‘Stuck With You’ Ending, Explained: How Do Gael And Hannah Learn From Each Other?

How many times has it happened that you were stuck in an elevator with a stranger? Very few, right? Our leads from “Stuck with You” did not expect it either. But they found themselves in that situation and decided to make peace with it. Sharing things with strangers is sometimes easier than sharing them with loved ones. It gives a new outlook on the issues at hand and perhaps helps you make a new acquaintance as well. It is not every day that you meet a quirky, kind-hearted stranger who would engage in a conversation or help you through your panic attack. When Gael and Hannah got into the elevator, little did they know that exiting the elevator would symbolize exiting from the problems in their real life as well? One cannot predict such situations and their outcomes, but it is recommended to be level-headed during a crisis! “Stuck with You” is a one-hour film that tells the story of two individuals stuck in an elevator on New Year’s Eve. 

Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

“Stuck With You” tells the story of Gael, a man in his thirties who is rushing home from his job as a brand mascot. Dressed in a lizard-like blown up costume from work, he is on the phone with his girlfriend, who reminds him to bring a list of things for the new year’s party at their house. As he is rushing home, he gets into the elevator, and Hannah joins him. Hannah is a woman who is also in her thirties and works at an advertising firm. When the elevator gets stuck between the floors, Hannah starts to have a panic attack due to her claustrophobia. She also starts removing her jacket and breathes heavily. Gael helps her through the panic attack and helps her calm down. The two engage in witty banter and soon get to know more about each other’s’ lives. Gael is a silly and innocent guy who is very simple at heart. Hannah is quite the opposite; she is sometimes a pessimist and has a very strict view of the world. Both of them are in relationships, but Hannah is about to break up with her boyfriend. Gael, who barely manages to scrape together a decent income, has a girlfriend named Prune, who works as a lawyer. Gael has tried several things, including standup comedy, but has had no luck in his career. He strikes a dead end, and that has become a reason for discord between him and Prune.

When Hannah and Gael are stuck in the elevator, they try calling the service center, and the man on the other end says they will have someone come by 8 a.m. the next day due to the shortage of staff at the moment. Gael and Hannah try to pass the time by talking to each other. As they wait in the elevator, they talk to some people in the hallways of the building. Each character is quirky and eccentric. First, they encounter Gael’s friend, who, instead of helping them, goes on a rant about his life and the sticky philosophy that he believes in. Next, they encounter an 8-year-old kid who takes fifty euros from them but does not help them at all. He talks about how his father has told him not to talk to strangers and that the residents on the sixth floor are a menace. Soon after, they hear a couple getting physically intimate in the hallway. The man says the name of the woman is “Prune,” who is Gael’s girlfriend. Gael is shell-shocked to find out about this. Hannah tries to calm him down. After waiting for some more time, the elevator opens up, and the two part ways. Just as the clock is about to strike twelve, Gael exits from his apartment, and he is alone in the hallway at the turn of the new year. Hannah comes out of her boyfriend’s apartment shortly after, and the two share a kiss at the elevator. They decide to go out and take the stairs this time, should the elevator get stuck again. 

‘Stuck With You’ Ending Explained – What Finally Happens To Hannah And Gael At The End?

Like most romantic comedies, “Stuck with You” does not provide a concrete closure. Gael and Hannah share a kiss, but it is not certain if the two will actually start dating. While in the elevator, they opened up to each other about their childhoods, traumas, their personalities, and their experiences so far. The two people, who were practically strangers a few hours ago, became close to each other on a new level. Sure, there is a lot to explore between the two. Gael and Hannah struck a wild dynamic of the sunshine and grumpy trope, but it is not necessary that things would work out in their favor. Their instantaneous connection was formed on the basis of curiosity, an attraction to the opposite, and the empathy of having been in the same crisis.

“Stuck with You” takes place entirely in the small elevator box, with occasional fantasy elements where the doors open as a gateway to the past memory that either character is narrating. Despite its short run time, the movie packs a delightful experience for the viewers. It relies on the popular NYE rom coms like strangers meeting on December 31st, sharing some conversation and perhaps a kiss in the spur of the moment. But the fantastical elements in the scenes set it apart from the rest. It is not every day that one comes across a movie that has a lot to say and says it in just an hour. If you’re looking for something that engages you in the story, leaves you smiling, and also gives a lesson or two, then “Stuck with You” is a good choice!

“Stuck With You” is a 2022 romance comedy film directed by Franks Bellocq.

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