‘Sonic Prime’ Ending, Explained: Did Sonic Retrieve All The Missing Pieces Of ‘The Paradox Prism’?

Sonic The Hedgehog is the protagonist of “Sonic Prime,” the series that is adapted from a very popular Japanese video game by Sega Corporation. This 2022 animated series on Netflix will take you through different dimensions of a universe where Sonic has to find a way to bring everything back to normal so that he can lead a peaceful life in Green Hill. Well, Sonic loves his life at Green Hill, and with his friends, he has saved his home a million times from villains like Doctor Eggman and Shadow. Sonic is very proud to have his friends around because they’ve been there with him through thick and thin. Moreover, Sonic’s crew has helped him win every fight without any chaos. Now, Sonic had to save everyone from Doctor Eggman’s malicious plan to claim the paradox prism. Eggman wanted to use this prism to destroy the peace and serenity of Green Hill. Sonic arrived a little late, and all the crew members were extremely annoyed by this. Meanwhile, Sonic doesn’t take Eggman’s warning seriously and decides to fight him. Eggman used his robot to forcefully extract the prism, Sonic accidentally shattered it into multiple pieces, which transformed the universe into a multiverse maze. The explosion pushed everyone into an otherworldly dimension, instead, he ended up seeing different versions of his friends, Shadow and Eggman. Now, Sonic had to figure out a way to return everything to its normal place. 


Spoilers Ahead 

What Happens In The ‘Sonic Prime’ Series? 

After the Paradox Prism is destroyed, Sonic is estranged in a dimension that is very different from Green Hill. Moreover, all that explosion caused him to forget a part of his memory as well. He couldn’t remember everything that got him in this vivid dimension. He started talking to people to get more information about the place, none of them responded to his questions and ignored him. Meanwhile, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles were all missing too. At the same time, Sonic’s attention landed on a spaceship in the sky, which read ‘Welcome To New Yoke City.’ Sonic was shocked by the concrete jungle because he was so used to being around nature. Well, Sonic met one of his friends, Froggy, he was weirded out by Sonic’s sudden greeting. Suddenly, Sonic was followed by flying machines, who identified him as a new citizen and alerted the whole city to his presence. They appeared to look like police robots and informed Sonic about his violation. It was pretty clear that he had broken the law of city ordinance 27 B/6. The robots wanted him to be disassembled under the orders of The Chaos Council. So, Sonic tried to escape, because he couldn’t control his powers, and everything went a little too overboard. Suddenly, Sonic realized that this concrete jungle was none other than a transformed Green Hill, which had now changed completely. Days before the prism shattered, Doctor Eggman set up a plan to fool Sonic so that his powers would help him break the mountain that contained the Paradox Prism. Tails figured out the plan and managed to inform Sonic and he still attacked Eggman’s robot Eggcrusher, thinking he was present inside. 


In reality, Eggman was only pretending to be inside the robot. Sonic fell for his trap, and his powers created a mini earthquake that caused the mountain to break. It would’ve taken him months to dig the mountain, Sonic made it very easy for Eggman to acquire the prism. Meanwhile, Sonic understood that this response was upsetting for Tails, so he bought some comics and decided to apologize, but Tails was fine. Instead, he was jotting down the reasons for Eggman’s absence from the Eggcrusher. Sonic didn’t give much thought to it and concluded that Eggman was a coward. Moreover, Sonic found a device inside the Eggcrusher, and Tails immediately discovered it as a speed amplifier. He was sure that Eggman used Sonic’s power against him, as he had never created such a destructive blast. Rouge gave them an idea of Eggman’s malevolent plan. She spent years trying to find out more information on the paradox sphere, and she predicted Eggman’s move. Sonic realized that Eggman had won and created his empire on Green Hill. Sonic immediately headed toward Babble’s area, searching for Tails. 

For some reason, all his friends were completely against him in this dimension. Even Tails couldn’t recognize him, everyone knew him as Nine in this dimension, and without a second thought, Tails, aka Nine, attacked Sonic. Somehow, he managed to convince him with their friendship story. For some reason, Sonic’s memory was removed from their lives, and none of his friends remembered him being a part of their story. In this world, no one has friends. Even Nine likes to isolate themself from other beings to avoid any kind of conversation. Sonic began sharing everything that Tails used to do, so Nine became even more interested in his words. Nine was attracted by Sonic’s energy level, which helped him regulate his powers throughout the body. Nine created new gloves and shoes to help Sonic because his powers were completely out of control. Now, Sonic could easily move around the city without his powers going overboard. The Eggman created The Chaos Council and all the robots that worked under him. The council immediately arrested and detained Sonic. Surprisingly, Amy was a part of this council, and her body was transformed into a cyborg. Sonic tried to communicate with her, yet she ignored his responses and clearly stated that she was identified as Rusty Rose. 


Who Are The Members Of ‘The Chaos Council’? Did Sonic Survive Their Gruesome Tests? 

After Sonic’s arrest, he was introduced to the five members responsible for the functioning of The Chaos Council. Here, he met five different versions of Eggman. Doctor Done-It, Doctor Deep, Doctor Don’t, Doctor Babble, and finally, Doctor Eggman. No one recognized Sonic’s identity, not even Eggman. They described him as an unknown creature. They wanted to conduct a series of life-endangering tests on him and apparently all the doctors were in favor of it. Their main purpose was to figure out his true power, so they captured him in a room with laser guns in it. Sonic managed to dodge all the laser bullets without fail. So, they took him to a different level, where he had to face the laser beams, and he cleared that too! Every other level was cleared easily without any hesitation. The doctors conducted these tests to familiarize themselves with his power. Sonic was enraged by their harsh ways, as they started hurting Nine and Birdie to seek revenge on Sonic. This only made things worse. Sonic had the same energy that powered the whole city, and his energy was supercharging their systems, which created malfunctions. Suddenly, Sonic started hallucinating and saw everything that happened in his absence at Green Hill Bedrock. 

At the same time, Shadow had access to the Chaos Emerald, and he attacked Sonic. Shadow wanted to talk to Sonic, but he was too busy praising himself for his powers. Shadow chased him throughout Green Hill and punched him hard in the face. This punch caused him to forget everything that happened on Green Hill. Meanwhile, back in the other dimension, The Chaos Council started sharing his information across the city like a wanted criminal. At the same time, Knuckles and Rouge were looking for Sonic since they wanted to gain information on him. They visited Nine’s lab and went through his directory, where they found Sonic’s recorded videos. In these videos, he talked about the beaches and mountains of Green Hill. Knuckles and Rouge were surprised, and here we get a flashback of Green Hill’s past. Rouge began reminiscing about Eggman’s robots when they destroyed the greenery of Green Hill, transforming it into a concrete jungle. Even though they didn’t remember Sonic, they were sure that Sonic was against the council and wanted to make the world a better place. So, they decided to rescue Sonic and Nine. Sonic’s power created a huge shockwave across the city, destroying everything in its sight. This helped Knuckles, Rouge, and the others around the city because Sonic’s energy drained all the power across the city, making every citizen free from the robots. 


These tests helped him remember all the incidents that happened before the Paradox Prism shattered. Eggman wanted to use Sonic’s power to enhance their capabilities and put an end to all the pesky rebels around New Yoke City. Meanwhile, Doctor Babbles suggested using the energy extractor on Sonic’s body. Sonic decided to distract them by providing enough time for Nine to come up with a plan. Before the energy extractor could extract power from him, Rouge and Knuckles saved him from the mishap. Nine managed to enter the council’s system and control everything around them, including Rusty, aka Amy. Finally, Sonic was reunited with his friends. Now that everyone had been reunited, everyone started fighting against the robots and the doctors. Sonic had to find the prism, as it was the main source of destruction. Doctor Deep figured out that they were headed for the core. Even though Sonic found the prism, it was way too tiny, and Sonic remembered that he had shattered the prism. He was too focused on winning and ignored all the warnings. All this time, Sonic thought that Eggman was responsible for this change. In reality, Sonic created New Yoke City. 

Did Sonic Find The Missing Pieces Of The Paradox Prism? 

Sonic and Nine had no choice but to grab the tiny shard of the prism and escape. The moment Sonic touches the prism, he is absorbed into it, and mysteriously he is transferred to another dimension, where we are introduced to a different version of Knuckles, Rouge, and the others. Immediately, the color and look of his gloves and shoes change. Sonic is quite surprised, as all his friends are dressed like cavemen. This reunion was quite scary as they all started fighting him and Sonic ended up finding new powers in his gloves and shoes. His gloves had metallic claws attached to them, and Sonic used them to save himself from the dangers around him. Knuckles and Rouge began chasing him maniacally, and Sonic tried his best to calm them down. Yet again, none of them remembered him, so Sonic was determined that he had landed in another altered Green Hill. Rouge explained that the Boscage maze has super-sized plants that are suffocating this place. Moreover, the trees are huge, making them inhabitable for the people in Green Hill. To find the missing pieces of the prism, Sonic decided to contact Tails. Rouge knew all about it, so she promised to take Sonic to the prism, she wanted him to visit their village first. 


Every day, the struggle of surviving in the Boscage Maze is very difficult, as the trees drive them out, they took everything necessary for them to survive. Well, in exchange for eliminating an unknown monster, Rouge will take Sonic to the missing shard. So, Sonic made a deal with them and made plans to kill the monster. Gradually, they stepped onto the ground and made their way to the village. The monster was a huge bird, and it started fighting Sonic immediately. But guess what? The bird was the monster’s pet. Suddenly, Amy began attacking him with a magical hammer, and somehow Sonic managed to calm her down. Amy was distracted by Sonic’s glowing shoes, and he was sure that there was a shard nearby. So, Amy promised him to show the way. Amy pretended to be a monster because people in the village were hurting nature. She wanted to keep them away from the jungle so that nature could maintain its astounding peace and serenity. Others were disappointed since they felt that Sonic had betrayed them to side with the monster. Amidst the jungle, there was a huge palm tree, and the missing shard of the prism was buried below the tree. With the help of his shoe, Sonic found the shard. He didn’t touch the shard, as it would have taken him to a different dimension again. So, Sonic used a lead to hold it. 

Amy betrayed him; she took the shard and placed it on her hammer. Sonic tried to convince her because he needed it and she refused to hand it over. Despite all the struggle, Sonic recollected all the memories that he spent with his friends, and he understood the value of their friendship due to their absence in his life. Sonic chased her through the forest and tried to get the shard back. Rouge shared their side of the story; Amy chose the jungle over them, chasing them up to the canopy, and they’ve been there ever since. Sonic wanted them to make peace with Amy, but she wasn’t ready to communicate at all. Both of them get into a huge fight until Amy destroys a part of her palm tree, aka the Great Green. She shared her perspective with Sonic and explained that everyone around the village had destroyed the habitat and never done anything to protect it. Looking at her concern, everyone apologized to Amy, and things got back to normal. Sonic got the missing shard back. Sonic made her understand that the jungle they were living in was unnatural and that the shard was responsible for it. 


‘Sonic Prime’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Did Sonic Recollect The Missing Pieces Of ‘The Paradox Prism’? 

The shard took him to New Yoke City again, and Sonic was surprised as he expected to enter a different world this time. Back in New Yoke, Sonic’s friends were fighting all the robots of Doctor Eggman. Meanwhile, the doctors of the council got to know about the missing shard, and they made plans to combine the powers of both the missing pieces of the prism to generate more power in the city. Time moved differently around the city, and Sonic had been gone for more than two weeks. Everyone was enraged by the situation since Nine betrayed them and escaped with the prism without saving them. Nine came back and helped them to fight the doctors, and he somehow managed to open a portal by using the shard and named it the ‘Shatterspaces.’ He took Sonic along and demanded answers from him, and he shared all the little details. Well, Nine somehow expected this response because the prism had more power than they knew. Nine explained how he took the shard and hacked into its power core schematics and created a shatter drive. Now, they can travel the shatterverse at their discretion. Nine wanted to live in this dimension, Sonic tried to make him understand that his friends needed their help. Sonic chose to come back and defeat the doctors. 

The doctors had no choice but to prepare the mother ship, and they were completely focused on Nine since he carried the shard. Nine tried to escape, the doctors destroyed his ship, and he couldn’t escape to another dimension. Sonic headed towards the ship, Shadow’s silhouette kept following him and told him to keep running. Sonic ended up in a different dimension where all his friends were pirates now! They took him to their ship, and everyone on board was pretty friendly with him. Sonic had a fun time with them, now he had to get the shard, so he immediately informed them about the missing piece. Knuckles didn’t share the location with him, and before he could get more information, the ship was attacked by another set of pirates and Sonic managed to help them out. They decided to take Sonic to the Devil’s Lighthouse, where the shard was stored. Before they could make a move, the pirates were attacked by none other than Rusty Rose. The council somehow managed to get their hands on the shard. Now, Sonic had to find a way to save his pirate friends. 


The doctors captured Nine and threatened him to help them with their mothership since they wanted it to be fully operational before they entered the different portal. The doctors stole Nine’s shatter drive technology and planned on using it against Sonic. The doctors wanted to claim the entire Shatterverse. The pirates helped them fight back, and the robots turned their way back to the council. Sonic was an easier way for the doctors to travel through shatter spaces since he didn’t need any technology to travel through it/as his energy was enough for all the transformation! Meanwhile, back in the other dimension, Sonic used his powers to run on the water while pulling on the ship, as this would help him generate more speed and make it easier for them to reach the Devil’s Lighthouse. All this time, Rusty Rose attacked them profusely and without any mercy. Sonic attacked her and killed all the robots, saving his pirate friends. Knuckles left them behind to get the shard, and he managed to get it. Knuckles fell off of the lighthouse, and the shard hit Sonic, absorbing him into another world. The most surprising part is Shadow’s presence in the shattered space. While everyone else traveled to the other dimension, he was stuck between Shatterspace and Green Hill. “Sonic Prime” Season 1 ended on an ambiguous note, where Shadow’s presence was still unclear in the series, and it is guaranteed that the duo will have a face-off again. 

Will There Be A ‘Sonic Prime’ Season 2?

From the beginning, “Sonic Prime” gave us glimpses of Shadow’s presence throughout the episodes. Even though he didn’t play a part in saving Green Hill, it is pretty clear that he plays an important role in the series. In the beginning, it is seen that Shadow held the Chaos Emerald, and even when the prism shattered, he held the Emerald in his hands. Maybe Emerald’s power is somehow connected to the prism’s energy. Even now, Shadow is upset about Sonic’s mistake, as he claims that Sonic destroyed their home. Shadow has been his biggest rival, and the next season might be interesting to watch. As of now, there is no fixed date for the second season, Surely, the show will arrive with more concepts to hold on to. Moreover, viewers are waiting to know more about the pirates and New Yoke City. Till the very end, fans expected Sonic to save Green Hill. Every time he took a step, Sonic was pushed back to square one, leading him to start over again. Maybe this time, Shadow might help him regain everything since Sonic is very adamant and doesn’t listen to anyone. This lesson might guide him to the right way to fix everything back to the way it was since Sonic’s whole identity and friendships depended on “The Paradox Prism.”


Final Words 

“Sonic Prime” gives a deeper insight into the importance of friendships. Sonic often neglected the efforts his friends made and usually called them sentimental for being too friendly. Every time something happened, Sonic would leave them behind and try to fight the bad guys on his own. His friends were pretty annoyed by this side of his behavior, they loved him the way he was. When the universe was shattered into multiple pieces, Sonic understood the true value of his friends, and he chose to save them despite all the struggles. Even though they didn’t recognize him, he fought alongside them and managed to make them familiar with him. Sonic is very stubborn, and he never takes anyone else’s advice seriously, but he chooses to fight against his enemies without any precautions. Once the damage is done, Sonic realizes his mistake and never acts upon it. Meanwhile, he considers himself to be the strongest and mightiest of all. By the end of “Sonic Prime” Season 1, it is pretty clear that he values his friends and wants them back. Maybe in the upcoming season, Sonic will fight back and get everything that he has lost!

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