‘Sweet Home 2’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending: How Does Ui-Myeong Get His Strength Back?

It’s time to remember again that no one is special in Sweet Home, and anybody can die at any time. Episode 3 has got to be one of the more difficult ones to watch, especially because of Yi-Kyung’s subplot. We’d say to put your tray away while watching this one. Episode 2 ended on a terrible note, with Su-Yeong dying at the hands of the monster Jae-Hwan. Additionally, Ji-Su has lost her hearing because she decided to be the one to save the rest of them selflessly. Ui-Myeong visited an old friend, and Yi-Kyung is finally where she has wanted to be this whole time. Dr. Lim is kidnapped by some people who look like they are in the military but may not be.


Spoilers Ahead

What’s In The Briefcase?

Dr. Lim wakes up in a room full of new faces (at least to us). It happens to be the Prime Minister who is desperate for the vaccine, but Lim doesn’t quite care. The Prime Minister presents Lim with a briefcase that was supposedly missing. It’s meant to have the vaccine in it, but Lim has hidden it somewhere. The Prime Minister is out of time and patience, so he shoots Lim in the hand. Lim doesn’t budge, even after maniacally screaming and laughing simultaneously. The Prime Minister’s next move is to threaten innocent lives, something that has never bothered Lim. He calls it a cleansing ritual and attacks the shelter with bombs. After the bombing begins, Lim still doesn’t say anything, and the Prime Minister loses patience. He aims for Lim’s head when Tak arrives with his team. The Prime Minister transforms into a monster, and Tak’s man burns him down before he can harm him with his tentacle-like tongues (ew).


What Happens To The Green Home Residents?

Just as we think the characters who’ve made a return to Sweet Home 2 are somewhat safe, they find themselves in deeper water. Chan-Yeong, we learn, used to be a famous baseball player who is now in the military. He has to split from the group to report to his platoon. He promises to return there for a posting, though (that was a quick friendship). At the camp, people are segregated based on their response to the tests conducted by the military. All of them get their hands slit with a blade (seriously unhygienic), and if it heals, they’re part of the monster group, of course. Just a little while after the residents arrive, the old man with the gun is taken away because he refuses to give his gun up. Nobody knows Ji-Su has lost her hearing, and she’s unable to respond to the testers, but before they can think she might be a monster, it’s announced that there will be no more segregation. Chaos erupts, and all the Green Home residents are quickly separated from each other, Ji-Sun and Eun-U included.

Tak arrives at Bamseom, the military base, and gets dismissed because his platoon is no longer required. They’ve been abandoned. When he goes to his general to figure out why, the general cryptically tells him to not go to the shelter and run away instead because everything is “over” before shooting himself in the head (that’s the second in 3 episodes!). Tak finds some documents that are classified and goes into a dilemma after reading them. He then collects his boys and takes them to Lim.


What Does Ui-Myeong Do?

Ui-Myeong sucks the life out of his (used-to-be) friend. It turns out his strength comes from killing other monsters and absorbing their strength. He then goes on a rampage and simply breaks out all the “MHs” with his arm outstretched, like he’s drawing on a wall with a really large pencil. When he meets Hyun-Su, they begin to fight. At first, Hyun-Su is fully human, but after a bit, he turns and his bony wings come out of his right shoulder, exciting Ui-Myeong. They fight for a bit, but Hyun-Su can’t control his wing, and Ui-Myeong is too powerful for him. Ui-Myeong puts his hand through Hyun-Su’s chest, close to where the wing begins, and sucks the life out of him. Hyun-Su gets covered in a black soot-like material and ultimately becomes stone.

 What Happens To Yi-Kyung?

Yi-Kyung finds MH-1 after Ui-Myeong has ended his life. She cries out in sorrow, which soon turns to agonizing pain because it seems it’s already time for the baby to come. At first, you think she’s having a miscarriage because of all the stress, but her baby has become a monster (oh no!) and is pushing its way out of her quickly. Yi-Kyung somehow finds her way out of the facility and onto a frozen lake. She lies down on it, cutting through her clothes and trying to push out the baby. Before she knows it, the ice cracks, and she’s thrown into the water. We see a big bubble-like thing hanging out of Yi-Kyung attached to her through a large umbilical cord. Yi-Kyung is unconscious, but she wakes up on ice to the sound of someone munching on something. She sees her baby eating the umbilical cord (Renesmee could never!) and tries to drag herself towards it. We suppose that since it is a baby, it can be trained to be harmless towards humans.


Does Ji-Su Save Yeong-Su?

At the beginning of the episode, unfortunately, we see Su-Yeong’s body being left behind in the bus because everyone else has to move. Yeong-Su believes he’s going to die soon and everyone will become monsters, so there’s no reason for him to leave his sister’s side (just why would they do this?). He’s picked up by the old man and taken to the camp. A stampede begins when the announcement of no segregation is made and Yeong-Su gets separated from the old lady (the one who lost her daughter in Sweet Home). Eun-U manages to make it inside the stadium safely, but Ji-Su, who can’t hear a thing, is stuck outside. She’s the only one standing up when everyone is ducking down, thinking they’ll get hit by things based on the sound. Yeong-Su is able to see her and calls out to her desperately, but she obviously can’t hear him. After a good amount of time, she gets turned around to face Yeong-Su by the people around her, and she runs to him in time to protect him from falling debris. Her foot gets stuck with something wedged into her leg, but Yeong-Su is safe. When she’s conscious again, she looks up to find that whatever’s on top of them is going to crash soon. She wakes Yeong-Su and tells him to run away, screaming at him. When he’s finally moved, after crying a lot (poor kid), she tries to get herself out. By this time, Eun-U has made her way to where they are. There’s a short wall in between, and she stands behind it, trying to yell at Ji-Su to get out of there. In the end, Ji-Su gives up and smiles fondly at Eun-U. It’s a knowing smile, and Eun-U cries profusely, realizing she’s losing the one friend she had left.

Who Do The Survivors Meet?

Some of the survivors find their way to some kind of safe space in the stadium and make their way inside it. To their shock, there’s a bunch of other survivors already ahead of them. Fortunately, these people are human (in the kindhearted sense), and so they allow the new survivors to join. This group now also includes Tak and Dr. Lim.


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