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After a long time, I found a superhero series that felt worth watching—Supacell on Netflix. Each character, Michael, Sabrina, Rodney, Andre, and Tazer, goes through their own unique journey and overcomes life’s challenges, but they are all connected by one thing: they each have superpowers, thanks to something called the Supacell in their body. This Supacell comes from their family members who have sickle cells in their bodies, and it gives them these extraordinary abilities. None of these characters knew about their powers at first, but by the end, they unite to take on Ray, the notorious leader of a secret organization. Ray kidnaps people with powers, tortures them, and uses them for his own gain. Can they defeat Ray by being united? Let’s find out from this cast and character guide of the series Supacell.


Spoilers Ahead


Tosin Cole played Michael, the main character in Supacell. Michael was a regular guy who didn’t wear a superhero cape or costume. Instead, Michael was a simple delivery man who used to deliver parcels door-to-door. His entire world revolved around two people: his sick mother, Tania, who suffered from sickle cell disease (SCD), and his girlfriend, Dionne, whom he had planned to marry. Michael’s life took a dramatic turn when he discovered his superpowers. He learned that he could teleport, travel through time, and even freeze things, but he wasn’t fully aware of these abilities at first. One day, while delivering packages, he had a run-in with Tazer, another guy with superpowers. After a heated confrontation, Tazer stabbed Michael. To everyone’s surprise, Michael traveled back in time and ended up saving himself by essentially being reborn. This shocking discovery of his powers was just the beginning. After this incident, Michael proposed to Dionne, but his powers continued to reveal themselves in unexpected ways. He even traveled to the future, where he met his future self. This future version of Michael warned him that Dionne would die and that he should try to stop it from happening. From that moment on, Michael’s sole purpose became protecting Dionne at all costs. Determined to save her, Michael started searching for others with superpowers: Sabrina, Rodney, Andre, and Tazer. He believed that together, they could protect Dionne and stand against those who abused their powers and were hunting them down. Despite his efforts, Michael failed to save Dionne, which left him heartbroken and determined to seek justice. We hope that in the next season, we will see Michael team up with the others to hunt down those who are against them and bring justice for Dionne. 



Josh Tedeku played Tazer, a character who might have seemed rude and vengeful at first. However, Tazer had had a lonely childhood, raised by his grandmother. His mother, Kemi, also had superpowers and was abducted when he was little. From that moment on, Tazer had to fend for himself, and for that, he had a grudge against his mother as he thought she had abandoned him. Little did he know, she was dead because she’d tried to escape to come back to him. Tazer became a gang leader, became a drug dealer in his territory, and constantly fought with rival gangs. He often used his power of invisibility to steal drugs and get away from the police as well. When one of his gang members, Tiny, got shot in a fight with another gang leader named Krazy, Tazer lost his patience. From then on, he focused on seeking revenge against Krazy. This showed how much he cared about the people he genuinely loved. While confronting Krazy, Tazer agrees to help Michael save his girlfriend and find “A Town,” the place where the secret organization traps people with powers. Tazer’s mission to kill Krazy and save Dionne ultimately failed. However, we hope that in the future, he will succeed once he gets enough training to manage his power properly and become a pro.


Sabrina, played by Nadine Mills, was a dedicated nurse in a hospital who always dreamed of becoming a senior nurse. Sabrina had no idea that she possessed telekinesis powers. One day, when Sabrina went to her boyfriend’s house and found him with someone else, she lost her patience and threw him to the side without even touching him. This made people think she knew witchcraft, and it scared her too. Sabrina’s life changed dramatically when she saved her sister, Sharleen, from a lecher in a bar using her newfound superpower, which ultimately killed the attacker. Despite her fear and uncertainty about her abilities, Sabrina showcased immense courage. Initially, she wanted to confess her guilt and surrender to the police, but then she thought about her lonely sister and how helpless she would be without her, so she decided to stay with Sharleen. Sabrina was the first to help Michael in his mission to save Dionne and encouraged the others to join as well. Sabrina’s dedication to her patients and family showed how much share cared for others.



Andre, played by Eric Kofi Abrefa, was an ex-con who struggled to hold down a job because of his criminal record. Despite his dedication to work, his past record of arrests and time in jail made it difficult for him to find steady employment. His history created a major obstacle to his success and left him unable to earn enough money to take care of his son, TJ. Andre’s newfound power to break hard objects led him to take desperate measures. He broke into an ATM to get money for survival and to provide for TJ. However, his criminal past wasn’t even his fault. A friend had hidden drugs in his car, and Andre got busted for it. He could have told the truth but chose not to snitch, which landed him in jail and ultimately made his life harder. Trying to escape his struggles, Andre planned to steal money from Krazy’s drug base, but that plan failed because the safe had no money in it. Eventually, André was abducted by Ray, the leader of a secret organization. Ray promised Andre a steady job and income if he helped abduct people with powers for the organization. Wanting to earn a stable income for his son and keep him safe, André agreed. Andre’s true character showed when he realized how manipulative and vile Ray was. He was a helpless father who only wanted the best for his son. Once Michael revealed Ray’s true intentions, Andre joined Michael’s team. Together, they aimed to fight against Ray and his organization. In the next season, we hope to see Andre seeking revenge against Ray and fighting for justice with his newfound friends.


Rodney, played by Calvin Demba, was a young man with the ability to run at incredible speeds, like DC comic’s The Flash. In Rodney’s life, the only person he was close to was his best friend, Spud, with whom he dealt drugs. Although Rodney wasn’t an orphan, his life was complicated. His mother had married a man who was racist and hated Rodney because he was of mixed race. This man didn’t even allow Rodney to come home or see his mother. Whenever Rodney wanted to see her, he had to do it in secret. Rodney’s life took a darker turn when Spud got attacked by Krazy’s gang for delivering drugs in Krazy’s territory. Feeling helpless and desperate to save his friend, Rodney reached out to Michael. He asked Michael to use his powers to travel back in time and save Spud. In return, Rodney promised to help Michael save his girlfriend, Dionne. Spud was more than just a friend to Rodney; he was like family. Rodney showed his deep loyalty and willingness to do whatever it took to protect those he loved. 


Ray and Victoria 

Victoria was the boss at the Health and Unity Health Care Center for sickle cell patients. Victoria’s character showed a stark contrast between her public persona and her true motives. Victoria appeared to be a compassionate person, but in reality, Victoria was manipulative and ruthless, who used her position to exploit and control people with special abilities. Why? Well, at first glance, she seemed like a Mother Teresa figure, a savior for those patients tormented by the pain of sickle cell disease. But that was far from the truth. In reality, she used the center to identify and hunt down the relatives of these patients, looking for those who had Supacell, the gene mutation that gave people superpowers. Once she identified the superpower holders, she had them locked up in a secret organization run by Ray (Eddie Marsan). In this organization, these individuals were trapped and tortured, their powers exploited in any way Ray and his team saw fit. Victoria was instrumental in hunting down the five main characters—Michael, Sabrina, Rodney, Andre, and Tazer—for her own benefit.


Krazy was one of the black-hooded guys who worked for Ray and were after the five main characters to kidnap them and lock them up in Ray’s organization. He himself had superpowers, but we didn’t find out until the last episode of the series. Krazy was the arch-nemesis of Tazer, and they often fought over drug-dealing territory. This ongoing conflict was actually a facade, as Krazy’s real mission was to get hold of Tazer and, through him, the others. Krazy’s character is complex. On the surface, he seemed like just another gang leader, but his true role was far more sinister. He used his rivalry with Tazer as a cover for his real task: capturing superpower holders for Ray’s organization. Despite his efforts, Krazy ultimately failed to abduct the group, which led to his downfall. Ray and Victoria ended up killing him because he failed in his mission and was thus useless to them. 


Adelayo Adedayo played the role of Dionne, Michael’s girlfriend and the driving force behind his quest to gather the other four superpowered individuals. Dionne worked as a social worker, and it was through her job that she first discovered the unnatural abductions of people with superpowers, like her fiancé Michael. Dionne’s character was the first to uncover the existence of Ashington State, where the secret organization operated. Her discovery was crucial in guiding Michael and the others to the heart of the enemy’s base. She was determined and brave enough to work tirelessly to protect those with superpowers from being captured and exploited. Despite their efforts, Michael and the team couldn’t save Dionne in the end. She tragically died, becoming a martyr for their cause. Her death deeply affected Michael and fueled his determination to take down the organization responsible for the suffering of so many. 

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