Tara Khanna In ‘Made In Heaven’ Season 2, Explained: Is She Entitled To Or Deserving Of The Khanna House?

Apart from donning the most glamorous and gorgeous looks in Made In Heaven, Tara Khanna’s life is pretty much in shambles. She’s getting a divorce from the rich heir of a conglomerate who cheated on her with her best friend, Faiza. But the irony is, he had cheated with Tara first on a previous partner, so once a cheater, always a cheater, I suppose. The thing is, Tara admitted to Adil that she was the one who leaked their office adult tape to make sure he would marry her. In truth, she always knew that she was after his money and status, and she’d do anything to get a piece of herself. Somewhere down the line, she did start to enjoy his company, and they did want to have kids, but the doctor convinced her it was he who was the problem, not her. Tara’s always been ambitious, and because of her upbringing, she’s always seen the need for big status and a lavish lifestyle. It’s what gets things going. Now that they are getting divorced, all Tara can ask for is a large amount of alimony so she can continue to enjoy the lavish life that she’s become used to.


Because of a mistake she made, the company had to suffer, but Tara is a hustler, and she’s always managed to make things work out. Tara is a very clearly gray character. If she wants something hungrily, she’ll go as far as she can to get it, but she’s not a bad person. She cares deeply for her people and always supports them when she can. It’s her mother, who happens to be the darker side of her. Tara and her mother have a strange love-hate relationship. Tara knows her mother knows her best, but she also hates that idea deeply. This season, Tara finally meets a man who is actually good to her. He cares about her, he’s loving, and he is wholeheartedly hers. But Tara is so desperate for her old, luxurious life that she is willing to let him go without a second thought when Adil uses him as a threat, so she won’t fight for more than she deserves. Tara does like Raghav; she even argues with her mother when she calls him a cook, not a chef. But it all goes down the drain when it comes to taking what is rightfully hers, or at least, that’s what she thinks.

While everything at work goes peachy for Tara until Karan ends up spending 18 lakhs of the company money without so much as a word to her, and things are good with Raghav, Tara still finds herself feeling empty. Adil’s father dies in the middle of all this, and she supports Adil’s mother, who keeps asking her to come back home. She sees that Adil’s mother, too, is kind of using her as she pleases and doesn’t want to give her much more than some jewelry and some petty cash to finish off the divorce. She was a nobody before Adil, and she had ended up with no friends, no house, and no money. All the things she fought so hard to achieve were gone in a flash. When Tara realizes her best friend Faiza is actually pregnant with Adil’s child, things get really ugly. That’s when Tara begins to blackmail them into giving her the Khanna house. She orchestrates another ruse to make sure Adil has to give her the house, and ultimately, that’s what works for her. Getting divorced changes everything for her.


Raghav and Tara do everything right. He takes her out on dates, she starts visiting his home, she meets his parents, and so on, but something seems to be prickling the back of her neck through all of this. It’s the fact that Raghav isn’t as affluent as Adil and won’t give her the status that Adil did. It all comes to light when Raghav takes her to his friend’s resort, and they have to stay in a regular room because it’s on the house, while she wanted a suite. What Tara had pictured as a relaxing and healing vacation with a spa and expensive cocktails turned out to be just a weekend with Raghav in a pool-facing room. The desperation in Tara kicks in at this point, but she knows what they have is good, if not great, so she tries to push through. She sees how close Raghav’s parents are and feels a pang of jealousy because she never had that. She says, You’re all nice to each other, as if that’s something that all families are not supposed to be. Raghav apologizes to her because the universe didn’t give her that. Still, ultimately, for Tara, only money can buy her happiness.

Fighting with Adil means fighting with Adil’s mom, and when she hears about the house, she can’t fathom what the girl’s asked for. Adil isn’t willing to give Tara half of the company that his father built, so this is the only thing he can actually hand over to her. Adil’s mom has just lost her husband, and so now she has to move out of the family home that he built for them. Tara is so blinded by her greed that she doesn’t realize what a big impact that would have on her. Adil’s mom decides she’ll never forgive Tara for what she did. Tara gets the house and is excited for Raghav and Karan to move in with her. Raghav, on the other hand, doesn’t like the idea that she stole this house from Adil’s family. He calls her out for acting entitled when she’s pretending it’s her house. He leaves her there, and at the end of the day, it’s Tara and Karan yet again.


Is Tara entitled to the Khanna house? We wouldn’t think so, but is she deserving of it after everything she’s been through? That’s a subjective question, but according to Tara, she believes it for sure. Tara fought to get there, and if the house alone can make a difference for her, then she’ll be happy to pay the price of losing someone who cares for her while also turning old friends into enemies.

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