‘Thallumaala’ Ending, Explained: Why Do Wazim And Reji Fight?

Directed by Khalid Rahman, “Thallumaala,” a Malayalam language dark comedy film, released on August 12th, 2022, on the big screens and ever since has been having quite a run at the box office for its quirky take on basic storytelling.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Thallumaala’ Film?

“Thallumaala,” which means “a chain of brawls,” is a film that begins with a break in a brawl between Wazim and Reji. To know why his friends around him become his friends or why his brawl with Reji is crucial for the plot, one needs to see the film to understand the nonlinear pattern of this film to find linearity in the storytelling.

Wazim (played by the handsome Tovino Thomas) and Jamshi meet due to a fight between them and their other friends; Sathar and Rajesh meet due to a fight between them, and all four of them meet and bond at a local restaurant. They become close friends and work together to carry out every activity in their town. There is a brawl that happens at Wazim’s wedding where he gets into a fight with his nemesis and ends up beating up Reji, and his wedding with Fathima Beevi (played by the gorgeous Kalyani Priyadarshan), a very popular influencer, ends up getting canceled too, and she breaks up with him. A series of brawls that happen take the movie forward and backward in a nonlinear pattern, eventually joining the dots. This forms the plot of “Thallumaala.”

Why Do Reji and Wazim Fight?

One thing leads to another. Reji’s gang and Wazim’s gang get into a fight at a parking lot. They end up getting injured, and Reji tries his best to be friends with Wazim, and he reciprocates with his hand of friendship, which doesn’t go well with Wazim’s gang of friends. Wazim’s friends end up fighting inside the wedding car with Reji’s gang, which continues with Wazim’s nemesis confronting him at his wedding, leading to one big fight which no one can control as it starts erupting from every corner like a chain reaction. Wazim forgets that his wedding is on a beating spree and ends up becoming a social media star. Wazim starts getting invited to various college and local events just because of his popularity through the fight video from his wedding. The film ends with a titular fight between Reji and Wazim to settle scores about the fight that happened at Wazim’s wedding (which is the beginning shot of the film). Reji wins the penultimate fight but is impressed by Wazim’s skill set and drive. At the end of the film, he helps to get Fathima Beevi back to him, and all of them head to Dubai to convince Fathima to end her engagement and be with Wazim. Wazim in Dubai gets distracted by Jamshi’s nemesis and decides to beat him up before approaching Fathima, who, annoyed at Wazim’s priority, refuses to go with him.

Reji is not the villain of this film as he goes out of his way to help Wazim, which Wazim’s friends take as an ego trip, refusing to accept any help from Reji’s friends. Reji turns out to be respectful of Wazim and is impressed by his fighting skills, and offers to help further, this time not hurting the sentiments of Wazim’s gang of friends. The reason for showcasing the film in a nonlinear pattern is to put across a new form of storytelling that not just shocks your system but manages to make you in awe of the filmmaker who pulled off a task so monumental that “Thallumaala” easily could have become a disaster, but thankfully it doesn’t. Khalid Rahman, the director, focuses more on the execution of the screenplay in the most justifiable fashion than the story. The story is not king here, but it is the direction, screenplay, music, editing, fight choreography, cinematography, costumes, and production design.


The film is a fine mixture of good direction, editing, screenplay, stunt choreography, beautiful clothes, stunning cinematography, and unbelievable production design. A colorful festival in a Malayalam film. “Thallumaala” breaks conventional forms of filmmaking through an execution such as this, and that’s the reason it is a must-watch film on the big screens. There is not much to discuss in this film, for “Thallumaala” is an experience one needs to savor on the big screen. This film has one of the best fight sequences ever seen in a Malayalam film. The name of the film means “a chain of brawls.” The director made sure the stunt direction remains the highlight of the film, and rightly so for the sequences that stay with you long after the film is watched.

“Thallumaala” is right now having a successful run on the big screens. Go and enjoy the big screen experience of this film.

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