‘The Afterparty’ Season 2 Episode 2 Review/Recap: Why Is Grace Upset With Zoe?

Episode 1 of The Afterparty season 2 ended with a huge misunderstanding. While Aniq was hoping to be discreet in telling Danner that Grace put something in Edgar’s drink right before the afterparty, Danner ended up announcing it to any potential murderers and Zoe’s family! Danner is really excited to crack this case with Aniq, and she’s quick to swing in and get into everyone’s “mind movies”. Let’s see who she picks for her first interview and what happens next.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 2?

It looks like Aniq’s bad start isn’t going to suddenly morph into something wonderful any time soon. Apart from messing up with the whole Grace situation, he might slowly drift away from Zoe while trying to solve this murder. On the other hand, Grace even thinks it could be Zoe, who, according to her, hated Edgar and killed him. Danner’s ready to start with the prime suspect, just like last time (when it was Aniq). She takes Grace into the room and also tells Aniq to join her by her side so that they can be partners in solving this case. A panicked Zoe steps in to give Grace a sweater because she gets cold easily but also ends up staying for the interview. Grace begins her story and explains how Edgar and she met in her little antique pop-up store, where he bought a vintage typewriter for his sister. Their strange interaction goes very smoothly even though they’re worlds apart in every way, and Edgar makes the first move by asking Grace to join him at his sister’s birthday celebration.


Grace found out at the celebration that Edgar was some hotshot businessman who everyone was eyeing. His sister immediately got along with Grace, and everything went really well at the celebration. Grace even got Edgar to dance, something he could never even imagine himself doing. Sebastian interrupts their frolicking for some work and cryptically tells Grace that he’s never seen Edgar behave that way before, taking him away. Even though Grace’s introduction to Edgar’s mother didn’t go so well, their relationship kept getting stronger. Edgar always had a lot of work, but Grace would spend that time with his sister. One fine day, Edgar proposed to Grace, and she said yes. They were to be married within six months of knowing each other. When their families met, it was obvious that their statuses were different, a reminder that Edgar and Grace were from two different worlds, but no matter. Grace even wanted her future sister-in-law to do the flower arrangements for the wedding, which, as we know from Episode 1, she did.

Still, it seemed like only Zoe was able to notice that Grace and Edgar were not meant for each other. During the bachelorette, she straight up told Grace that she didn’t think Grace was happy with Edgar, leaving Grace extremely upset. Back to the present day, Aniq takes Zoe out of the room so the situation doesn’t get out of hand. While they’re talking, Danner thinks it’s too risky to have Zoe in the room and sends her to check for evidence at the murder scene. Zoe is shocked not just by Travis just waiting there but also by the fact that this whole time Edgar’s body has just been lying in the room.


Back to the story: when Grace was having trouble figuring out if she was happy, it was already time for the wedding. Edgar asked Grace to sign a prenuptial agreement, but she refused to do it until after the wedding, just because she was upset. Grace thought the rehearsal dinner had been disastrous too, and even though it seemed otherwise, she was more upset about not spending time with Edgar than excited about seeing her “funcle”. On top of that, even during their wedding celebration, Edgar slept early and didn’t even spend any time with Grace, leaving her distressed.

On the day of the wedding, Edgar’s mother made Grace wear a pin in her hair, which was a family tradition. She also tried to make Grace sign the prenup but got distracted by an open box of Adderall on the dresser, an amphetamine that Grace describes as a drug that keeps you awake. She takes one for herself and leaves. Finally, Zoe and Grace are able to have a face-to-face conversation about everything. Zoe admits that she just wants Grace to be happy, and she’s let go of too much of her true self to be with Edgar. Grace is even more upset at the wedding, and during the vows, she admits to Edgar that she’s not sure about their relationship anymore. Edgar tells Grace something along the lines of what she wants to hear, assuring her that everything will be fine in the most Edgar way possible. He tells her that she made him want to change.


What Did Grace Put In Edgar’s Drink?

After some smiles and a few pictures, Sebastian asks Grace what song they’re dancing to for the first dance. Grace is surprised by the question because they both know that Edgar is not one to dance in a crowd. Sebastian manipulates Grace into thinking that she wants to dance with Edgar, and she asks him to do that as his first change for her. The dance goes pretty well until Edgar sees something on his phone and suddenly rushes to say his lizard’s name, leaving Grace alone on the dancefloor, gracelessly.

In the present hour, Zoe and Travis roll over Edgar’s body. Zoe even shuts his eyes and searches his body for any sort of evidence. She finds a cuff link, his phone, an Adderall prescription, and some other things. Then she realizes that if they can unlock his phone, because he tracks his heartbeat on his Apple watch, they can figure out his time of death. Travis is already a step ahead of her, but of course, he doesn’t know the password and locks them out of the phone. Finally, they pry open his eyes again and unlock the phone just as Danner and Aniq come to the room and find them in a rather compromising-looking position.


To finish Grace’s story, she tells Danner and Aniq that Edgar wanted to go to sleep early on the wedding night as well, but she managed to keep him for just one more drink. He refused to take the Adderall himself, so finally, Grace mixed it into his drink. She is sure that Edgar has had it before with no side effects, which is why she did that. But, after all of that, at the afterparty, he started acting all funny, leaving Grace with no choice but to take him back to sleep. She had to sleep in her wedding gown because there was nobody to help her with the vintage buttons, leaving her sad and lonely. Edgar even said he loved Roxana in his sleep and never mentioned Grace before he died. The next day, it was his alarm that woke her up. When she screamed and opened the room door, Travis was already standing there, as if he knew something was up.

Back in the room, after Zoe explains everything to Aniq and Danner, Travis tries to walk away from the scene quietly. In the end of the episode, Danner calls Travis a suspect, and he drops a bunch of papers he’s just been holding this whole time, which consist of research about Edgar. Well, it looks like we have another interview on our hands, and Travis is the new suspect.


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The second episode elevates the tension revolving around the mysterious murder.'The Afterparty' Season 2 Episode 2 Review/Recap: Why Is Grace Upset With Zoe?