‘The Afterparty’ Season 2 Episode 3 Review/Recap: Travis Thinks Edgar Did What?

We must admit this season of The Afterparty is much less engaging than the first one, which was quicker, more fun, and even with the repetitive episodes (considering they’re all telling the same story in their own versions), not as tedious. Travis’ version is too different from Grace’s or Aniq’s. While Travis’ episode is charming visually, the humor feels a little more plastered on than natural. Admittedly, I had to stop a few times because I was getting rather distracted. But we have some new clues, and it seems like Aniq is getting more used to his detective hat.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 3?

Zoe gave Aniq everything that she found on Edgar’s body while Aniq and Danner were listening to Grace’s story. He sees the pharmaceutical prescription as well as the third cuff link, which has the letter G on it. According to Zoe, if they’re able to find the other cuff link, they’ll know who the killer is. They also know the time of death now, thanks to Edgar’s watch, which was around 35 minutes after Grace took him to the room. Since Grace saw Travis first when she opened the door of the room, of course, he was the next suspect.

Travis tells Aniq and Danner that he thinks Edgar was part of a giant crypto scheme of his own. He came to the wedding because Grace realized there was something wrong and sent him a code through her invitation. Soon we’ll know that Travis basically thinks everything is code for something, but let’s just move past it. Travis immediately began digging up Edgar and found that the oldest Minnow had launched his own cryptocurrency. While this is completely fine, the reason Travis thinks Edgar is bad is because all five of the biggest investors in Edgar’s crypto were his own shell companies. This would mean the value of his crypto was artificially inflated, so essentially, he was scamming everybody.

On the other hand, Zoe finally gets talking to Grace and helps her out of her wedding dress. While doing so, she shows Grace the cuff link, and Grace corrects her by saying it’s a typewriter key. There’s only one person in the house who they associate with typewriters, and that is Hannah, Edgar’s adopted sister. Grace agrees to help Zoe find clues in Hannah’s yurt just because Zoe needs her help, but she’s still very mad at her. Back to Travis’ story, he says he crashed the rehearsal dinner to find some clues about Edgar’s crypto and save Grace. Travis tried to talk to the guests there, including Edgar’s mother, who, according to him, slapped him multiple times when he spoke about her son and crypto, proving that something was up. After seating himself, he met Aniq, and when Aniq wanted to change tables, Travis thought that was a code for something too.

According to Travis, Hannah had found him attractive and asked if he wanted to step out with her. But Travis had said no because she was Edgar’s sister. He had then left the scene of the party and gone into Edgar’s office, where the crypto safe was. There he found a list of names, some books on disappearing, and a map with a pin on Patagonia. Before Travis could discover any other futile information, he was interrupted by Sebastian, who thought he was trying to break into Edgar’s safe. Edgar’s crypto is called “Bucephalus,” named after Alexander the Great’s horse. Travis told Sebastian that he wanted to buy some, and he thought Sebastian could help him. Ultimately, Travis tried to break into the safe and found what seemed to be a code in the process. Travis’ read on the code is that Edgar wants to fake his own death and then run away to Patagonia. Also on the list of names are different identities he could use to disguise himself.

On the day of the wedding, Travis took Hannah’s willingness to help as a sure yes to stopping Edgar and Grace’s wedding. We don’t know why Hannah would want to stop Edgar’s wedding, especially considering she’s so close to Grace. Unless she, too, thinks there’s something wrong with Edgar; in the meantime, Zoe and Grace are in Hannah’s yurt, and they find the typewriter with the missing G key. Before they can find her motive, they see Hannah coming in, and they jump out of the window. They have a little argument about how Zoe always thinks Grace needs protection, but Grace doesn’t like that.

When Zoe begins to walk away, Grace cautions her about the plants because some of them are poisonous. On the other hand, Travis tells Aniq and Danner that his plan with Hannah had failed, and according to him, Hannah had no intention of giving him the signal to stop the wedding at all. So, either Hannah wanted to make sure Travis didn’t cause any trouble from the get-go, or Edgar found out and made sure she didn’t ruin anything for them. After the wedding, Travis followed Edgar out when he left the first dance. He claims he was hit on the head because he got too close to the truth, but Aniq thinks he just fell over.

Travis had woken up and tried to search for a place to crash in the room where the afterparty was taking place. He had then yelled in Edgar’s face that he was going to die, but Edgar had replied with some random things and called him the devil. Instead of crashing into the room, Travis followed Grace and Edgar and slept right outside the room, which is why he was the first one at the door when Grace screamed. Travis then gives a monologue about how Edgar is a bad guy, and how he isn’t as dumb as he sounds but just wants peace for Grace when Zoe walks in. She tells Aniq that she and Grace found the poisonous flowers in Hannah’s garden and narrowed it down to three of them. At the end of the episode, Aniq asks if any of them cause hallucinations, and Zoe finds one. It’s a purple flower, and if it’s ingested with tea in a large portion, then it could kill someone in 30 minutes. That flower was in the centerpieces at the wedding, meaning Hannah put it there on purpose. So, what will Hannah’s story be?

‘The Afterparty’ Episode 3 Review

This episode was definitely on the slower side, and personally, I didn’t enjoy the humor. The black and white parts were fun to watch, though, and it’s always interesting to see what new variation they’re going to bring to the different versions of the story. Zoe and Grace’s teamwork is a standout in this episode, though, and they’re really interesting to watch together. Paul Walter Hauser does an excellent job at telling the story in this unique manner, but the writing fails him a little bit. Overall, I’d give this episode about three stars.

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This episode was definitely on the slower side, and personally, I didn't enjoy the humor. 'The Afterparty' Season 2 Episode 3 Review/Recap: Travis Thinks Edgar Did What?