‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Adi Kill Peter To Find The Cure?

Previously on “Sweet Tooth,” we saw that the kids found out about Roy from Wendy when Gus was away. Now they are unhappy with Gus and can’t understand why he would lie to them. Becky meets a boy named Jordan whose father was killed by the Animal Army, so he wants to enlist with the Last Men. Finally, Becky enlists too, because it will lead her to Gus. Aimee and Jepp get a call back from Aimee’s friends, so are things looking up for them? Or is it another dead end? Let’s find out in Episode 4 of “Sweet Tooth” Season 2. 


Spoilers Ahead

Gus And The Kids

The kids have lost their trust in Gus because they now know that he is different from the rest of them. They need to hurry up and find a way out because any of them could be the next Roy, except Gus. They tell Gus that they will find a way out but without him. In the meantime, only Bobby trusts Gus, and he uses Richard’s Swiss Army Knife that Gus found at the lab to cut off his collar. He then asks Gus to help him open a pipe and enters it before Wendy begins to yell at Gus. He just wants to help, but Wendy is concerned that something will happen to Bobby if he’s outside on his own.


Adi’s Downfall: Family Is In Short Supply

Adi’s desperation to find a cure gets the better of him, and he ends up killing Peter to create the final cure for the virus. While the chickens had the antigens to create the cure, the secret sauce was still required to completely eradicate the disease. Adi makes one dose of the cure for Rani, and Abbot arrives. Rani, who has been freely walking around since Johnny let her see the kids in the kennel, now finds herself in Adi’s lab. She realizes there’s blood on his hands and isn’t okay with what he’s doing for her anymore. She, too, had been blinded by desperation, but now that she sees how the kids are pretty much human children, she can’t imagine her husband killing them to save her. Rani takes a step back from Adi and tries to come to terms with what has been happening. Of course, Abbot will not allow Adi to end his great task right there. He must celebrate his amazing work. They have a celebratory dinner, and Rani is invited too. But Rani has a new secret up her sleeve. She knows that Johnny is Abbot’s brother, so she invites him to dinner too. The dinner pans out very strangely, with Abbot and Rani trying hard to shake each other to the core. Rani knows she can use Johnny’s vulnerability towards Abbot to maybe change things around here, and Abbot knows that without Rani, Adi would’ve never found a cure. What is Rani getting out of pushing Abbot’s buttons, though? We’re not quite sure yet. She may just be finding the humanity left in him to save the remaining hybrid kids.

Aimee And Jepp

The duo finds themselves kidnapped by their “help,” the Air Lords. One of them recognizes Jepp but has a big mouth. He’s definitely rattling Jepp up, but Aimee keeps him calm. The man keeps making degrading comments about the hybrids, calling them freaks, and Jepp can’t tolerate it after a certain point. He ends up punching the man in the nose because he refuses to apologize to Aimee, and he is thrown out of the camp by the leader of the Air Lords. Aimee convinces them that she can take care of Jepp’s behavior and calms the situation.


Becky- The Perfect Recruit

Becky and Jordan, among other teenagers, have to battle it out to be inducted into the “Last Men.” Becky has developed many skills over the years leading the “Animal Army,” so she can surmount the hurdles with ease. She defeats all the boys and leads the race to be a part of the Last Men. Both Becky and Jordan make it into the camp, and they’re put on their first mission, which will seal the deal and brand them as “Last Men.” The men have all been branded on the chest, which shows the world who they are. The recruiter mentions a house that has been hiding hybrids, and the mission is to take them out and get the hybrids to the zoo. He even mentions that, with any luck, they might even meet the “talking” hybrid, proving to Becky that Gus is in the zoo.

Jepp’s Truth To Aimee

Jepp apologizes to Aimee for separating them. He finally tells her the truth because he can’t keep it in him anymore. Jepp tells Aimee that he joined the Last Men even before they called themselves that. Back in the day, he lost his wife and son before they could name him. The government had stolen them for him, and Jepp was desperate for answers. After searching for them everywhere, he joined the Last Men as a last resort and became their most promising soldier. He was one of the people who caught the hybrid kids and brought them back, and he was really good at it, even being dubbed the “hybrid catcher.” Aimee is shattered by the truth and only asks one question: did he ever find his family? Jepp says he never found them, but he couldn’t stop thinking about how he might’ve been one of the people who took Aimee’s kids away. Aimee cries out and is hurt because she’d trusted Jepp, and now she’s all alone. Aimee, who never trusted anyone, should’ve stuck to that and found her kids on her own. Her final decision is to leave Jepp behind, and her parting words to him are that Gus will be much better off without Jepp and that Aimee will take care of him. Jepp tries to fight his way into the airplane, but it is a waste of time. He rushes out to find anything that would help him reach Gus, who needs him.


Gus’ Loss Of Trust In Adi  

At the end of the dinner, Abbot gets a message from “The Three.” They are finally willing to listen to Abbot’s proposal. It is possible they got word of his healing methods after his big show in the small town and finally saw something in him. Soon we’ll find out who this group is and if they’re any good or just power-hungry like Abbot himself. Adi believes he and Rani will finally be free after putting on a show for The Three, putting an end to all of their struggles. In the kennel, the kids are about to be served dinner, but Abbot’s men find Dog- Gus’ toy, realizing that they have been bad and leaving the kennel. They are about to pick one of the kids to go next on the operating table, and one of the men shows them a “souvenir” he got from Peter. Hearing this, Gus is absolutely devastated, and at that moment, before the guy can tase Wendy and hurt her, he runs up to the man and hits him hard with his horns, running out of the kennel. Gus runs as fast as he can, telling himself that he wants to go home like a little deer, but ultimately bumps into the man himself, Douglas Abbot. Abbot greets Gus, the boy of the hour. We also get to see Bobby escape and get soaked in the rain. Hopefully, cute little Bobby will manage to get some help and maybe bump into Becky. It’s high time all the good guys ended up together!

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