‘Taurus’ Ending, Explained: How Did Cole Tackle The World Of Fame? Did He Finally Find His Inspiration?

Directed by Tim Sutton, “Taurus” is an upcoming 2022 musical drama film that is all set to release on November 18, 2022; and it was released at the Berlin Film Festival provides a deeper insight into a musician’s life whose fame is killing him day by day. The film stars the popular rapper Machine Gun Kelly as Cole. Well, it will take you through an emotional yet delusional ride on how Cole deals with his fame. With each passing day, his life gets miserable, and he cannot figure out a single way to set it back on track. Apart from stardom, Cole mingled himself into drugs that pulled him a step back from his talents. In reality, Cole is very popular, and his music has inspired many people around the world. His rising popularity has gained him more fans, and his producers would always motivate him to produce good music each day! But Cole would spend his days intoxicating himself with substances that made him lose track of time. Throughout the whole movie, viewers will get to know more about Cole’s ex-wife Mae and their child Rose. They have a very strained relationship, and he often misses out on several days with her daughter; it is visible that his addiction, aggression, and irresponsible nature was the reason behind his separation from Mae. There are several areas where he tries to fix himself for the greater good but ends up bouncing back to his original self. With each passing hour, things become more difficult to deal with since Cole keeps ruining his future with drugs and alcohol. 


Spoilers Ahead 

‘Taurus’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film? 

With a dark beginning, the movie highlights the life of a child who accidentally pulled a gun over his parents and killed them. The relevance of this scene is not understood until the very end of this film. Simultaneously, there’s a sneak peek at Cole’s life as a musician, where the whole crowd is cheering for him. Meanwhile, a girl named Lena is called to the studio to record a hook that requires her voice as Cole is working on his new song. From the very beginning, Cole spends his time-consuming alcohol and drugs instead of concentrating on his music. By this time, the media is tailing him around since things are going bad between Cole and his ex-wife Mae and too much drinking has caused him to forget many things. Cole’s daughter Rosie arrives at his house, but he is drugged, so he can’t figure out her presence. 


Cole’s assistant Ilana is pretty supportive of him and often drops him off at home and cleans up whenever he makes a mess. She is responsible for arranging his meetings and informing him about the interviews and timings. The next morning, Cole’s producer arrives at his house to make him understand that he is being irresponsible with his career and future. As he is drugged all the time, Cole cannot control his anger, and he often bashes Ilana for all the little things. She informs him about all his meetings and interviews, but Cole forgets them and places the entire blame on Ilana. Eventually, things get better in the end as no matter how much they fight with each other, Cole always apologizes for his mistakes. Well, as the day passes by, Cole misses a lot of events and lunch meetings. 

But he finally decides to visit the studio to record his upcoming album. Soon, things take a different turn when a fan approaches Cole, and he also delivers pizza at their studio. While others are good to him, Cole snaps at him and forces him to step out of the studio. Cole’s friends share their opinions about his rude behavior with the delivery boy, which is too insulting for him. He finds it extremely disrespectful and decides to leave the studio on his own. Cole spends the whole night smoking in a strip club. The next morning, Ilana brings in some energy drinks to help him with a painful hangover, and Cole realizes that his clothes were filled with vomit as he passed out on the street due to heavy intoxication.  


Strained Relationship With Mae and Rosie 

Mae spent hours waiting for him at his studio, and when he finally arrived, they had a conversation with each other. But soon, the conversation changed into a huge fight, and the couple began physically abusing each other. Well, Mae was very upset about his behavior. None of the conversations was revealed as their voices were muffled inside the studio. Mae left the studio abruptly, and Cole ravaged the studio in anger. Throughout the entire ride home, Cole didn’t stop thinking about the child who shot his parents. The night he got intoxicated at the strip club, Cole visited the same house, which was now a police-restricted area. He went up to that child’s room and found out that the child had Cole’s poster on his wall. Well, somehow, Cole believed that he impacted people negatively and that the child was one of them. 

Cole always wanted to fix his relationship with Rose, but he never realized that his addictions were ruining his life, career, and relationships. Cole opened up to Ilana that he felt bad for his child, and Ilana requested him to be a part of her life. Rose always wanted to be next to her father, but he was always high on drugs and couldn’t remember a single moment with Rosie. Cole still longed for his daughter and ex-wife Mae, but some relationships are meant to be broken. His unhealthy lifestyle was posing a huge threat to his reputation, and the media was always bugging him around, trying to find out more answers about his relationship with Mae. Because of his irresponsible nature, the entire custody of Rosie was given to Mae. Cole spent hours hallucinating Mae with him, but he had to fix several things to get them back. 


‘Taurus’ Ending, Explained: How Did Cole Tackle The World Of Fame? Did He Finally Find His Inspiration To Make Music?

Looking at his poster on that child’s wall was enough evidence for Cole to understand that his life was taking a destructive turn. So the next morning, Cole made his daughter’s bed and cleaned up the whole room. Well, it was certain that Cole had brighter plans in mind. He woke up pretty early and decided to spend the whole day making music at the studio. Ilana was shocked to see this transformation, but Cole was finally taking an interest in his career without any intoxication. Both of them had a great conversation with each other while they were on their way to the studio. Well, Ilana and Cole spent the entire night in the studio, and he finally finished his music! Cole was sober the entire day and refrained from smoking anything too heavy. Yet again, Ilana was surprised to have this version of Cole since he was very polite and calm with her the entire day! 

As usual, Ilana dropped Cole off at his house, and the next morning Cassidy and Rosie arrived. Well, Rosie was excited to meet her father, but to her surprise, he was still fast asleep. But there he was, eyes wide open. Cole passed away due to a drug overdose, but Rosie couldn’t understand a single thing. Cassidy picked her up and asked her to wait patiently on the balcony. Soon, cops arrived, and from a distance, it was seen that Cole’s body was taken away. The movie ends on a depressing note, but his mates are happy that he can finally finish his music. They listen to his song for the last time, and the movie ends with Lena’s perspective. She recorded her hook with Cole, and now she was getting famous as many producers were ready to sign a contract with her. In the final scenes, Cole is seen drifting off into the sea waves as he finally drowns himself in despair. 


Final Words 

Cole was in pain and dealt with immense anger, but he tried to suppress them with alcohol and drugs. Even though he was walking on a destructive path, he always maintained his warmth towards his daughter and his music. By the end of this film, viewers will get to experience a different side of Cole’s personality. At first, Cole might seem a little narcissistic, but in reality, he disrespects and hates himself for everything he does. Sutton managed to cover up the reality of Cole’s life and highlighted the worst parts of a musician who was ruining his life with each passing hour. Cole wanted to be a good father, but he was caught up in a deadly cycle. When finally, he decided to come out of it, his addictions pulled him back into the darkness. Cole has associated with many people, and his death affected everyone around him. Everyone mourned his death and even cried about losing him. Even if Cole believed that he was left all alone in this world, some people dearly cared for him. Because of his unnerving addictions, he was turned into an uncontrollable toddler. 

A man who still needed people to take care of him, his meetings, and even his health. In the outside world, Cole was a great human being who inspired people with his music, but in reality, he was completely zoned out in his illusionary world where he couldn’t stimulate his mind to create new and inspiring ideas for music and Cole failed to segregate his priorities. He couldn’t figure out the damage that the world of fame and stardom was driving him into. But he kept flowing with the subtle waves until he couldn’t stop himself. Well, Rosie had a glimpse of her father’s lifeless body, and throughout the end, she questioned Cassidy to know if Cole was alright. All the characters in this movie are connected to Cole, as every one of them is responsible for his growth and fame. Moreover, Machine Gun Kelly has set out new standards with his acting skills as he beautifully portrays the painful life of a musician juggling between the positive and negative outcomes of life.


“Taurus” is an upcoming 2022 musical drama film directed by Tim Sutton.

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