‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 4: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Do We Want To See Next?

Sweet Magnolias season three has just arrived. Unlike the last two seasons, it ended in a rather quiet manner. The first two seasons, which concluded with cliffhangers, left the fans of the show wanting to know more about the characters involved. Season three did not have as much conflict as seasons one and two. There were only circumstances that were not in favor of the most characters, but all of them found a solution eventually.

Season three began with Ryan and Helen getting back together and engaged to be married. It ended with the two breaking up over the same topic that had been plaguing them since the beginning of the relationship years ago. Helen should have seen this coming instead of giving him a chance all over again and rejecting Erik. This could be the last time she is willing to have Ryan as a partner.

Dana Sue and Ronnie decide to renew their vows despite a financial shortage. Maddie and Helen step in to help her conduct the entire party within the budget allotted to them. The two end up having a gala ceremony, only for it to be interrupted by Kathy, who comes by to apologize to Ronnie. She offers them a family heirloom as a gift and promises to never create any issues in the future. Kathy’s change of heart was too sudden and shocking.

Annie and Jackson break up because of his unavailability during her time of distress, which makes her angry. Ty becomes her friend again during her time of heartbreak. She, Lily, and CeCe become close friends by the end of season three as they agree to forget their past and be there for each other from here on. The trio reminds Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen of their younger selves.

Ty decides to take a break from all the noise around the college applications so that he can figure out what he wants to do with his life now that baseball is a thing of the past for him. Maddie’s ex-husband was weirdly attracted to Kathy. Their becoming a couple was a surprise to everyone, but it seems like he was instrumental in changing Kathy’s mind.

So far, there is no information about Sweet Magnolias being renewed for season four. In this article, we will speculate on the scenarios that will come up in the next season if Netflix or the makers announce their comeback for the third time. Season four will begin with constant tension between Helen and Erik. Even though Erik is getting along well with the new facial expert at the Corner Spa, he will go through the same dilemma that Helen went through in season three. Helen and Erik will get back together despite all the turbulent history they have been through. Most of it was because of Helen’s poor decision-making skills. Erik and Helen might restart their IVF process, and if that does not work out, they will be looking for adoption options as well. The couple might go through their usual ups and downs as well. The two of them seem to be in sync with each other more than Helen and Ryan ever were. It will be fulfilling to watch them get married in the fourth season.

Dana Sue, and Ronnie are back to being married, and this time around, their priority will be to help Annie figure out her college options. Dana Sue had made it clear that she might not be keen on Annie taking up creative arts courses because she probably feels they would not provide many job opportunities. Ronnie, though, is keen on assisting Annie in whatever way he can and helping her choose the right kind of course she wants for herself. There is a possibility of the couple having two different opinions about this subject. They will somehow find common ground by making Annie’s interests their utmost priority. Kathy, Ronnie’s sister, might make a comeback, and there is a chance the drama she put up at their wedding renewal party was a façade, and she will make use of her changed nature trope to get things done in her favor. She will be back for more, and Ronnie and Dana Sue will eventually have to find a way to get rid of her. The nature of Sweet Magnolias is such that Kathy will most likely be arrested, which will be the end of her arc.

Maddie and Cal will finally come to a point where they decide to get married. Her kids are comfortable with having Cal around. Cal is a decent man with a troubled past, but he has moved on ever since. Their relationship never went through any rough patches. Hopefully, it will be smooth sailing for the two of them in the next season because, after everything that Cal and Maddie have been through before meeting each other, they deserve a happy ending.

Tyler will go traveling just to get an idea of what he wants to do with his life. He will be back with a bag full of memories and commence his college application process. Ty will have an idea of his plans from here on. His aunt Helen will come to his aid with plenty of life-related woes, as she has in the past. Ty will not let his life derail from here on because he will find a purpose. Annie and CeCe might begin their college application process together, and just like Ty, all of this will be an exhausting experience, but somehow they will manage to wrap their heads around what they want to pursue. Annie will surely take up a course that will enhance her photography skills, and CeCe will pursue law, following in Helen’s footsteps. CeCe always looked up to Helen, and there was a high chance Helen would help her with all her college work.

Just like the last three seasons of this heartwarming show, all of them would go through their turmoil, but they would find a way out of their problems and lead a happy life because, in Serenity, not everyone stays upset for a long period of time. All of them find a way to be happy and content.

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