Supacell: Tazer And His Superpowers Explained: Did He Defeat Krazy?

People often wonder what they would have done if they had superpowers? I mean we could do anything with them right? Conquer the world, become rich, eat ice-cream without getting fat. You see anything and nothing could stop us. However, you might have heard a popular dialogue from our beloved Spider-man, that with great powers often comes great responsibility. So, we need to be cautious on how we use things given to us, right? If you don’t use that power wisely, it can backfire against you big time. Take Tazer, for example, in the Netflix superhero series, Supacell. He can turn invisible, and at first glance, that sounds like an amazing power, right? But it’s really not. Instead of just saving the day, his invisibility brings a lot of problems into his life, so much so that he ends up wanting to kill his enemy, Krazy using his superpower. Now, you might be wondering if Tazer actually goes through with it. Does he succeed in killing Krazy? Well, that’s where things get really interesting. He doesn’t. And that opens up a whole new chapter for his character. So, what can we expect from Tazer in the future? I have some assumptions, but first, let us get to know his character a bit.


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Tazer?

Tazer was this young black kid who should have been in school and focused on his studies. But he wasn’t as lucky as the ordinary folks here. Instead, Tazer got mixed up with the wrong crowd, where he used to sell drugs to make money. Tazer had to fend for himself and his grandmother, who took care of him. His father died when he was young, and Tazer’s mom had left him as well. Tazer thought she abandoned him, but in reality, she was trapped and eventually killed by Ray’s organization, which exploits people with powers. Tazer had no idea about any of this. 


What was Tazer’s superpower?

Growing up, Tazer didn’t know he had the power of invisibility. When he discovered it, he thought he could use it for his own benefit. For a kid with no other options, the money from drugs seemed like an easy way out. But easy wasn’t the right word—there were constant turf battles and enemies everywhere. With his new invisibility power, Tazer started to take on these enemies and kill them to gain control and ultimate power. His motto was money, power, and revenge, and he was willing to do anything for it. Sometimes, Tazer would steal drugs and hide them in a car, and his friends would get busted by the police, but he always saved himself using his invisibility. This didn’t sit well with him, though. I felt Tazer’s internal conflict deeply. His power, while incredible, came with a heavy burden. It gave him the ability to fight back, but it also isolated him. He could save himself, but not always those he cared about. He wished he could protect all of them. After all, he was very protective of his gang members—they were like his brothers. One day, Tazer stole drugs from Krazy’s gang. Both groups fought like crazy, and in the chaos, Tazer’s friend Tiny got shot by Krazy. Tiny was young, and after being hurt, he laid in a hospital bed, and Tazer couldn’t do anything about it. That really messed with him. To make things worse, Krazy’s people attacked his grandmother at home when he wasn’t around. Tazer was restless and filled with rage. He decided to use his power of invisibility to kill Krazy.

Did Tazer Defeat Krazy?

Tazer had reasons to want to defeat and kill Krazy. He was desperate to find him and fight against him in A town. But on his way, he was nearly abducted by Ray’s black-hooded agents. Thankfully, Michael, Sabrina, and Rodney were there to save him. At first, Tazer didn’t care. Tazer didn’t ask for their help, and he felt like he didn’t need it. You might think he’s selfish, but really, he’s just tired of people walking all over him. That’s why he wasn’t bothered at first. But ultimately, Tazer realized that, just like he was fighting to get revenge for Tiny, Michael had the same motive. It was a life-and-death situation, and he decided to help them. So, when Tazer, with his power of invisibility, went to defeat Krazy, he realized he couldn’t. Krazy had superpowers too, and he knew how to control and use them, unlike amateur Tazer and the others. Krazy’s drug business was just a side hustle. He was actually one of Ray’s agents who tried to abduct them. But if you really think about it, Krazy was also being exploited. He worked for Ray because he feared for his life, as he knew how Ray and the organization could finish him if he didn’t capture people with powers. Krazy went to the extreme of trying to kill them all. Tazer, with his amateur invisibility power, couldn’t defeat him. But thank God for Michael’s superpower, which brought everyone back to life, except for his girlfriend, Dionne. 


What can we expect next from Tazer?

Tazer starts as a desperate, vengeful kid but slowly realizes the weight of his powers and the need for justice. So, what can we expect from Tazer in the future? For starters, he won’t have to kill Krazy anymore. Since Krazy failed in his mission to abduct them, Ray’s men killed him. This might allow Tazer to take over Krazy’s territory and expand his base, which would ultimately help him earn more money. As for revenge, Tazer will definitely cooperate with Michael to learn more about Ray’s organization—the people who ruined their lives and took away their loved ones for their benefit. In the future, I expect him to grow from an angry, vengeful kid into a more strategic and powerful player. He’ll likely become a key figure in the fight against Ray’s organization, especially once he learns the full truth about his mother. Because, as you know, Tazer is still in the dark and does not know about his mother, her superpower, or her being killed by the organization. Maybe in the next season, he will discover it all, bring justice, and take his revenge. In the meantime, he must learn to control his power and master it.

Sutanuka Banerjee
Sutanuka Banerjee
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