‘Thank You, I’m Sorry’ Ending Explained & Spoilers: Do Linda And Sara Reconcile?

Dysfunctional family stories are interesting because they portray the dynamics of a group that is related to each other most realistically. A secret is never a secret for long when family’s involved and often a genuine hatred and love for them exists because, at the end of the day, blood is thicker than water. Thank You, I’m Sorry is a Swedish Netflix original all about a sibling bond reemerging in the wake of a tragedy. There is a lot to uncover as they begin to live with each other.


Spoilers Ahead

What Startled Sara?

Sara was in her eighth month of pregnancy, and she was seemingly happy with her husband Daniel and son Eliot. The movie begins with Daniel confessing his intention to end the marriage, which shocks Sara. There couldn’t have been a worse time for him to drop this truth bomb on her. Sara was angry, and she woke up to the worst possible news. Daniel passed away in his sleep, and there was no end to her sorrow. Sara was numb and angry when all the procedures were being conducted by the doctors on Daniel’s mortal remains. She was still coming to terms with the revelation he made the previous night, and with him gone, he left many questions unanswered. Sara’s mother-in-law, Helen, offered to move in and help her with the funeral, but Sara was livid, and she would rather process all the pain alone.


Was Linda Aware Of Her Sister’s Tragedy?

Linda was living with her boyfriend Jassa, a yoga instructor, and took care of her father, who had been admitted to a nursing home for the elderly. Her father has been struggling with loss of memory, and he tends to forget he is at the institution. He remembered to inform Linda about Sara’s bereavement, and he wants to make amends with her. He also expected Linda, the older sibling, to find a way to patch things up because it’s been way too many years of estrangement that have torn their family apart. Linda attended the funeral as a show of support to Sara. Linda also decided to stay back with Sara until she felt better, as her younger sister would be giving birth in a few weeks. Sara was not keen on the big move initially because of the emotional distance between the siblings.

Why Does Sara Ask Linda To Move In?

Sara reconsiders her plans the next day and requests Linda to move in with her. Linda was more than elated and it would amend their past estrangement, rectify mistakes that were made, and talk about how it affected them. Linda lived with her father after the divorce, while Sara stayed back with her mother. This was probably the right time to witness how the siblings would help each other emotionally and provide support while everyone else was just walking in and out, offering condolences. Sara brought up the subject of Daniel for the first time and his disinterest in having Eliot and getting married.


Was Helen Upset With Sara?

Helen, Daniel’s mother, was upset about the way Sara was channeling her grief. As a woman from another generation, she expected her daughter-in-law to be in touch with her emotions and maybe cry for the spouse she had lost. Sara’s grief was not outwardly visible, which bothered Helen the most. Helen was hoping for Sara to request her help with taking care of the kids. Helen refused to acknowledge the fact that everyone has a different way of dealing with grief, and she should have given Sara some benefit of the doubt. Sara’s priority was Eliot and her unborn child. Helen was an inconsiderate woman, for she accused Sara of not missing Daniel because she didn’t cry in his memory. Helen was hoping Eliot would live with the memory of his mother bawling over the loss of her spouse. Helen was unaware of Daniel’s intention of leaving Sara the night before he died, and the elderly woman was hardly understanding of Sara’s predicament and refused to have a one-on-one conversation with her daughter-in-law.

Why Was There A Falling Out Between Sisters?

As Linda and Sara began living with each other, they had several disagreements over the choices they both had made over the years. Linda was trying to make her sister understand the life she led and that a lot was left to cherish and move on to. This was probably their way of bonding with each other, and disagreement was part of the deal when Linda decided to move in. Sara was informed about Linda’s boyfriend, who refused to break up with her, and Linda was having a tough time letting him go even though he cheated on her. Linda was probably too attached and rejoiced over Jassa coming back to her. She knew this pattern was toxic, and Sara pointed it out as well. There was also friction over their father’s being unwell and Sara’s being adamant about not wanting to meet him.


Sara was livid at the fact that Linda left her with her mother and chose to stay away from her younger sibling. Sara was way too young to process or understand the divorce, which is why she’d wanted Linda by her side to deal with the pain together. Lind’s exit bothered Sara from a young age, which paved the way for their dynamics. Both are trying to unlearn the hatred and mistakes made in the past.

Helen had a tough time trusting Linda because of her lifestyle. Sara supported her sister because she began to understand Linda had zero intention of harming them. Sara always backed Linda, as Helen was trying hard to make her presence felt in Eliot’s life, all while her daughter-in-law kept her at bay. Things went awry between the sisters when Linda did not pick up Eliot from school and Helen was sent in her place. Helen left no stone unturned in blaming Linda for being inconsiderate and untrustworthy.


Sara confronts Linda and accuses her of abandoning the family again. Linda clarified she was visiting their father at the institution. Sara still had some unattended anger towards her father for breaking up the marriage, and we think that could be the reason behind her rage towards her only living parent.

Sara’s pain of losing her husband, who was planning to leave her, left a deep scar, which possibly triggered her abandonment issues as well. She never wanted her kids to be raised as children of divorced parents because of her lived experience as one. Daniel never understood this aspect, which angered Sara further, and all the insensitive words were said in a fit of rage triggered by many instances from the past.


Do Linda And Sara Reconcile To Raise The Children?

Linda and Sara’s falling out also led the latter to share her insecurities about wanting to be a mother again. Sara was single again, and the thought of raising two children was scary. Sara was also worried her unborn daughter would look like her deceased husband, and there was a worry that she couldn’t bear to look at him. Sara’s pain and worry were palpable because she had planned a lifetime with Daniel, but she will now have to live with the idea that her husband would have left her anyway, leaving her to pick up the pieces of their marriage. With Daniel gone, she is confused as to how to come around and move on from him without bad mouthing a man who is no longer alive but had plans to break her heart.

Her breakdown caused her water to break, and Linda moved her to the hospital instead of giving her the home birth her sister had planned. After hearing Sara berate her, Linda had to do the right thing and help her. Linda was adamant about being there for Sara, despite their many disagreements. She was trying to be the responsible elder sister for once. Sara had a difficult labor, but she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. It turns out that the birth of a child was what it took for the sisters to find their way back to each other. Linda and Sara could not be angry anymore because they would be spending time taking care of each other and the children. Sara wanted Linda to stay over because, as sisters, they lost a lot of years being separated. Both agreed to be the support system they never had growing up. They wanted to give a steady home to Eliot and his newborn sister.


The movie ends with Linda asking Jassa, her boyfriend, to leave her home. She breaks up, knowing the man was toxic and had cheated on her several times. Linda wanted to move on to become a better person for Sara’s kids. Getting rid of toxic men would improve her mental health, which was the best thing she could do for herself now that Linda had taken up the role of an aunt and caretaker. Linda also makes her father meet Sara so that they can rekindle their relationship after many years of being apart. As the older sister, she wanted to take responsibility, and reconciling her family was the first step towards healing all the trauma she and Sara felt growing up. Linda and Sara are finally on the same page, and the siblings hope to lead a healthy and normal life from here on.

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