‘The Baby Swindler’ Ending, Explained: Did Susie Find Lorna? Is Michael Involved In The Kidnapping?

“The Baby Swindler” is a mystery thriller released in 2023 that revolves around the life of Susie Ashcroft. She’s known for her humble nature and successful career. But her heart yearns for a family. Unfortunately, Susie’s husband, Michael, has passed away. Before his death, they preserved her embryos in order to conceive a child later on. Susie visits Dr. Shaw’s clinic to continue the treatments. But Susie can no longer give birth to a healthy child. Susie knows that this baby is the only way she can live her dream life. This baby is the only connection between her and Michael, and she doesn’t want her dreams to end. However, the doctor recommends that Susie adopt a baby, but she refuses the idea. Susie also doesn’t agree with having a surrogate mother, but it was the only option she had. So she decides to go for surrogacy with the help of Lorna. Eventually, Lorna gets pregnant, and everything goes according to Susie’s plan. But the sudden disappearance of Lorna becomes a problem for Susie. Now, her only goal is to find Lorna and protect her baby.


Spoilers Ahead

The Surrogacy

Susie makes a decision as her embryos won’t last much longer. Besides, she doesn’t want to lose her precious memories of Michael. Finally, Susie decides to choose a surrogate. After meeting with five different women, she still hasn’t decided on one. So Susie’s brother, Andrew, introduces her to Lorna Morgan. Lorna works at the Law Help Center to save up money so she can get her degree. She also has plans to travel the world. Lorna needs more money. So Andrew takes her to Susie in the hope that she’ll accept her as the surrogate mother. Susie wasn’t keen, but eventually agreed to the plan. Susie didn’t want to ruin her life because Lorna was still very young. But Lorna wasn’t interested in parties or other activities. She just wanted to earn well and travel as much as possible. The next morning, Susie and Lorna visit the clinic for the insemination. Finally, the procedure worked, and Lorna became pregnant.


What Happened To Lorna?

Susie tries to control Lorna’s actions. It’s understandable because it’s her baby. But Lorna convinces Susie that she’ll take care of the child. A few months pass, and Susie and her sister-in-law Grace decorate the baby’s room. They decide to invite Lorna to Susie’s house, but she doesn’t take the call. Susie gets worried and decides to check on Lorna. However, Grace tells her that she might be taking a nap. So Susie sets about decorating the room. Luckily, Lorna replies to her message and tells Susie that she has a cold. Susie goes to check on her and finds that Lorna is fine. However, Lorna is acting strange as if she’s hiding a secret, but Susie doesn’t pay much attention to it. As time goes by, they spend more and more time together. One day, Susie decides to drop her off at home and witnesses a stranger attacking Lorna. Luckily, she saves her time.

When they get upstairs, Susie finds that Lorna’s house is in total chaos. Suddenly, Lorna gets a sharp pain in her womb. Susie calls an ambulance and takes her to the hospital. Although Lorna is fine, Susie advises her to stay at her house for a few days. At first, Lorna doesn’t agree, but Susie convinces her to stay with her.


What Happened To Andrew And Grace? Did Susie Find Lorna?

Andrew and Grace have been married for a very long time. They’re a great couple, but Grace and Andrew are desperate to have a baby. Therefore, Andrew and Grace opted for artificial insemination, which didn’t work. However, this causes major problems in their relationship, and the couple decides to take a break from their marriage. Andrew didn’t inform Susie, as she was busy with the surrogacy. After Michael’s death, Andrew didn’t manage the business properly. He’s also sinking into debt because of the outstanding IVF payments. Grace and Andrew no longer lead the same happy life. In addition, the IVF didn’t work, so they had no other means to have a baby.

Back at Susie’s flat, Susie contacts Detective Mayhew to find the identity of the stranger. Susie also notices someone sneaking around her house at night. But the police have found no traces. Susie pretends to be Lorna’s mother and hides this from her. When Lorna finds out, she gets very angry and leaves the room. Susie decides to go out and meet Grace. But when she returns, Lorna is nowhere to be found, and she hasn’t been to the hospital for a check-up. Susie tries to communicate with her, but Lorna doesn’t answer her calls. Susie visits Lorna at her flat to see if she’s back but makes a shocking discovery. She learns that her real name is Madison Clark. The following night, Susie comes home to find her door open. She finds a note and some photos in her house. However, the note reveals that Lorna has been kidnapped.


Did Susie Find Lorna? Is Michael Involved In The Kidnapping?

Susie decides to sneak into Paul’s (Lorna’s brother’s) house. She manages to get photos of Paul’s documents and invoices related to the Panama company. Back at her flat, Susie and Grace meet. Susie finds out that Madison approached Andrew first. Madison told him that Paul knew about Susie’s problems. Madison intervened to help Susie. However, Grace is shocked to learn that Madison is pretending to be Lorna. Lorna is Paul Morgan’s younger sister but there is no connection between Madison and Paul. He was released from prison after Madison became pregnant. The following night, Susie receives another message from the kidnapper. He asks her to meet him in Graffiti Alley. Eventually, Andrew and Susie set off together, but the kidnapper escapes with Madison. The next day, Susie’s friend Helen manages to get the Panama documents with the help of a police officer. But Helen goes missing, and things get even more complicated.

The next morning, Susie discovers Helen’s body and manages to get the documents from her laptop. She finds out that Michael is responsible for everything. He was in contact with Paul and Madison before his death. Susie rushes to Grace’s house and learns that Michael is having an affair with a woman. Susie decides to call the police and waits for them to arrive. Unfortunately, someone breaks into the house and kidnaps Susie. Susie wakes up to find Madison in her room. Susie asks Madison about her plan with Michael, but she tells her the truth.


‘The Baby Swindler’ Ending Explained – Who Is The Real Culprit? 

Madison reveals that Andrew is the main culprit. When they met, Andrew didn’t reveal his true identity. He faked his identity and told her he was Michael Ashcroft. The Panama documents were also signed by Andrew. He forged Michael’s signatures to stay out of danger. Andrew also helped Madison with her finances because her mother was ill. But he charges high interest, and Madison’s situation worsened quickly. Andrew wants to claim Susie’s life insurance, which Michael left her. Susie also learns that the kidnapper is Paul. He works for Andrew because he has to pay back his debt. Eventually, Madison and Susie escape and find out that Andrew has a large gambling debt. Suddenly Grace shows up at the right time and pretends to protect Susie and Madison. In reality, Grace is involved with Andrew as well, because she wants the baby. Madison and Susie are taken to a rooftop, and Grace tries to kill Susie. She reveals that Andrew is responsible for Michael’s death. But Grace is distracted, and Susie pushes her off the roof.

In the end, Andrew is arrested for his crimes, and Madison gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. Madison leaves for her world tour while Susie gets to live the life of her dreams. “The Baby Swindler” helps us understand that your loved ones can betray you. There is no doubt that Andrew had been planning to kill Michael and Susie for a long time. Susie trusted him and shared everything with Andrew and Grace because she always believed they loved her. In reality, Andrew and Grace wanted her money and the baby. Michael must have discovered Andrew’s gambling debts. So Andrew killed Michael to protect his secret from Susie. Andrew should have confided in his sister about the gambling debts instead of killing Michael.


It’s clear that Susie loves him and that she’d do anything to save her brother. But Andrew chooses the wrong path by using Michael’s money to gamble. As for Grace and Susie, they had a great relationship. If Grace decides to support her, she’ll have had the chance to experience the joys of motherhood with Susie’s baby. When Madison and Susie first meet, she’s uncomfortable about becoming a surrogate mother. Susie notices this sudden change but doesn’t give it much thought. The fact that Susie and Madison haven’t given up on the baby is the best part of the whole film. In the end, Susie gets her baby and a great companion for the rest of her life.

“The Baby Swindler” is a 2023 thriller film directed by Chester Sit.

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