‘Sweet Home 2’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending: What Happened To Yi-Kyung’s Baby?

Sweet Home 2 Episode 5 ended with Eun-Yu getting tempted by the mystery kid to find Eun-Hyuk. She thinks he’s the one who has been saving her all this time from all the dangerous situations she puts herself in. She’s so desperate to find him that she almost takes the hand of a monster without realizing it(of course, the girl looks quite human) before Chan-Yeong stops her, seeing that Yi-Kyung is with her too. Eun-Yu is delighted to see her firefighter friend, who says she’s only there to collect the kid.


Spoilers Ahead

 How Do Eun-Yu And Chan-Yeong Get Trapped?

Eun-Yu runs after Yi-Kyung, who says she has no reason to be in the shelter and doesn’t need anything from them before running off with the mystery kid (we all know what their relationship is by now). Chan-Yeong tries to block her way, but she gives him a nice kick, telling him to stop following her around. The little puppy is clearly in love, so he doesn’t listen. He notices she’s running straight into a trap and manages to hold onto her before she falls to her death. Chan-Yeong is holding on for dear life while trying to pull Eun-Yu out of the hole in the ground, but someone pushes him in too. He holds onto a pipe before noticing a safe spot for Eun-Yu to land on. When he jumps down, he almost lands on the fatal spikes, but Eun-Yu pulls him to safety. They’re trapped there overnight, and in the morning, there’s a rope that magically appears for them to use. Eun-Yu gets out first before reluctantly helping Chan-Yeong, who has hurt his ankle (call back to her ballet era). They hear sounds, and before they know it, they’re covered in oil. Chan-Yeong pushes Eun-Yu so they can avoid whatever fireball’s coming at them. To their shock, it hits an invisible monster very close to them. The trap is set up by the old man with the gun that they had rescued with the bus back in episode 2. He has a companion who is fixated on Chan-Yeong. For some reason, the old man decides to kidnap Chan-Yeong and Eun-Yu for ruining his trap.


At night, the girl frees Eun-Yu, who leaves Chan-Yeong behind. When Chan-Yeong wakes up, he’s shocked to see the girl in front of him. He says he has to return to the shelter, and she says to eat before heading back. She gives some strange-looking green liquid to him and shows him that it’s not spiked. Yet he faints the second he takes a (disgusted) spoon of it. What is she up to, and why is this even happening at all?

 Why Does Lim Take Jun-Il To His Mother?

Lim has no boundaries and convinces Jun-Il that he has to kill his mother. This is probably because Jun-Il won’t have to worry about her anymore, meaning Lim would be free to do what he likes with Jun-Il. His mother is overjoyed to see him and tells him that she doesn’t hurt anymore. However, Jun-Il gives her herbicide to drink so she can die and be free from her pain. He doesn’t really hear her when she says she isn’t hurting at all. He pours the poison down her throat, only to see that she’s just fine; after all, she’s a monster. Jun-Il’s monster takes over (although he didn’t show any signs of it before), and he breaks open the door of the room his mother is in. He takes one of the metal rods and starts stabbing his mother, getting angrier until he physically explodes (what now?!). Lim, looking like Carrie with bits of Jun-Il still on him, tells Tak what’s happened. Tak tells him to keep it a secret and comes up with the story that Jun-Il’s mother monsterized completely and killed her own son. He burns down the place, so there’s no evidence of what happened. Tak also claims he’s only kept Lim alive and given him a special research facility because he’s a sign of hope for the others in the shelter. Ji finds Lim covered in blood, but she’s more focused on the fact that they were meant to set the old lady free. It looks like Chief Ji is hiding her actual son, who she thought could turn out like the old lady, pretty much harmless but healed from his chronic illness. who might’ve become a monster in her office somewhere? When Ye-Seul seems to be inching closer to the truth in Ji’s office, she gets thrown out by Ji, who tells her to stop overstepping after using her name (they’re definitely not related). 


What Does Jin-A Really Want?

It seems Jin-A is in a fake relationship with Yeong-Seok because she knows he will go and get her medication. She spends the whole of episode 6 of Sweet Home 2 trying to convince Kim Yeong-Hu (second in command) to find Yeong-Seok. Ultimately, he asks her if it’s him she wants to see return safely or the medication he went to find. Jin-A asks him why that matters, proving to him that she doesn’t quite care for Yeong-Seok.

Who Is The Mystery Girl?

The mystery girl is revealed to be Yi-Kyung’s daughter (who didn’t see that coming?). Yi-Kyung has had a tough time raising her; although it’s been only a year, she already looks like a teenager (monstrous growth, you know). In a flashback, we see some human men tormenting the kid by targeting her with arrows. When she gets shot by one of them, she grows from a child to a teenager in seconds, grabbing one of the guys and spitefully turning him into a monster. Yi-Kyung becomes terrified of the child she’s birthed, and the kid knows it too. She thinks her mother hates her. Now, Yi-Kyung locks the girl up in a room, but she wakes up when there’s a fire inside of it. The girl reminds her mother that she didn’t want her around and wanted to abandon her at birth because she’s a monster. Yi-Kyung tries to reason with the girl, telling her that she birthed her, so she can’t be a monster, but the girl jumps off the boat into deep waters. Yi-Kyung follows suit to save her daughter.


Is Tak A Monster? 

No, Tak has PTSD, according to Lim, and he says he can cure Tak by making him an MH. This would help him keep the shelter safe, which is all he truly cares about. Tak has hallucinations just like the monsters, and it’s his own face that talks back to him and asks him to kill himself (another completely unnecessary storyline, yay!).

Who Saved Eun-Yu?

Yi-Kyung’s daughter escapes Yi-Kyung and comes near the shelter again. She finds Eun-Yu, who asks her where Yi-Kyung is. This is when she finds out that the kid is actually Yi-Kyung’s daughter. The girl tells Eun-Yu that her mother, like the rest of humankind, is evil and pushes her to her death. As Eun-Yu is falling backwards, Hyun-Su appears magically from the sky to save her (finally, he’s back). In the meantime, Yeong-Hu gets an SOS message from the Bamseom facility (possibly Yong-Seok).

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