‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2, Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Aimee Get Infected With The Sick?

With only two episodes remaining, a lot is set to happen in episode 6 of “Sweet Tooth.” In the last episode, Adi went nuts over his cure and has now moved on from doing anything for Rani to doing anything to find a cure. Abbot tried to convince “The Three” of his plan to move a select few people to his utopia, “Evergreen.” What he doesn’t know is that the cure that Adi worked on doesn’t work.


Spoilers Ahead

Adi And Rani

We get a little flashback to Adi and Rani’s first trip together, where they sweetly realize that they want to keep doing this together for a long time to come. Their belief in Ganesh (the Hindu deity) brings them closer together. Adi has a Ganesh idol that he keeps with him, and seeing that, Rani decides to keep him atop the table to “protect” them for a long time; in the present day, it is the same idol that Rani keeps in her room in the zoo. Johnny chooses to help the doctor and his wife escape because he is fond of Rani and what she did for him. Rani tells him to join them, but Johnny believes his brother needs him. After all, family is in short supply. Rani convinces Adi that they need to leave, even though he is keen on getting his research out in order to save his great work and humanity. Adi is not showing signs of giving up on the cure, even though Rani doesn’t want it anymore and has accepted her fate after nine years of suffering.


Abbot’s Big Loss

The phone that Aimee had dropped from the sky for Abbot is now activated, and Aimee tells Abbot he should get out of the zoo asap before it is ambushed. Without hesitation, purple flowers are dropped at the zoo within minutes of the call. Abbot and his Last Men evacuate the place ASAP, and Abbot gives Johnny the responsibility to bring Adi and Rani to safety in Evergreen. Abbot realizes that the flowers are fake and a distraction for Aimee to get the kids out of the zoo, and he rushes back as soon as possible.

Bear And Tiger

Becky and Jordan are taking Tiger to the zoo before they are ambushed by the Air Lords too. Becky saves Tiger from Jordan, who finally finds out that she is in the Animal Army too. Becky attempts to convince Jordan that he is a good person and he doesn’t need to kill anybody to keep his family safe, so he should go back to his grandparents rather than work with the Last Men. Becky leaves him behind, and Tiger finally apologizes for everything and tells Becky that she will do anything for redemption. They make a plan to go back to the zoo, and all of the Animal Army are here to protect Gus and any other hybrids who need their help.


Gus, Jepp, And Aimee

In the meantime, Gus breaks Jepp out of the little prison, and they’re finally reunited in a cute embrace. Jepp suggests they leave the other kids behind and leave because their mom is coming to save them, but Gus, who is ever so caring, will not leave his new friends behind and decides to save them all. In the meantime, the other kids try to climb out of the zoo together before some soldiers come to attack them. Gus is able to distract them, and Jepp fights them off with all his might. Gus fearfully watches as Jepp almost gets stabbed, but seeing Gus’ expression is motivation for Jepp to save himself and keep the kids alive. Gus and Jepp are each other’s rays of sunshine, and they can’t lose sight of each other, or they will lose everything all over again. Finally, the elephant kid lets go of the rope and falls back down on the two men trying to catch him. Aimee finally lands in the zoo, and the first thing she finds is Adi’s research findings. She steals the one dose of the cure and burns the place down, dissected chickens included. She finally meets Wendy, who returned in search of Gus, and they make their way out of the zoo to find the other kids.

Rani’s Lost Hope 

Jepp and the kids finally make it outside the zoo and find their way onto the bus. Jepp promises that after he gets Gus and the rest of the kids out, he will come back for Wendy. In the meantime, Adi contemplates his decision to leave everything behind as Rani tries to convince him that he made the right decision and that they need to get free from all of this and be together, just the two of them like before. Adi has become consumed by the search for the cure and won’t take no for an answer, even if that means losing the one true love of his life. Rani realizes that there is no salvation for Adi, and she leaves him behind as he goes back to look for his research papers. Adi sees everything being burned down and rushes back to find Rani, who has vanished, leaving only his bag and the Ganesh idol behind. Hopefully, this will bring Adi back to his senses. Somewhere away from the chaos, Rani finds herself in a field with horses and follows them out.


Something Is Always Wrong

Elsewhere, Jepp manages to start the bus, and they are about to move when they realize that Wendy and Aimee are running out of the zoo. They open the back of the bus, and Aimee is thrilled to be reunited with her kids after everything! They hug it out, and she even thanks Jepp. One of the Air Lord members, the same guy who got Jepp in trouble, is in search of a tank even after his flight was brought down by Abbot’s people. He finds Bobby, and they team up to get the tank. The episode ends with a big disaster that no one saw coming. Aimee has “the sick.” Just when everything seemed to be going well, and Gus finally had his whole family together, he was faced with another dead end. What if Jepp is able to convince Aimee to take the cure she stole from the lab? We’ll be able to find out in the last two episodes of “Sweet Tooth.” 

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