot of the temp-V for himself, but Butcher refused him because he believed that these powers are not abilities but a curse for humanity. When the team went to Russia, they attacked the facility where B.C.L. Red was supposed to be. Butcher gave himself a shot of the temp-V in case of an emergency, and soon the crisis turned up. This is the first time Butcher used his superpower in front of MM, Frenchie, Kimiko, and Hughie as well. Everyone was shocked until Hughie saved MM by transporting and killing a Russian soldier with his bare hands. Well, now everyone was awestruck by whatever was going on. Hughie took one dose of the temp-V without Butcher’s knowledge, and he kind of liked it. But, whatever it’s worth, they discovered something more vicious than the B.C.L. Red. They released Soldier Boy, who was under surveillance in Russia. There was no weapon. Soldier Boy attacked Kimiko and ran away. Kimiko didn’t heal. Homelander killed Alex for teaming up with Starlight.

The beginning of episode 5 starts with a gentle tone, where the supe-killing squad is apparently disappointed about not finding the B.C.L. Red in Russia. On the other hand, Homelander made Ashley Barrett the C.E.O. of Vought. It is quite clearly shown that Homelander lacks management skills, as predicted by Stan Edgar. Soldier Boy comes to America without any surprise and is triggered by some random Russian music playing on the street. He fails to prevent his rage and accidentally kills 19 innocent people. Homelander tells the public that this is no supervillain and that people have nothing to be afraid of. Hughie confronts Starlight about the temp-V. MM informs Butcher that if Soldier Boy is in America, he will visit “The Legend.” From him, the team came to know that Soldier Boy was going to visit his lover, the Crimson Countess. The boys reached out to her and came to know that she was the one who handed Soldier Boy over to the Russians. Butcher makes a pact with Soldier Boy, and Soldier Boy kills Crimson Countess. At the end of episode 5, Hughie chooses the path of Butcher, leaving Starlight in a dilemma.


Now, Who Is ‘the Legend’?

Before Madelyn Stillwell, there was a guy who managed the heroes at Vought. The Legend used to be the V.P. of Hero management there. He is morally corrupt and admits the cover-ups he did during his service at Vought. He is the guy who covered MM’s family killing and saved Soldier Boy from controversy. He lives in a shiny apartment filled with superhero collectibles. He also has a fanatic take on the 80s, like he is sort of living in it. He talks and talks and sincerely hates Billy Butcher for his severed leg.

However, he helped the boys to trail Soldier Boy. Maybe he felt something for MM as he covered up the fact that Soldier Boy killed his family. Anyway, ‘The Legend’ used to work with Soldier Boy, and that was the obvious place he would go after returning from Russia. The boys followed the hint and got what they wanted. ‘The Legend’ is obsessed with ‘Payback,’ even putting it further than ‘The Seven.’ He takes pride in making ‘Payback’ profound in his day.


‘The Boys’ Season 3: Episode 5: Ending Explained

There are two beginnings at the end of episode 5. One is a question about a bigger problem, and the other is an answer to the foundational question. So, what is the first one? Well, it felt like Hughie is kind of liking the superhero powers, although Butcher hates every second of it. Even in subtlety, it is shown that the cap of the jar, which was very hard for Hughie to open, now opens quite comfortably. If the temp-V doesn’t work after 24 hours, then how did this happen? Does the temp-V leave some remark in Hughie’s body? If so, will Hughie be killed too?

Now, for the second thing. The answer! Kimiko stops healing. She can not even lift heavy things now. Since Soldier Boy hit her with the explosion, she lost all of her powers. So, is Soldier Boy the answer to destroying all the supes around the world? If Soldier Boy hits Homelander, will he, too, lose all of his powers? Although this raises another question: how will you stop Soldier Boy? It’d be pretty interesting to see Butcher and Homelander work together to destroy Soldier Boy, won’t it?


Unlike the regular ‘The Boys’ ending, this time around, it includes a musical performance where Kimiko starts singing with Frenchie. The performance is as tight as any other plot. The ending of episode 5 raises another question, a crucial one. This might be the end of Hughie and Starlight as they are about to go their separate ways. The dilemma of Starlight shows a sign of that. Nobody knows what is going to happen next, but whatever it’s worth, the drama is getting more intense than ever. Let us just hope ‘The Boys’ doesn’t end in Season 3 because the pressure is working like a temp-V in the audience, isn’t it?

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