‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2, Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Mrs. Zhang?

As we cross the midpoint, the intensity of the series gets stronger. The fourth episode of “Sweet Tooth” Season 2 was slightly slow, with the adults trying to find their way through the big decisions, specifically, Abbot has dinner with the Singhs and his brother, and Aimee leaves Jepp behind after knowing the reality of his work while he is with the Last Men. Now Jepp has to find his way to Gus on his own. Becky is one of the new recruits joining the Last Men in order to get Birdie’s cassette to Gus. Hopefully, by the end of the season, everyone will be back together!


Spoilers Ahead

Jepp’s Lonely Road

We get another flashback for Jepp, who was overworked by the Last Men when all he wanted were answers about his wife and son. Jepp became tired of being the “hybrid catcher” and realized it was high time he got his answers. His coach, the person who convinced him to join the Last Men in order to get his answers, had been taking credit for all of Jepp’s work till now. Then, Jepp found out from one of the men that his son had been one of the hybrids who was caught and killed. He opened the bag and realized it was true. Losing everything he was in search of could only mean his wife is possibly long dead too. Now, Jepp’s car breaks down in the middle of the night, so he runs to find Gus in the zoo. He will not waste another minute being away from Gus and not being able to protect him. Jepp uses a flare gun to shoot into the sky and give Abbot’s men a message. If he’s able to get Gus back, he will tell them about Aimee’s break-in plan. Before he can find out if Gus is alive and well, though, little Bobby comes out of the ground in front of all the soldiers. Bobby says the words “Big Man” when he sees Jepp, and Jepp realizes that he is with Gus. Before the soldiers can harm him, Jepp fights them off, freeing Bobby but getting caught himself (so much for an escape plan).


Abbot’s Big Plan

Abbot, who caught Gus before he could run out of the zoo, decided it was time to pick on the boy. Gus, who is brave and loves his friends, only hopes to go home, so he acts like he isn’t afraid in front of Abbot. The man cuts off one of his antlers to instill fear in him and all the other hybrids so they don’t try anything like what Gus did again. When the kids see Gus, they’re shocked and terrified, but Wendy convinces Gus that it’s okay and his antlers will grow back stronger, just like they did after they escaped the zoo.

Adi’s False Results

After all the celebration, when Adi and Rani return to Adi’s makeshift lab, he quickly realizes that the cure didn’t work and there is still something missing. He has to present the cure to “The Three,” leaders of other regions outside of Abbot’s, in order to boost Abbot’s proposal. Rani convinces Adi to tell them the truth, the fact that the cure isn’t working, and then they’ll be free because these warlords will have Abbot in the palm of their hands. Rani finally realizes what they’ve endured for her to survive, and she’s tired and ready for death.


Becky And Tiger

On their first mission to catch hybrids, Becky and Jordan are sent right into the line of fire. Becky is quick to realize it’s not the hybrids they’re looking at, but a human dressed as an animal- the Animal Army. Becky quickly gets to Tiger, and they begin to fight. Tiger is not completely shocked by Becky joining the Last Men because of how she ran away from the army. Becky reminds Tiger that she was the one who set up a coup, and Becky had no choice. They’re both here with the same goal, though: to get to the zoo. Tiger hopes to save all the hybrids, whereas Becky needs to find Gus. Before they can continue their conversation and Tiger can introduce Becky to her new team, Jordan attacks Tiger from behind.

The Big Three

Mrs. Zhang, Dutch, and Voss are the three leaders Abbot wants to join forces with. His great plan is to lure them in with the cure, which is available only to a limited number of people, and then have them all live in a state-of-the-art facility he calls “Evergreen” with a few of the members of each of their societies. “Evergreen” also has a huge wall that would prevent anybody with “the sick” from entering the premises. The perfect sanctuary for Abbot’s big plan for “humanity.” Abbot needs resources from each of these people, so he’s offering them 150 seats in this establishment. With the new strain, 99% of the world’s population can be lost, but with Abbot’s little scientist, Dr. Singh, the remaining people can be saved. Mrs. Zhang is ruthless, Dutch is a voice of reason, and Voss is the religious leader. While Abbot and Adi give the guests their presentation, the kids make a foolproof exit plan. They manage to get halfway through it, but Jepp’s flare creates chaos in the zoo, and they have to go into hiding. Gus runs out to distract them, and the kids escape. Abbot’s plan is working pretty well until Gus, who has been running, ends up in the spot for the presentation.


Abbot And Mrs. Zhang

Gus talks to the people in the room, shocking the leaders who have never interacted with a hybrid before, let alone a talking one. Gus tells them that the cure requires them to kill hybrids, and “The Three” make their way out. Gus escapes with the help of Johnny before the soldiers can catch him, and it leads him to the place where they’ve kept Jepp. They’re finally together, with a locked gate in between them. Jepp asks about his antler, and Gus replies that they cut it off, making Jepp furious. Gus is quick to share his feelings and tells his “Big Man” that he missed him; Jepp replies back with sincerity. In the meantime, Abbot tries to convince Mrs. Zhang that she should listen to his proposition. She says she will agree to join forces with him as long as all the spots in Evergreen are hers. After all, family is important, and she has a large one to protect. Her big plan was to eliminate the other two teams. Abbot watches from inside her car as the Dutch and Voss’s people get shot.

Aimee’s Rescue Plan And Adi’s Insanity 

In the middle of all this, Adi has been completely changed by the madness of finding a cure. He can’t seem to get over the fact that he needs to save humanity, and it’s not about Rani at all anymore. Even though Rani was the reason for Adi’s work, he now needs to do all that he can to become the great scientist Abbot made him out to be, even leaving Rani’s request to go back to the old times behind.

Johnny is caught by Abbot for saving Gus and letting the other kids escape. He finally opens up to his big brother about the fact that the hybrids are just kids, and he doesn’t want to hurt them anymore. Douglas slaps him when Johnny mentions their mother and what she would’ve thought about his whereabouts. He then proceeds to hug his brother because he has made a vow to protect him. Now Johnny watches on as Doug gets a message from the sky. “Knock, knock,” says the telephone that Aimee and the Air Lords have just dropped. They’re finally here.

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