‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3, Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Are The Kents Prepared For Lex’s Wrath?

We saw it coming and accordingly predicted the ugly situation that was eventually going to arise if John Henry came to know that his daughter Natalie’s boyfriend, Mateo, is the son of none other than Bruno Manheim, and this episode did a tremendously good job with the revelation. In the previous episode of Superman & Lois, Lois and Clark learned about Peia’s identity being the wife of Bruno Manheim, something that caught Lois off guard – as she struggles with the realization that her dear friend in suffering is related to the crime lord whom she had been chasing all along. A flashback sequence also informs viewers how Bruno and Peia wrested the power from their former boss Moxie, by killing him and all his associates. In the eighth episode of the series, the Kent couple digs up even more disturbing secrets about Bruno and Peia, and by the end, they need to prepare themselves to face the consequences of an unwilling mistake. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Is The Dilemma Lois Is Facing About Bruno And Peia?

With the ongoing chemotherapy, Lois is hurting more than ever, as the disease and the treatment are putting her through a torturous ordeal. As a loving husband, Clark is always by her side to shower her with love and care, but at times even that can’t measure up to the strain Lois is going through. Aside from the physical and mental agony caused by cancer, Lois is suffering from being in a conflicted state after the revelation of the previous episode- that Peia, her fellow cancer victim friend, is the wife of Bruno. As a result, when Chrissy and Clark come to her to get approval for the exposé they want to publish in Smallville Gazette on Bruno in relation to his wife, she straight up refuses. Even for a world-renowned investigative journalist like her, it is tough to build a case around situations that are too personal in nature, and Clark realizes this. Clark decides totake Chrissy to Metropolis to investigate on their own about the matter, while Lois spends her day at home.


Sam arrives a bit later with the confidential casefiles on Bruno Manheim he has recovered from ARGUS, thanks to Diggle’s help. However, Lois doesn’t want to get involved in the Bruno situation anymore out of a misplaced feeling of guilt, and Sam knocks some sense back into her by triggering her journalist instincts for the case. Sam leaves Lois with the case files to meet his date, whom he came across in the senior dating app, which Jordan made his grandpa sign up for.

At Metropolis, Clark and Chrissy investigate Peia by questioning some of the known patients in Hob’s Bay clinic, but they can’t discover anything suspicious about her. The duo return to Smallville to see Lois submerged in ARGUS files, as she apologizes for her previous unwillingness to continue the case. Erstwhile, Lois and Clark had done an exposé of Lex Luthor about him killing mob boss Moxie and his associates, which had put the megalomaniac corrupt billionaire behind bars. But going through the casefiles, they find out that much of the evidence and even Lex’s alleged confession records were doctored by Bruno and his metahuman assassin Onomatopoeia – who was the real culprit all along.


What Are The Twins And Lang Family Up To?

It begins as a good day for Jonathan as Kyle officially inducts him into the Junior Firefighter program, complete with his own firefighter attire and everything. It is good to see Supes’ sons growing into becoming heroes, training to save lives, and shouldering their responsibilities – irrespective of having powers or not. As luck may have it, Smallville fire station gets a call, and Kyle agrees to take Jon with the team on his very first day as a fireman – although mostly to observe and learn. However, unbeknownst to the rest of the team, Jordan arrives at the scene in his super stealth suit, and after rescuing a person from the fire by bursting down a door, he entrusts him to his brother, Jon, and flies off. Kyle appears and mistakenly thinks Jon has disobeyed his command to show his bravado and suspends him for the day. With the prospect of getting fired on the same day he was officially recruited into the profession, Jon understandably gets mad at his young brother.

Meanwhile, Lana has acquired a couple of concert tickets for her favorite band, who will play in Metropolis, but with even Sarah unwilling to go with her due to being clueless about their music, Lana has no one to go with. She goes to town and meets Sam, who has missed his date due to getting cold feet right before their planned meet. Sam and Lana share their personal experience with each other about loneliness, and Sam advises her not to let herself deprive herself of having a good life while she still has time at her disposal. Mayoral duties and loneliness have suffocated Lana long enough, and she needs to make efforts to attain the happiness she so deserves. 


As Jordan hangs out with Sarah in Lang’s household, Jon storms in and confronts him about interrupting in an active situation that doesn’t need his interference. In the heat of the moment, Jordan insults his elder brother about his powerlessness, in response to which Jon leaves. Sarah chastises Jordan about the remark, which was uncalled for, and asks him to see the situation from Jon’s perspective as well. Jordan approaches Jon to apologize but learns that he has bigger problems at hand to address. Jordan had used his freeze breath powers at the ablaze house, which have left traces, and Kyle suspects a metahuman presence (They would have identified if it had been done by Superman, who isn’t secretive about his appearance). In his eagerness to become the hero, Jordan had forgotten about his father’s warning about being covert and responsible at the same time, and he has to deal with the consequences if his truth is eventually revealed to the public. 

How Did John Henry Know About Mateo’s Parentage?

In the seventh episode of Superman & Lois, after spending an exciting day with Natalie and John, Mateo is eager to introduce Natalie to his parents, and as planned, he brings Natalie to meet with Bruno and Peia, who are waiting at Little Ace’s. After dropping Natalie off outside of the restaurant, her father, John Henry goes to meet the sister of this Earth’s counterpart of him, Darlene – whom he had previously rescued from Bruno’s trap. Natalie proceeds to have a great time with the Manheim family, although Peia’s condition loosens her grasp on her metahuman powers at times – resulting in a brief heated exchange with Bruno.

John Henry catches up with Darlene, and as their conversation shifts towards Natalie, he gets to know that the restaurant Little Ace is operating as a front for Bruno Manheim. John rushes back to find Natalie and gets face-to-face with Peia and Bruno. Now there is absolutely no way for Bruno to fake his way out of this one.

Bruno orders to escort the kids outside and starts delivering an old-school mob beating to John Henry. John calls his Steel super-suit, and it arrives just in the nick of time, beating Peia’s sonic assault. However, Peia’s attack soon overwhelms Steel, and Clark flies to the spot after learning about this through his super hearing. Peia’s attack dominates both Clark and John Henry at the same time for quite a while, but in the end, her weakening condition leads to her collapsing. Bruno begrudgingly allows Clark to take her to the DOD for treatment while John flies off with his daughter Natalie.


At the DOD, Peia is put under observation and kept inside a power dampener. While Clark still can’t let go of his softer side, John reminds him that, like Bruno, she is a murderous criminal too – and cancer is not going to change that reality. John goes back to his home, and his overprotective nature once again gets the better of him as he confiscates Natalie’s phone – barring her from communicating with Mateo ever again. At Metropolis, Mateo is seen having a falling out with his father, and it seems he was previously unaware of his occupation or his mother’s metahuman powers.

 Are The Kent Family Prepared To Take On Lex’s Wrath?

Episode 8 of Superman & Lois ends with a shot of Bizarro waking up from his death slumber. At Smallville, Clark returns to Lois, who regrets being grossly wrong about everything. Clark tries to console her, saying there was no way for her to know about Peia being the metahuman assassin, but Lois states that she was, in fact, talking about Lex Luthor. As fans must have already known, the egotistical evil genius Lex is no saint by any stretch of the term, but in this particular situation, he was incriminated for a crime he didn’t commit and suffered prolonged prison time for that. Anything more dangerous than the mastermind archenemy of Supes is when he is seeking out vengeance for a just cause, and after the shocking revelation of this episode, Bruno will be held accountable while Lex will be acquitted. After his release, it is no wonder that he will go after people who had wronged him, and Bruno, as well as Lois Lane, will be on top of that list. In the next episode, it will be extremely exciting to see Lex working out his evil plans to get even and how the Kent family manages to defend themselves.


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