‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Gillian The Patient Zero Of ‘The Sick’?

After waiting for almost two entire seasons, we’re finally going to get some answers in the final two episodes of “Sweet Tooth” season 2. How did the virus get out, and was Birdie at fault? At the end of episode 6, the family is finally reunited, but Becky is still waiting to join the good guys again. How will Jepp and the kids take the news of Aimee’s illness? Will she be forced to take the cure made by killing one of her kids? Let’s find out in episode 7 of “Sweet Tooth” Season 2.


Spoilers Ahead

The Origin Of It All

In order for the board to fund their little experiment, Gillian needs a viable culture from the dozens of eggs she has injected. Birdie is the one to discover that one of the eggs has a heartbeat, and now she feels responsible for keeping that heartbeat alive! That’s how she became Gus’ mom. Even though the team was not interested in the microbe that created Gus, Birdie decided to continue her journey with him. On the other hand, Gillian injected herself with the second variant (which is why Birdie called the hybrids and viruses two sides of the same coin). Birdie tried to escape with all the important things that she needed to go find Gus and Richard, but instead, she got caught by Gillian’s men. They took her to where Gillian lay on a hospital bed, breathing her last. Her only cure was Gus. Gillian was actually the great-granddaughter of James Thacker, the man who discovered these microorganisms in Alaska. She also had the same degenerative disease as him, so she thought the injection would’ve saved her; instead, it was a contagious virus that she spread to the whole world. Gillian was patient zero. She told Birdie that they both were responsible for closing the door of this great Pandora’s box that Gillian had opened. But Birdie, under the false impression that she would find Gus, went straight to Alaska for more answers. After that, we know what happened. From this, we can possibly understand that the microbe that created Gus also contributed to the creation of the H5G9 virus that infected Gillian and the rest of the world and also led to the birth of other natural-born hybrid babies.


Becky Is Back

After Jepp takes the kids and Aimee on the bus, they end up at a roadblock. They’re unable to figure out what to do until a tank appears seemingly out of nowhere, aiming directly at them. At the same time, a bunch of teenagers dressed as animals show up—the Animal Army who is willing to ride or die for the kids. There is chaos because the tank doesn’t stop aiming and gets ready to fire, and the Animal Army scatters only to realize that it was aiming at the blockage. Out come Bobby and the man from the Air Lords, who finally understand Jepp and Aimee’s love for the hybrids. Becky is reunited with Gus and Jepp, and everything is peachy, except that Aimee has “the sick,” and she hasn’t told anybody yet. She is at the back of the bus, and at a pit stop for the kids, Aimee tells Jepp the truth. Jepp can’t understand how this could happen, but perhaps it was after she went into Adi’s lab or just the zoo with all the people of the Last Men. Jepp tells Aimee he’s here for her and will do anything she needs. All Aimee wants is for her kids to be taken care of. Jepp remembers the cure, and Aimee tells him she has it, but she would never use it because it was made by killing Roy. In the meantime, Becky has finally found Wendy, her sister, whom she has been searching for this whole time, but she doesn’t say anything to Wendy immediately, considering the situation they’re in and how she’s a total stranger to her.


Finally, the kids reach Yellowstone, making Gus’ dream come true. It is exactly how they pictured it, and everybody is overexcited. Becky is quick at making friends with them and immediately puts them on task so Aimee can rest. Jepp has already told her about Aimee. Now that Becky and Tiger are buddies again, the Animal Army stands guard at the zoo so that the kids can escape. Becky and Tiger are in contact, and Becky tells Tiger that she finally found her sister. Becky is upset that she isn’t with them fighting Abbot face-to-face, but Tiger reminds her that she should be with her sister. She promises to teach Wendy her fighting skills later on. This is a foreboding sign of what’s to come because Abbot hears the whole conversation and figures out where the kids are. Becky takes Tiger’s advice and attempts to tell Wendy who she really is before Aimee interrupts. Becky is unable to tell Wendy, but she knows she has time, which Aimee doesn’t. Aimee tells Wendy the truth about the virus, leaving her broken. She had just gotten her mom back, and now she had to lose her again and for good.


Birdie’s Message To Gus

Jepp finds a cassette player in Pubba’s belongings, and Gus finally has a chance to listen to his mom’s message. The message is from Birdie to Richard, and she talks about how Gus came to be and how she wanted to always protect him. Birdie tells Richard that he should take care of Gus and raise him as his dad because if she ever comes to find them, they won’t be safe anymore. The truth is that Birdie, who told Richard that she would find him, never searched for him at all in the hopes that Gus would be safe as long as she wasn’t near him, leading the bad guys to him. But through the message, Gus now knows that Birdie is in Alaska. Gus tries to make plans for how Jepp, he, and Becky can travel to Alaska to help his mom.

The Battle Of The Animal Army

Tiger comes rushing to the cabin, covered in blood. She only escaped so that she could come and tell Becky that the Last Men are coming for them and the kids were in danger. She passes on the baton to Becky as we see the rest of the Animal Army dead, along with many of the Last Men, all piled up together by Abbot. Becky has now lost her second sister, Tiger, and her other family, the Animal Army. Now she will fight harder to protect the kids alongside Jepp. She had realized with Aimee that fighting wasn’t the only way to keep the hybrids safe, but her hands were already stained, so there was no harm in some more blood, especially if it was Abbot’s.


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