‘Sweet Home 2’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending: Who Is Chief Ji?

Episode 4 of Sweet Home 2 is the slowest of the episodes to date. We’re suddenly introduced to a gazillion new faces and names that we’ll probably forget as they become monsters or prey. We don’t even get a glimpse of what’s happened in the facility to Hyun-Su or Ui-Myeong. Nor do we know what Yi-Kyung’s child has really turned out like. Is she still alive? And what did she do with her monster baby? There’s a big time jump, and it’s suddenly been 337 days since the monsterization occurred. There’s a basement-like place in the stadium where the remaining survivors of the bomb blast are living now. Eun-U is a changed person; you know, short hair = a new personality. She’s really just given up hope because she watched her dear friend die in front of her eyes.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Chief Ji?

In episode 3 of Sweet Home 2, there was already a crowd in the basement of the stadium. Tak and his men are the invaders, but the leader of the group, Chief Ji, allows him to join them. She and her husband led the other survivors to the basement for safety. So many days later, Tak is now in charge of securing the place with his military men, whereas Ji looks after other things like figuring out which sides of the stadium can be cleaned up, etc. They work in harmony and never interfere with each other. Tak’s men are taking advantage of the situation and bossing over the ordinary people. On the other hand, ordinary people don’t see that the soldiers are actually risking their lives to keep them safe (ah, human problems). Tak has stopped everyone from going on expeditions out of the shelter, but some people want to rebel to get themselves food, etc. Supplies are,  of course, running low at this point in time.


Why Are The Green Home Residents Outcasts?

It seems everyone hates Eun-U because she killed Chief Ji’s husband, aka their other leader. Because of this, everyone hates anyone associated with her too. Even Yeong-Su, the little child, is mistreated by the soldiers. He, on the other hand, hasn’t taken very well to the situation after seeing so many people die and leave him in rapid succession. Sang-Jin and Dong-Gi, two of the residents of the shelter from Chief Ji’s side, want to get out of the shelter (you know, smell the grass, the dirt, etc.). Chief Ji only pays those she chooses to work for her, so others may not get food as often as they’d like. Chief Ji asks the two men to follow Eun-U when she heads out of the shelter. She wants them to observe her, or maybe it’s just so they can find their way out of the shelter without troubling anyone else. Eun-U has only one goal right now: to find Eun-Hyuk in his monster form. All these days later, all she wants is a glimpse of him.

On the other hand, there’s a girl named Ye-Sul who calls Chief Ji “mom,” but it doesn’t quite seem like a biological thing, more like an after-effect of the stadium bombing, but we can’t be sure just yet. She runs a pawnshop that Eun-U brings supplies to. Ye-Sul doesn’t like Eun-U too, of course, and runs her mouth in front of her with no inhibitions. Eun-U is quick to put her in her place, though, making sure she knows that she’s crazy and doesn’t know the limit to her craziness. In such a situation, there has to be someone who loses everything to gambling because they have nothing else to do. Seung-Wan is one of those, and he tries to get work from Chief Ji after losing all his stash to Father Peter (yes, the priest gambles too). Jun-Il, an autistic survivor with a sick mother, wants to go out too and get some medication for her because she’s in so much pain. He too follows the two men and ends up becoming bait for whatever monster is going to come at them. On the other hand, the military, which is also running low on fuel and ammunition, visits unexplored regions to get their supplies. Since they’re low on supplies, they don’t shoot at harmless monsters.


What Is The Red Ribbon?

In the flashback where Eun-U killed Chief Ji’s husband, we see her tie a red ribbon around his arm. It’s possible she’s using these ribbons to recognize who she killed. It seems like Ji’s husband was an MH based on how he turned; however, she had no choice but to kill him in self-defense. Jun-Il separates from the boys and notices a girl sleeping in the garden. She’s no ordinary girl, though, and as he tries to wake her up, her eyes turn white, and she shows Jun-Il his mother, similar to how Hyun-Su was able to calm the monster down by showing him his human life, where he was a tennis player. These special infectees have the ability to show monsters and humans the side of them that is most humane. She wakes up out of the blue and tells Jun-Il it’s not her fault, running away from him. Quickly, his body reacts, and it looks like touching her has transformed him into a monster too.

 Why Does Jun-Il’s Mother Run?

Jin-Il’s mother forces Chief Ji to let her join the squad heading out to clean up the stadium. She just wants to run away so her son doesn’t have to see her suffer anymore. Unfortunately, she ends up stepping on a landmine. Chan-Yeong is running after her and stops her from moving at that moment. He goes to join her so he can support her until help arrives. Chan-Yeong holds her foot down and also grabs her hand for comfort. Suddenly her nose begins to bleed, so she tells Chan-Yeong to leave her and tell Jun-Il that she didn’t abandon him. Chan-Yeong doesn’t budge, and he tells her to tell him herself. Tak arrives and figures that she’s still alive despite her cancer, only because she’s been turning for a while. If she were fully human, she would’ve died much earlier. Neither of the soldiers know how to dismantle the bomb, but there’s one thing they can do to save themselves. Chan-Yeong speeds with a car towards Tak, who is holding the old lady by the shoulders. Just as they’re about to collide, Chan-Yeong jumps out of the car, and Tak jumps out of the way with the old lady. The car stops on the landmine, and they think they’re out of danger for a second until it suddenly explodes. However, we can imagine all three of them are safe.


 How Does Eun-U Escape Sang-Jin?

Sang-Jin decides they should kill Eun-U because it’ll get him on Ji’s good side (this is definitely not true). He convinces Dong-Gi, who was just happy to get food, to go back (he should’ve stuck with it). Sang-Ji begins shooting at Eun-U, who runs off to a part of the stadium infested by monsters. She tries to be quiet and make her way out, but the monsters find her. In the meantime, Sang-Ji and Dong-Gi get frightened by the sound of someone approaching, so they shoot at them without looking. It’s the girl Jun-Il touched, and they think they’ve killed her. Dong-Gi tries to check on her, but she holds his hand. This time she’s angry, so he turns him into a monster under her control (she knows what she’s doing). She gets him to strike back on Sang-Ji, who shoots his own friend. Eun-U is left fending for herself with a dozen monsters jumping on her. She’s saved in the last moment by someone (or something), and she manages to make it out into the open. She thinks it’s Eun-Hyuk who has been helping her all this while and desperately calls out to him, asking him to show himself just once. Instead, she’s met with the mystery girl, who happens to have a red ribbon tied around her arm.

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