‘Sweet Home 2’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending: What Will Happen To Hyun-Su And Eun-Yu?

Episode 7 has got to be the least entertaining of the lot in Sweet Home 2, even though it gives us a few answers. It’s a longer episode and mostly shows us everyone (except Ui-Myeong, who we assumed was the main antagonist of the second season) and their motivations. This season doesn’t allow us a chance to get intrigued enough by all the new characters to feel for them when they’re dying or losing faith in humanity. The only characters we do care about barely have any screen time (which is a real shame), or their stories are dragged on till the end of time to fizzle out, lacking any kind of emotional effect. Still, we trudge on, wanting to know what’s to come next.


Spoilers Ahead

How Is Yi-Kyung And Mystery Girl’s Relationship?

In a flashback, we are taken back to the time Yi-Kyung dragged herself towards her newborn with a knife in her hand. She’s scared of what she’s made and tries to stab it, but hearing it cry, she stops. In front of her appears Hyun-Su, who has magically survived everything that went down that day. Yi-Kyung abandons her child in Hyun-Su’s care, hoping she will not want anything to do with it later. She’s of course wrong, and when she sees the kid next, the girl looks about 5–6 and very human. She has Hyun-Su “Oppa” by her side, taking care of her. When Yi-Kyung is ready, she meets her child, treating her as a human. This is until the incident where she morphed into a teenager happened. Yi-Kyung cuts the mystery girl’s hand (why has she not named her yet? We do not know), saying she wants to know her as she is because she’s her mother. The mystery girl stabs Yi-Kyung in the eye with a pencil at this point in self-defense. Finally, Yi-Kyung gives her daughter the special gloves so that she doesn’t “harm” any more humans. Hyun-Su tries to convey to Yi-Kyung that monsters are similar to humans in many ways; however, she doesn’t see it that way.


What Happens Between Eun-Yu And Hyun-Su?

Eun-Yu realizes her guardian angel is Hyun-Su, and she’s grateful to see he’s alive. He, on the other hand, tries to get away from her, asking the mystery girl why she tried to kill her. She tells Hyun-Su that all humans are bad, and he hurt her friends to save Eun-Yu’s life before, which she didn’t appreciate. Eun-Yu tries to go towards Hyun-Su, but he uses his wing to keep her away. Ho-Sang, the old man, appears at that time with a gun and sends Hyun-Su away. It seems they somewhat know each other. On the other hand, Chan-Yeong has a bad reaction to the magic mushrooms, and Han-Ni has had an entire bowl of that stuff, so she doesn’t know how to help him. Ho-Sang and Eun-Yu return just in time. They feed him some leaves as an antidote. There’s mutual distrust between Ho-Sang and Eun-Yu.

What Happened To Mystery Girl?

Mystery Girl has decided to give up on her mother and Hyun-Su because they both care more for humankind. She’s tired of hurting, so she’s left her mother to die on the boat and doesn’t even need Hyun-Su anymore. Or so she thinks. Yi-Kyung faints on the boat, trying to find her daughter, and the baby monster that is friends with the mystery girl tries to save her even while getting burned and bruised in the process. Hyun-Su makes it just in time to save both of them before the whole thing collapses in the fire.


Is Crow Platoon Heading To Imminent Death?

Yes. Well, obviously not, but Yeong-Hu and his gang decide to head to Bamseom to save the person who sent the SOS signal. Lim joins them because he needs to check on some things. On the way, they stop because Lim has a bad stomach. In truth, it looks like the monsters are transforming through a cocooning-like process, and he takes a piece of one of these cocoons and puts it in his suitcase. This provokes the monsters in the area who are protecting that thing, whatever it is (we’re not sure yet), which is something Yeong-Hu notices. Fortunately, they make it out of their safe even with Lim’s theft.

The team splits up when they reach Bamseom after Yeong-Hu reminds everyone that nature is healing thanks to the absence of humans (what a revolutionary!). Inside, Lim and Yeong-Hu go one way, and Seo-Jin and a bunch of others go another. Seo-Jin traumatically loses one of his boys to a cocoon-like structure. A sludge comes out of it and follows the men into a room; it looks like there’s no escaping this. On the other hand, Yeong-Hu stops Lim from touching the cocoons, which frustrates the scientist, who is essentially there just for research purposes.


What Happens In The Stadium?

Ye-Seul decides to have a party after being mistreated by her “mother.” The priest even plays some music, and they have a gala time before they hear the sound of a rumble from within the walls. It sounds as if there’s a monster inside the shelter itself. Ji is acting extra strange at this point, and she asks Yeon-Su to help her with something, but she refuses. Everyone is gathered into one space in the shelter by Tak and his men. They’re meant to keep them safe, so it’s time to fight whatever monster is inside the walls. Ye-Sul finds Yeong-Su split from Jin-Ok (who everyone believes is his real mother in the shelter). He tells her she’s not his real mother, so he’s going to do what he likes with his life. She talks some sense into him, saying he should listen to his elders, somewhat proving that she’s not really related to Ji by blood but loves her like a mother.

Tak shows everyone who’s in charge by shooting the roof and quieting them down. It’s not quite clear if he’s really a monster or not even now, but he keeps hearing these negative thoughts and seeing his skin heal when it’s cut. The power goes off in the stadium, and everyone is panicked.

What Will Happen To Hyun-Su And Eun-Yu?

Hyun-Su has no choice but to bring Yi-Kyung to Eun-Yu for help. She’s partially burned and previously admitted to Hyun-Su that she was afraid of her daughter and thought about killing her without reason, which her daughter must know deep down too. Which is why she’s acting up like a rebellious teenager right now. Hyun-Su tells her that the baby monster tried to save her, believing her to be family, so they’re not all bad. He then takes her to Ho-Sang’s camp, where Chan-Yeong is back to his senses, asking the two nomads to join them at the shelter too. Ho-Sang doesn’t trust humans, he says, so there’s no way for him to go there. When Hyun-Su shows up, Eun-Yu greets him with a hug, but he’s too busy explaining Yi-Kyung’s situation. Ho-Sang shoots at him, telling him to go away because he’s a monster. Eun-Yu stops him by grabbing Han-Ni and threatening to kill her. In any case, everyone there can turn or die at any time, so it doesn’t really make a difference to her. Han-Ni flips things up and pushes the knife into Eun-Yu’s neck ever so slightly before Ho-Sang yells at her. Chan-Yeong is sad to watch all of this godown, realizing he might not get Eun-Yu to himself after all. Han-Ni heads off with Ho-Sang, and the rest head back to the shelter to save Yi-Kyung. At the end of Sweet Home 2, Episode 7, Tak fights his inner demons that remind him that he killed his family, and that’s the only way he can protect people. A man tries to bring him to his senses, but when he looks at Tak’s eyes in the mirror, they’re like monster eyes. It’s still not certain if he is, in fact, a monster. We’ll know in the final episode of Sweet Home 2.

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