‘Sweet Home 2’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: What Happened To Chief Ji’s Husband?

Sweet Home 2 may have been a little disappointing, but the end gives us something to look forward to for the third and final season. This season wasn’t a rollercoaster ride like season 1, but we can count it as a filler for what’s to come. Episode 7 split up the group, which was stuck in and around the stadium for the longest time. Now, they get separated in the final act when things are just starting to get intense. We finally get some answers about what went down early on in the season and who really is in charge right now.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Chief Ji Want?

The soldiers find out that the electricity has been cut on purpose, and Tak is finally brought back to his senses after appearing to monsterize for a second (it’s possibly just something in his head). They find a ring near the electrical cables and think it’s Ye-Seul, who has no idea what’s happening. It’s possible that this is the favor Ji asked of her or that Ji herself did it, intending to frame Ye-Seul. The poor girl gets dragged out in the middle of the night, and Ji simply slaps her in the face, proving to the soldiers that she must’ve done it. As we already know, Ji is looking for prey for her monster son, and Seung-Wan, who has been showing signs of turning, is her target. She asks him to help her secretly, and he’s excited by the proposition. There’s a tunnel underneath Ji’s office, and she pushes Seung-Wan down there to a beastly growl.


What’s Happening With Choi Yong-Seok?

Yeong-Hu and one of his men find a young girl in Beomsam who claims to have seen Yong-Seok. She takes the two men to where Yong-Seok has been locked up but doesn’t know how to get him out. Yeong-Hu asks the girl to take him to meet the other survivors there, feeling a bit confused about how they can live there without fearing the monsters. In the meantime, the other guy tries to free Yong-Seok, who tells him to run away instead, saying those “people” will not let them go. At the same time, Young-Hu meets their leader, who tells him that he’s giving Yong-Seok a choice to live like them. They’re all MHs who can turn of their own free will, like Hyun-Su. It looks like nobody is going to make it out of Beomsam alive.

Does Yi-Kyung Die?

Hyun-Su is the first to realize that Yi-Kyung decided to give up on purpose. She didn’t want to live with the guilt of treating her daughter like a monster or that of bringing a monster into the world. Chan-Yeong tries to find an oxygen tank to save her, but it’s too late, and there’s no oxygen in the tank. Ultimately, they have to watch her die, and Eun-Yu is angry. Hyun-Su tries to explain to her how things have been, and she tells him that she’s grateful he came back to her. She wonders about Eun-Hyuk. Hyun-Su was the last to see him; however, he never saw signs of him monsterizing.


Hyun-Su heads out to find mystery girl, so she can say goodbye to her mother. He tells her that she’ll regret it later if she doesn’t say goodbye now; he’s probably reminded of his own family, whom he hated but couldn’t bear the loss of. She reluctantly joins HM and spends a couple of minutes with her mother alone, holding her hand. It appears at first that Yi-Kyung is taking her last breath; she apologizes to the mystery girl for being a terrible mother. But, as we know, if mystery girl touches humans, they turn into monsters. The mystery girl steps out of the room, telling Hyun-Su that her mother won’t be in pain anymore, so he should stop worrying. On the other hand, Yi-Kyung falls off the table, and everyone assumes she’s dead. Hyun-Su sobs with her in his arms, until she suddenly starts to crack and spasm. Her monster form is one black side and one human side. The side on which Yi-Kyung is burned turns completely black with little stem-like structures coming out of her, and her eye is white. The other side remains human, and when the suit-covered hand reaches out for Hyun-Su’s neck, the human hand tries to stop it from harming him. Hyun-Su can see what’s happening in Yi-Kyung’s head, and she looks like she’s fighting her own monsters within. Ultimately, he throws her into that pit that Eun-Yu would’ve fallen into if Hyun-Su hadn’t saved her.

What’s Happening In The Monsters’ Heads?

According to Hyun-Su, the monsters are all happy in their dream-like state. Each human has two sides; one is the monster, and the other isn’t. For most, the monster takes over so the human can be relaxed and happy forever, their desires fulfilled. According to Hyun-Su, Yi-Kyung is unhappy even in there, which is why he needs to stop her. Chan-Yeong is quick to realize he’s been killing humans if that’s the case, but Eun-Yu reminds him that nobody knew what else they could do with them.


What Really Happened With Ji’s Husband?

Chan-Yeong realizes that Hyun-Su is the one who spared Eun-Yu’s life back when Chief Ji’s husband died. Eun-Yu finally admits that he was showing signs of turning, and when he tried to attack her, she tried to kill him but couldn’t. That’s when Hyun-Su saved her and killed Chief Ji’s husband. Eun-Yu claims that Ji and she always had a mutual distaste for each other, so she never went to correct her, and moreover, she couldn’t tell the military that a monster saved her life. That would make things much more complicated than they already were.

What’s Happening With Hyun-Su Now?

Hyun-Su sleeps for a bit, and Eun-Yu decides to stay with him, while Chan-Yeong decides to head back to the shelter. It’s a bittersweet goodbye, and he wishes Eun-Yu met the person she’s so desperately seeking. When Hyun-Su wakes up, it’s the monster side, not the human side, that is talking. Eun-Yu asks him to let out the human side, but the monster looks to be enjoying his time out. He tells Eun-Yu that Hyun-Su needs rest and that it’s a symbiotic relationship, so he won’t harm the boy. Eun-Yu asks him what he’s going to do, and he’s got a mischievous glint in his eye before the screen blanks out. Obviously, Hyun-Su has feelings for Eun-Yu, so let’s see how things turn out for them.


Where Are Ho-Sang And Han-Ni?

Ho-Sang tries to find a place devoid of both monsters and humans. He finally tells Han-Ni that he keeps her around because she’s an empty shell. He appreciates that she’s pretty much without emotions, so he can end her life if she were to become a monster rather easily. Han-Ni doesn’t quite appreciate his reasoning, though, and she spikes his flask. She takes charge of the car and may be returning to the stadium. It’s not quite clear what she has in mind.

Who Does Lim Meet?

Dr. Lim is in his own wonderland in episode 8 of Sweet Home 2. He sits in one of those gooey cocoon-like structures, completely without fear. As he runs out of patience, he tries to touch the big structure hanging from the wall, but he hears some footsteps approaching. At first it seems, Ui-Myeong is back, but it’s Sang-Won, aka MH-1, aka Yi-Kyung’s fiancé, who has returned from the dead. It wasn’t Ui-Myeong who took up Sang-Won’s strength, but it was Sang-Won who possessed Sang-Wook’s body all along, there was no Ui-Myeong. Sang-Won tells Lim to say hi to his old friend, meaning they used to work in the lab together back in the day. In a flashback, we get to see how Lim cut off Sang-Won’s hand to run tests without remorse. Now, Sang-Won has returned for revenge. We can imagine Sang-Won and Lim were trying to find a cure for something but ended up cursing (?) the world instead, bringing out these monsters. They might be the genesis of this whole mess, as we know Lim believes the monsters are “cleaning up” the virus that is humankind.


Who Makes A Return? 

 So remember how there was a thundercloud-like thing in the Green Home apartment in episode 2 of Sweet Home 2 when Eun-Yu went back to look for Eun-Hyuk? Well, that was the beginning of a cocoon building there. Now, it cracks open, and out comes a brand new Eun-Hyuk, giving us a smug smile at the end of the season. Sweet Home 3 will grace our screens in the summer of 2024.

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