‘The Beach House Murders’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Was Sarah Dead Or Alive?

The Beach House Murders on Lifetime is probably one of the campiest films to come out of the channel. The predictable story of a woman trying to identify her stalker forms the crux of the tale. The premise is interesting, but it was the execution that did not work. This article will take the readers through the film and help them understand just what happened in the ninety-four-minute-long, tedious film. 


Spoilers Ahead

Who Attacked Sarah?

The movie begins with a brutally injured and unconscious Sarah found in her bedroom, while her husband Miles was found in the bathroom with his hand bloodied. The police officer assumed it was Miles who brutally attacked his wife, but he claimed innocence throughout the trial. A flashback shows they both had a beautiful wedding, but soon Miles began to act insecure and suspicious of every move Sarah made. Sarah was a successful author, and her popularity bothered him. He suspected her of having an affair from time to time, yet Sarah chose to live with him until he attacked her. The police, the court, and Sarah believed Miles was the perpetrator, and he served jail time.


Why Did Sarah Move To Alice’s Summer Home?

A year later, Sarah was divorced from Miles and lived on her own in the city, but she was used to constantly being wary of who was following her. The trauma left by Miles was far from gone, and she chose to be on alert twenty-four seven. She always believed there was someone out to attack her, and she wondered if Miles would send someone to murder her. She believes Miles probably wanted her dead on the night of the attack, but she’s miraculously survived. Her friend, Alice was her publisher as well, and was keen to know more about her progress concerning her next novel. Sarah was unable to concentrate on the work because of her constant worries. Alice suggested she move to her beach house to finish the book. Time away from the noise and fear of the city would help with clearing her head. Sarah was skeptical about the movie, but she eventually took up the offer as she had to adhere to the deadline given to her. 

Who Woke Up Next To Sarah?

Sarah had a good time at the beach house, and she ran into two good-looking men. One claimed to be a fan of her writing, while the other was a neighbor who was keen on dating Sarah. Tony, the neighbor, was excited to have Sarah living next door as he began to show interest in her and vice versa. Sarah, one morning, woke to a man who claimed to be her fan next to her in bed. The man was a stalker who wanted to hurt Sarah, but she quickly informed the police, and they were on the way. The stalker ran away, never to be seen again after this horrifying incident. 


The stalker claimed to have been following Sarah’s career for a long time, and she wondered if he was the one who attacked her and not Miles. Miles was seen hanging around the beach house, and Sarah was petrified at the sight of him. Sarah had put out a restraining order against her ex-husband, and seeing him living in the vicinity, which she recently moved into, made her question his intentions. Her friend Alice assaulted Miles with a golf club and warned him to stay away from Sarah. The woman was confused and wondered who would be trying so desperately to harm her and what their real intentions were. 

Was Tony The Stalker?

Sarah and Tony ended up having a good time, but she had plenty of trust and boundary issues. Tony tried to remain honest with her for the most part, but Sarah had a hard time believing him. She noticed him speaking to the stalker who barged into her home and wondered if Tony was working with him to sabotage her. As a result, Sarah asked Tony to leave her alone in a rather loud fashion. 


Sarah had every reason to be afraid of strangers coming close to her. The man she was married to for the longest time managed to hurt her. Tony was a new entrant in her life, and she had the right to keep him at bay. Sarah called off the relationship, claiming that he planned to murder her. Tony respected her choices and never tried to force himself on her. Alice reprimanded Sarah for overreacting and shunning away a man who came across as someone genuinely interested. Her friend was sure Tony was not the stalker, while Sarah still had some grievances and research to do before concluding who Tony was. 

Why Did The Man Steal Sarah’s Laptop And Hard Drive?

Sarah received a call from the stalker claiming he had stolen her laptop and hard drive that contained all her work on her next novel. The stalker wanted money in exchange for her highly sensitive data. Sarah was not sure if the police would help her because, previously, they had been unwilling to take any steps to search for and arrest the same stalker. Sarah was clueless about how to move forward. She apologized to Tony for overreacting, and she explained her mental state. There were reasons why she always remained on high alert since the incident involving her ex-husband a year ago. 


Tony sympathizes with her condition and accepts her apology, and they reconcile. Tony helped her gather money for the ransom and placed many white papers between the bills to hoodwink the stalker. Their maneuver did not work because the stalker turned out smarter and made off with her laptop and data. Sarah and Tony got injured in the process. Sarah was in for a rude shock when she woke up the next day and found that Tony had been stabbed in his sleep, presumably by the stalker, and had bled to death. 

Did The Stalker Confess Before Taking His Own Life?

The police filed a case against the stalker, and this tragedy further scarred Sarah as Tony died while sleeping next to her. The search for the stalker was stalled when he was found dead, not before he left a message that stated he had been following Sarah for many years and was responsible for the attack on her a year ago. Sarah was shocked to learn Miles, her ex-husband, was wrongfully accused, and he was innocent, as he had claimed. Sarah’s statement helped him erase all the records that were in the department against him. Miles was a free man, and Sarah apologized for her role in making his life miserable. Sarah was in a bad place emotionally. She had barely recovered from the attack on her a year ago, and now she was a prime witness in Tony’s murder. Miles came by her side during this distressing time in her life. Sarah was willing to give him another chance now that he had been declared innocent. Sarah believes she may have lost many good years because of her misunderstanding. This small misconception changed her and Miles’ lives forever, but they were willing to rectify it. 


Was Sarah Dead Or Alive?

Sarah and Miles began to spend time with each other, and it felt as if nothing had changed in years. Miles was being an attentive husband, while Sarah was trying to rectify her mistakes. As husband and wife, they might have had good times and bad, but both were willing to look past it. Sarah was in shock when Miles injected a high dose of sedatives into her system. Sarah could not comprehend what was happening around her. At this juncture, she was alone, and there was no one to help her. Sarah was back in the situation she was in a year ago, but this time she would not be able to inform anyone about her state.

Miles reveals he had hired the stalker, whose real name was Jack Willis, a drug addict and out-of-work actor. Miles hired him to scare her off, and he painted an ugly picture of Jack. Miles confesses to having murdered Jack so that he wouldn’t go to the cops, and he made sure his trail was clear so that no one would trace anything back to him. Miles was always the jealous husband who questioned Sarah’s every move and was confident she was having an affair with someone. He was the one who hired Jack to attack her, but he did not anticipate jail time due to Sarah’s strong statement. This angered him enough to formulate a foolproof plan to keep her on the edge. He threw an unconscious Sarah into the pool, and he planned to make her death look like an accidental drowning. 


Miles’ plan was perfect until Alice showed up and noticed him in the house and an unconscious Sarah drowning in the pool. Alice saved Sarah first because they were best friends. It was only her first instinct to jump into the pool to save her friend. Alice attacked Miles in self-defense, using the golf club. Sarah barely gained consciousness enough to understand what was happening around her. She was glad to see Alice come to her rescue, but Sarah had to keep things under control before Miles caused further damage. Sarah stabbed him with a broken bottle and threw him into the pool. She now knew Miles murdered Tony and wanted him to bleed to death.

The Beach House Murders ended with Sarah and Alice enjoying the sun by the coast and discussing the subject of the next novel, which would include Tony, except this time he would survive in it. Sarah was still heartbroken over Tony’s sudden demise, as she was falling in love with him. She probably wanted to give him a heartfelt tribute in the book. Seconds later, she was shocked to see Tony alive and waiting for her by the waves running towards her. 


Sarah was surprised, but it was only momentary happiness, as seeing him alive was only a part of her dream. Sarah missed him, and she had hoped he was alive to see her success as a novelist. She changed her plans and decided to write a novel on love instead of crime, sharing the details with Alice. She wanted to probably explore love because it was the first time in a while that she had feelings for someone who wasn’t trying to kill her. 

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