‘Supacell’ Series Recap & Ending Explained: Is Dionne Dead?

Supacell on Netflix is a thrilling show about five Black people—Michael, Sabrina, Rodney, André, and Taze—whose lives suddenly collide when they discover they all have superpowers. But here’s the twist: they’re not the only ones with these abilities. There’s a shady guy named Ray who works for a secret organization that kidnaps people with superpowers. This group locks them up in cages, tortures them, and even kills those who try to escape, all to steal their powers for their own gain. Our five heroes have no clue about any of this. They’re just dealing with their own personal issues, completely unaware of their powers and each other’s existence. That is until Michael starts searching for the others. Why is he looking for them? What’s his goal? And will Ray catch them too and lock them up? You’ll find out all about their journey and the challenges they face in this explainer of Supacell.


Spoilers Ahead

Why did Michael search for the other four? 

Michael was a regular delivery driver who seemed like an ordinary guy. The two most important people in his life were his mother and his girlfriend, Dionne. Michael did everything for them. He was saving up money to buy a new car for Dionne and was even planning to propose to her soon because he felt she was the love of his life. His mother, on the other hand, suffered from the pain of sickle cell disease. To help her, he got her treated at a high-end organization called Health and Unity, run by a woman named Victoria, to make sure she didn’t suffer anymore. Life went on as usual, and Michael had no idea he had superpowers. This changed when he met Taze, who also had superpowers. Michael went to deliver packages in an area controlled by Taze, a drug dealer with the power of invisibility. Michael didn’t know there was a price to pay for delivering there. When Taze’s men threatened him, Michael got nervous and argued with them. This upset Taze, and in a fit of rage, he stabbed Michael in the heart with a knife. Naturally, you’d think Michael was going to die, right? Wrong. Michael had multiple superpowers, one of which was the ability to travel back in time. He didn’t know about it until he got close to a man with a superpower, Taze, which triggered his own power. He traveled back in time to the moment before Taze’s men threatened him. This time, Michael simply apologized, as he did not want to risk his life again. This incident shocked Michael. How could that happen? He had no idea.


Despite this, Michael knew he wanted to propose to Dionne before it was too late. That night, during dinner at a fancy restaurant, he surprised her with a proposal, and of course, she said yes. When they got home, Michael was still thinking about what had happened earlier that day. Suddenly, Dionne noticed his eyes sparkling yellow, and then he just disappeared. She was shocked and had no idea where he went. Michael had actually traveled to the future through teleportation, another one of his powers. There, he met his future self and four other people: Taze, Sabrina, André, and Rodney. He was confused and didn’t understand what was happening until his future self took him to a graveyard. There, Michael saw Dionne’s grave—she had died. Michael was shocked and confused. How did that happen? His future self told him he had to change the past and stop Dionne’s death. To do that, in the present time, he needed to find the four people he saw in the future. The date was July 9, 2024, the day Dionne would die. Michael realized time was ticking, and he couldn’t lose her. All the superheroes he had seen in movies or read about in books had the courage to save the world. But for Michael, his world was Dionne, and he knew he had to save her no matter what. So, he started searching for the other four people in the present whom he saw in the future.

How did Taze, Sabrina, André, and Rodney meet? 

Michael kept the fact that Dionne was going to die a secret from her. How could he tell her such a thing? But Dionne realized Michael had superpowers and started researching how to control them to help him. Meanwhile, Michael began searching for Taze, Sabrina, André, and Rodney. Michael started by finding Taze, as they had met before, but Taze had his own problems. He couldn’t help Michael save Dionne because one of his gang members, Tiny, had been shot and hospitalized in a fight with another gang leader named Krazy. Taze was devastated and focused on getting revenge on Krazy. Krazy, it turned out, was Sabrina’s sister Sharleen’s ex-boyfriend. Sabrina, a nurse aiming to become head nurse, had tried hard to keep Sharleen away from this dangerous man, but he kept coming back to torture her as all toxic ex-boyfriends do. Sabrina discovered her telekinesis superpower when she and Sharleen went to a bar. A guy tried to force himself on Sharleen, and Sabrina, in a panic, used her power to throw him away and ended up killing him. She considered going to the police but decided against it to avoid leaving her sister alone, as she was all Sharleen had.


Meanwhile, Michael found Sabrina through a delivery address. He explained his superpowers, the emergency, and why he needed her help. But sadly, just then, Michael had to rush off because his mother’s health deteriorated. Before he left, he realized Sabrina’s family also had a sickle cell patient, which struck him as an odd coincidence, but he did not think much of it. On the other hand, André, an ex-con, was in desperate need of money and had been fired from several jobs in the past. He had the power to break hard objects and used it to steal money from an ATM. Knowing this money wouldn’t sustain him for long or help to take care of his son, TJ, André realized he needed to have access to some quick money. So when his friend got to know about Krazy’s drug dealing base, which supposedly had a lot of money hidden in a safe, he planned to steal from there. Then there was Rodney, a local drug dealer who could run super fast, like the Flash. His superpower helped him deliver weed quickly. Michael met Rodney when he needed some drugs. Michael saw a portal opening, through which black-hooded individuals were attempting to take Rodney away. Using his teleportation power, he successfully rescued Rodney. Michael wanted Rodney to return the favor by helping him save Dionne, but Rodney refused. He was happy living a peaceful life, delivering weed with his best friend, Spud. But little did he know that this peace wouldn’t last for too long, as Krazy was angry at Spud for dealing in his territory and called him over for a confrontation. So basically, that night, all four of them finally met, as they ended up at Krazy’s base. Taze was there to attack Krazy and take his revenge. Rodney was worried about Spud, who was late and possibly in trouble with Krazy’s gang members. Andre was there to steal money from the safe, and Sabrina and Sharleen were there to buy weed and meet Krazy. But as a fight broke out between Taze and Krazy’s gang, the police arrived, and Spud was found severely beaten. They all ran to save themselves. But by looking into each other’s eyes, they knew they were similar—people with superpowers, as their eyes all sparkled yellow. The only person who wasn’t there was Michael.

How Did Dionne Die? 

Meanwhile, Dionne, who worked as a social worker, noticed that many people were vanishing from the South London area. She saw a pattern when she looked into the case of Kemi Amusan, who had some sort of inhuman power and had disappeared. Kemi used to call her mother regularly, but she hadn’t called for two weeks. It turned out that Kemi and others with superpowers were being abducted by a secret organization led by a man named Ray. This organization kidnapped people with superpowers and caged them like animals to use their abilities for their own benefit. When Kemi tried to escape, they killed her. Sadly, her family never knew what happened to her. And you know who this Kemi was? She was Taze’s mother. She left him a long time ago. They used to contact each other over the phone, but that hasn’t happened for two weeks. Taze thought his mother abandoned him, but that was far from the truth. There was also a little girl named Jasmine. When Dionne met her parents, she learned the truth.


Jasmine had also been taken to that secret organization in the Ashington Estate, also known as “A Town.” Jasmine had healing powers, and when the organization discovered this, they tracked her down and took her. Dionne realized she had to find this place to stop them from taking Michael away. She couldn’t afford to lose him. When Michael found out about this place from Dionne, he realized this was the same place Taze was going to go to fight off Krazy. So he contacted Rodney and Sabrina, and they all went to A Town. However, they couldn’t find André anywhere. How could they? André had already been abducted by Ray and his black-hooded agents. Ray brainwashed André by convincing him that he had to find Michael, Sabrina, Taze, and Rodney and bring them to Ray. He offered André this steady job with good pay, which would help him take care of his son. Yes, you guessed it right—Ray knew all about André’s past, his son, and his financial problems and used this against him to manipulate him. Ray convinced André that the others were a danger to society because they didn’t know how to control their powers, so André needed to bring them into the organization to keep everyone safe.

When Dionne, Michael, Sabrina, and Rodney arrived at A Town, they saw it was far from the city, hidden from the outside world. It was a hub for illegal activities like drug dealing and prostitution, but they didn’t see the secret organization. Dionne by then knew that her life was in danger, so she hid in the car while the others went to look for Krazy, as they knew that Taze would definitely be there. As they started using their powers and confronting each other, Krazy revealed his true identity—he was one of the agents working under Ray who had been after them. Krazy knew all about Taze’s superpowers and was there to take them all away. Under his supervision, they saw that André was also working as a black-hooded agent, blinded by Ray’s lies, and was here to take the others away. They tried to overpower Krazy, who at first pretended to lose his powers, but then he took a knife and stabbed all of them. But remember Michael’s power to travel back in time? He used it again to save the four of them. However, despite his efforts to save Dionne all along, he couldn’t save her after all. Krazy shot Dionne, and she lost her life right before their eyes.

In Supacell‘s ending, André realized all the lies Ray had been telling him. He managed to flee with the others and joined Michael, Sabrina, Rodney, and Taze. Since Krazy failed in his mission of bringing the four of them to the organization, Ray’s men killed him. But guess what? Ray wasn’t the boss of this secret organization. Remember Victoria, the supervisor of the sickle cell center named Health and Unity? Well, she was the real leader of the organization. We didn’t see much about her, but I think that she targeted patients with sickle cell disease in her care. From there, she hunts down those with supernatural powers. Why? Because these people had a mutation cell from this sickle cell in their body called the Supacell, which gave them their powers. Victoria used them by locking them up far away from the outside world for her own benefit. In the end, we see that even though Dionne was dead, Michael wasn’t ready to accept his loss. He teamed up with Sabrina, André, Rodney, and Taze. Together, they were determined to find out who was behind all this and ruining their lives. Michael was set on getting revenge against those responsible for the deaths of his girlfriend and his world, Dionne. Will he be able to do that? We’ll find out in the next season of Supacell.

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