Sophia In ‘Under Paris’ Explained: Does Sophia Save Adil?

Losing your husband and your friends in the ocean and finding one of their dismembered arms surely can’t be an experience one recovers from. Well, that’s what Sophia had to go through in Netflix’s Under Paris. A marine biologist by trade, Sophia is the epitome of righteousness, and it’s impossible to point a finger at her throughout the movie.


Spoilers Ahead

Why did Sophia return to follow Lilith?

Three years after Beacon Seven/Lilith decimated her crew, Sofia gets to know that Lilith’s tracker is working again and she’s in the Seine. Knowing full well about the dangers of Lilith’s presence, Sophia starts to follow the tracker to get an idea of the shark’s whereabouts. When Mika gets arrested by the cops, she calls Sophia for help, and the first thing Sophia sees is a victim of a shark attack, Adewale. She quickly reads the situation and tells the members of the River the River Brigade to make sure the giant predator is gone. Sophia’s trauma obviously resurfaced, but her wish to ensure the safety of people drove her to make sure that Lilith was taken care of before she could do any more damage. 


Do Sophia and Adil fall in love?

Sophia and Adil start off in the wrong manner, as Adil behaves rudely when he thinks that Sophia turned the tracker off. But Adil soon got to know about the demons she’s facing, and he realized he’d misjudged Sophia. When Adil apologizes to her up front, Sophia forgives him, and this marks the beginning of a bond between them, which eventually helps both of them survive the shark attacks and the downfall of Paris. Even though neither of them confesses anything to each other, it’s evident that both of them have feelings. When Sophia blames himself for Mika’s death and the massacre of catacombs, it’s Adil who gets her back up and reassures her that it’s not her fault. The same goes for Sophia, who picks up a dejected Adil after the mayor refuses to cancel the triathlon. Sophia saves Adil’s life twice in the closing moments of the film, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s more than a platonic relationship between them. 

How does Sophia discover the new species of sharks?

Sophia examined Lilith’s baby after its death, and she was shocked to see that a two-month-old mako was already pregnant. This gives her the idea that Lilith has adapted to the freshwater of the Seine and that she’s reproducing by parthenogenesis. Parthenogenesis is a type of asexual reproduction where an unfertilized egg develops without the help of a male. Lilith’s anomalous growth was already a shocker for Sophia, as she was twice the size she was supposed to be. After discovering her way of reproducing, Sophia understood that Lilith was the first of a brand new species of shark. Not only was Lilith giving birth, but her babies, who were nowhere near sexual maturity, also started to reproduce. Sophia evaluates the danger and makes Adil realize how much trouble they’re in if the sharks aren’t stopped. 


Why does the mayor not listen to Sophia?

With a day left for the triathlon, Sophia takes Angele and Adil to the mayor, trying to convince her not to go ahead with the event. The mayor is obviously a stiffnecked individual who doesn’t care about safety; the only thing that matters to her is the success of her event. Sophia refuses to bow down to her transgressions and confronts the mayor. The mayor is not someone who has empathy, and hearing the truth from Sophia hurts her ego, so she kicks her out of the office. She thinks that a shark on the loose is not a valid reason to cancel her ambitious project that’s taken billions of dollars to arrange, and she decides to go ahead with the event despite Sophia warning her. 

How does Sophia save Adil?

Adil and Sophia somehow manage to stay alive after the bomb goes off in the crypt. Thinking all the sharks are dead, Sophia drags Adil to the boat. But Sophia knew that Lilith wasn’t there when the bomb went off, and she needed to be neutralized to save the swimmers in the triathlon. Hundreds of swimmers dive into the Seine when Sophia and Adil are trying to stop Lilith, but she isn’t the one to die so easily. Lilith flips the boat Caro, Markus, and Adama were in and runs off after the swimmers. Sophia uses her survival instinct to make sure Adil doesn’t drown, and even when the shells set off and the entire Seine takes over the city, Sophia again saves an unconscious Adil from drowning or getting eaten by Lilith. By the end of the movie, it’s only because of her that Adil is still breathing. Even though the odds are against them and they’re in the middle of the Seine while multiple sharks are circling around them, it’s only Sophia who can maneuver her way out of this inescapable scenario. 


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