‘That’s Amor’ Ending, Explained: Did Sofia And Matias Choose Each Other In The End?

‘Love can enter a person’s life in wonderful yet unexpected ways!’ “That’s Amor” is a 2022 rom-com drama on Netflix, and this film is the missing ingredient that viewers need in their lives! That’s Amor will give you a soothing experience of love and fun, as the storyline of this movie is pretty interesting. Moreover, viewers will get to learn an all-time lesson about giving up as an option! Faith will bring massive opportunities for your personal as well as professional life, and the same thing happened with our lead character, Sofia (Riley Dandy). Well, when it comes to her life, things are not so lively in terms of experiencing love. Apart from this, her major interest lies in graphic designing. It’s been around two years, but she has spent most of her time profiling and changing coffee cups for her boss! But this time, things had to change since it was her birthday! However, things don’t turn out as jolly as she expected them to be since Sofia is fired from her job and gets heartbroken on the same day as well! Even though the movie highlights several melancholic moments, “That’s Amor” will take you on a never-ending ride of happiness, laughter, and a whole bunch of sassy characters! Every actor portrayed their part well, thus making the film a huge success.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The ‘That’s Amor’ Film?

The movie begins with the introduction of our main character Sofia and her busy schedule at the office. She spent more than two years working as an assistant despite having higher qualifications. Even though it’s her birthday, things are quite monotonous in Sofia’s current life. So, she gathers up all her courage and decides to confront her boss about her present situation! Being a graphic designer meant a huge deal for Sofia, but all these years, Sofia had no access to this profession. It’s so heartbreaking to know that Sofia’s efforts meant nothing to her boss, Becky (Christina Moore), and she even compared her educational qualifications with other working members of the office. Well, the best thing about this film would be its way of depicting the emotions of all our characters.


But this is not it. Sofia had more to face from her ridiculous day! She comes home to find her boyfriend, Richard, cheating on her with a random girl. As she was about to leave, Sofia broke her leg because she fell down the stairs! So, to escape her painful life in San Francisco, Sofia decides to go back to her hometown of Sonoma! Here, viewers will get to know how supportive and loving Sofia’s mother, Lainie (Nancy Lenehan), is. Moreover, Lainie has always motivated Sofia to move out of her broken bubble to make her even more comfortable with the surroundings. Lainie spots a cooking class advertisement for learning Spanish dishes at El Corazon, and she tries to convince Sofia to be a part of it. Moreover, it is a couples’ cooking class.

But guess what? Lainie does not have it. She eventually brought her to the class, and here viewers will get to know more about Matias (Isaac Gonzalez Rossi). Together, the mother-daughter duo begins a new adventure with cooking! Moreover, they’ll be officially learning under Guillermo (Daniel Edward Mora) and his nephew Matias! Matias’ cousin Viviana (Arlene Tur) tries to make him understand that dating Sofia would be a great choice! Since his current girlfriend, Irina, is betraying him! As time passes by, Matias and Sofia get along pretty well, and even though they belong to two different backgrounds, it’s good to see how things work out gradually but efficiently for them! On the other hand, Sofia begins to open up to her new environment even more, and this time things are up for the better.


How Did Sofia Change The Whole Course Of Her Life?

With each passing day, Sofia became more interested in being a part of the cooking class, and this time she had Matias as her partner! Moreover, her leg seems to be getting better as well. Matias adds up the extra spice that is required in Sofia’s life, and he also helps her to explore the culture of Spain. For Sofia, food means a way of filling one’s stomach, but for Matias, he’s got a whole different phenomenon for the same. Matias builds up a distinctive approach in her mind, and this is pretty fun to watch. As he makes her experience that food is a way of expression and emotion, Moreover, Richard comes back to apologize, and Sofia is still wondering if he’s truly understood his mistake. But her best friend, Olivia (Kimberley Drummond), gives her the true lesson.

Everyone wanted Sofia to move on and get along with Matias! Piece by piece, Sofia begins to rebuild herself since she is choosing to stay in these horrible situations, which have taken a huge toll on her mental health. But, little did Sofia know that destiny had something grand planned for her! Now she creates more and more designs every day, and guess what? Sofia’s getting better at it! Matias motivates her to learn the process of loving herself first. On the other hand, Sofia does the same for him as well. Just like her, Matias was a part of a toxic relationship too. But together, they learn to inculcate each other with beautiful experiences.


‘That’s Amor’ Ending Explained: Did Sofia and Matias Choose Each Other?

As Sofia thought things were getting better, Richard began to stalk her everywhere, which eventually began with his arrival at the cooking class. Well, things end up the same way for Matias, too, since there’s a catch! Just like Richard, Irina arrives at the restaurant. Both the lovebirds were stuck in this situation wherein they had to choose between their past and present. Sofia is already heartbroken since she doesn’t want to experience another heartbreak of being the other woman. Moreover, Matias will be leaving for Spain soon! With Olivia’s company, Sofia begins taking baby steps to cope with all the new dynamics of her relationships and profession. Sofia begins cooking daily and even attends her mother’s Zumba class. Apart from this, she broke off everything with Richard.

All this time, Sofia thought that meeting Matias was a part of her fate. But guess what? Sofia’s mother had a huge hand in that! As it turns out, Matias is Julietta’s grandson—a friend from the Zumba class. So, Lainie was the mastermind behind their love story! Moreover, Matias ended up having things with Irina as well. But he moved his ticket to a closer date, and now he was leaving for Barcelona. With Viviana’s help, both of them drove to the airport as quickly as possible, and Sofia got him at the right time! She gives him the biggest surprise of his life, as Sofia will be getting her master’s degree from the Institute of Design in Madrid. “That’s Amor” ends on a good note, wherein Matias and Sofia finally choose each other over everything!


Things work out for Lainie as well since she can catch up with her old lover, Henry. Well, Sofia and Matias made it possible for her. “That’s Amor” is a beautiful romantic movie that gives multiple lessons at once. It will put you through different experiences of finding love, faith, and patience. Sometimes, life doesn’t provide us with things in the easiest way, but once you get it all, you’re going to rock it! Matias and Sofia took little steps at a time to create their own happily ever after. Moreover, such moments enter our lives in the most mesmerizing ways. Well, one should accept everything that life offers instead of falling and trapping themselves down there.

“That’s Amor” is a 2022 Romantic Drama film streaming on Netflix with subtitles.

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