‘Sweet Home 2’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending: What’s Happened To Jun-Il?

Here’s another episode of Sweet Home 2 with no mention of Hyun-Su or Ui-Myeong (disappointing). The new season of Sweet Home is shaping up to be rather flat in comparison to the first one, which was so filled with emotion and realness. Often, what South Korean media does so well also ends up being their weakness. It’s always a repetition of the same cycle after the monsterization occurs. It’s humans that are the problem, we know. Tell us something new. Some subplots are stretched too thin and don’t hold up at all, while other, more exciting ones get neglected for who knows what reason. We haven’t had a chance to really get to know any of the new characters, and more stories get added to the mix.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does The Military Keep The Shelter Safe?

Tak’s “Crow Platoon” has lost 50% of its men in the last year. He promised to keep them safe, but his closest sergeant believes he isn’t keeping that promise. When the mine goes off near the shelter, all the monsters are alerted by the sound and rush towards the stadium. At this point, the Crow Platoon is still on its way back from collecting new ammo. At first, they head towards the stadium as instructed by their leader, Seo-Jin, but he decides at the last moment to change tactics. They find a petrol station and blow up a bomb there as a distraction for the monsters. When the monsters get there, they’ve prepared more bombs to kill them. Although the detonator doesn’t work at first, Seo-Jin manages to shoot the bomb, blowing it up and saving the day. When they head back and realize that Tak and Chan-Yeong put the entire shelter in danger because of a woman who is now a monster, Seo-Jin beats up Chan-Yeong in frustration. He’s disappointed in Tak, who only wants to keep as many people alive as possible. The righteous soldier has now lost control of his platoon.


 Who Really Killed Chief Ji’s Husband?

In the meantime, Eun-Yu thinks that a monsterized Dong-Gi is going to hurt the mystery girl and brings her knife out. The girl holds Dong-Gi’s hand and stops Eun-Yu from killing him because she brings him under control. The girl sighs at Eun-Yu as if she’s done something horrible and leaves her all confused. The girl also had the red ribbon tied to her arm, and while at first we thought it was something Eun-Yu was putting on people, it turns out it was Hyun-Su, and it was he who killed Ji’s husband to save Eun-Yu!

What Is Happening to Jun-Il?

Chan-Yeong locks up Jun-Il’s mother in isolation and promises to bring her son to her. On the other hand, Jun-Il is found by the soldiers when they return from their mission, and Chan-Yeong drops him off at Dr. Lim’s because of strange marks on his arm (why are they all so nauseating?). When Lim notices the mark and tests Jun-Il’s blood, he sees that it’s more like monster blood, but Jun-Il isn’t showing any signs. All he wants is to be reunited with his mother, though. Jun-Il runs away when Lim is looking at his blood to find his mother. Young Yeong-Su, who is completely changed thanks to his situation, is of the mindset that everyone’s going to die, so he should live the way he wants to. He gets bullied, but he beats up the kids who bully him. He even tells Eun-Yu to stop caring about how the shelter people look at her and go away to someplace else and be free. So, Yeong-Su reveals to Jun-Il that his mother has turned, which makes him happy because it means that she won’t die, but Yeong-Su speaks the pessimistic truth and says the humans will kill her. Jun-Il quickly tries to escape the shelter in search of her and almost gets beaten up by some soldiers before Lim finds him and takes him back, saying he might be more important than they think.


Where Is Choi Yong-Seok?

Choi Yong-Seok is a soldier who left the platoon without warning in search of something. Some people think he’s deserted, and others believe he may have died while looking for something, but Seo-Jin believes he must bring him back from wherever he is. Yong-Seok has a lady in the shelter named Jin-A, and she’s terribly sick, so he’s headed out in pursuit of medication for her. We can imagine Seo-Jin is going to head out to find Yong-Seok soon enough. Father Peter steals some antibiotics from Lim’s lab when he’s not looking (not that he really cares; he’s downing rubbing alcohol shots every chance he gets) for Jin-A. Jin-A doesn’t care for the antibiotics when she realizes Yong-Seok has walked into danger for her. She thinks he’s not coming back and tries to take her own life by hanging herself on some pipes with a scarf. Eun-Yu finds her and cuts her free after some contemplation. She tells her to go and die somewhere she can’t be seen so that Eun-Yu is not misunderstood further.

What’s Wrong With Chief Ji?

Eun-Yu puts up Sang-Jin’s name tag (they all wear pieces of fabric around their arms with their names on it) on a grilled wall full of the names of the dead. Chief Ji sees her there and tells her that anyone who is around Eun-Yu ends up dead, just like her husband. Eun-Yu is at this point tired of explaining that she didn’t kill him but Ji doesn’t care. Ji promises to take revenge when Eun-Yu turns into a monster herself. Maybe Chief Ji is a monster too, but it’s not quite certain yet. She tells Tak that they should let the old woman go because everyone will be worried if they leave her there. Tak refuses to do so because she’s still human. Ji then heads off to her room and begins humming strangely.


Why Does Chan-Yeong Ask Lim If Monsters Can Kill Selectively?

On the day Eun-Yu survived thanks to Hyun-Su, Chan-Yeong was the one who found her. He is shocked to see that Eun-Yu was not killed by the monster, so he asks Lim if monsters have the capability to choose which humans to kill. Lim denies his claims and tells him to worry about other things. Chan-Yeong follows Eun-Yeong out after Peter tells him that there have been more casualties around her (Sang-Jin and Dong-Gi). He finds her feeding a cat and asks her if she’s searching for the monster who saved her life. Eun-Yu is tired of humans and tells him to walk away before she “kills him too”. He notices the red ribbon on her hand and knows it’s connected to Hyun-Su too. Before she can give him another savage reply, the mystery girl shows up near where they are. She asks Eun-Yu if she found her brother, and Eun-Yu is tempted to hear more of what she has to say. Eun-Yu and Chan-Yeong are inside a pipe-like structure that leads to the shelter, while the girl stands outside. The girl offers to take Eun-Yu to her brother and puts her hand out. Eun-Yu steps outside, and just as she’s about to take the girl’s hand, Chan-Yeong pulls her back, noticing another person in the background. Yi-Kyung has finally returned, and she says she’s only there to take the girl and won’t shoot. Eun-Yu realizes who she is and is relieved to see her alive.

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