Song Of The Bandits’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Hee-shin Marry Lee Gawang?

Previously, in Song Of The Bandits episode 8, we saw the mounted bandits, led by Jang-Ki-Ryong, orchestrate an attack on the Joseon bandits. They held Choong-soo and his accomplices captive and brutally tortured them. One of those captives, Nam-chun, stepped in to safeguard his entire group by attempting to sacrifice himself. While he managed to distract Jang-Ki-Ryong and his associates by leading them to a desolate land, Lee Yoon and Eon-nyeni went to the prison, where Choong-soo and the others, including Seon-bok, were being held captive. Although Yoon and Eon-nyeni manage to set them free, Jang-Ki-Ryong, realizing Nam-chun’s deception, shoots him, leaving him to die on the ground.


Song Of The Bandits Episode 9 opened in the prison cell, where Eon-nyeni and Lee Yoon managed to get all the prisoners out of the cell. However, as they were escorting them out, the Japanese consul launched an attack on them. Hiding inside the precinct, they waited for an opportunity to counterattack and eventually came up with the idea of choosing Choraeng-yi to deal with the situation. He was a skilled shooter whose straight-shooting technique was adequate to resist the Japanese. Initially hesitant, Choraeng-yi finally managed to find a cannon, and with the help of it, he shot all the Japanese officials to death. Yoon and others began to cheer for their victory; however, unbeknownst to them, Japanese consul Yamada was still alive. As he managed to pull the gun out, Eon-Nyeni shot him to death.

Spoilers Ahead


What was the Japanese order against the people of Gando?

Lee Gawang was seen with his wounded hand, facing a general of the Japanese Army. Due to his failure to prevent the railway money from getting stolen, he was ready to receive any kind of punishment he would be given. However, fortunately for Gawang, his father, who was in the ministry for foreign affairs, sent a letter to the general, granting his forgiveness and securing his stay in his position. The general was infuriated by Gawang for his recklessness.

Gawang was also disappointed in himself, realizing he was a worthless army officer who couldn’t live up to the expectations of His Majesty. He returned to his fiancée, Hee-shin, completely unaware that she was an undercover agent responsible for stealing the railway money. Hee-shin, who had already fallen for Lee Yoon, didn’t want to marry Gawang, but she couldn’t say no to him for the sake of her role in the Army and her duty to the country. She would have to keep her eyes and ears open all the time to receive the very minute details of the events taking place in the Japanese Army. After Gawang dozed off, Hee-shin covertly looked into his belongings and discovered a letter from the Japanese government. This letter revealed that the Japanese Army was given the order to commit mass murder targeting the people of Joseon in the Gando region. Gawang could sense that Hee-shin was plotting something behind his back, so he hired a spy to keep an eye on her.


The next day, when Hee-shin went to visit the leader of the Independent Army in secret, the spy noticed her and even heard their conversation, revealing Hee-shin’s part in the heist of the railway money. The spy soon rushed to Gawang and informed him of everything. Lee Gawang was utterly heartbroken by the revelation, but he still decided to marry her even after all of this. He could deduce that it was none other than his loving fiancée, Hee-shin, who was the one who spent all these days running with Lee Yoon, clutching the suitcase filled with money. Gawang threatened the spy with death if he ever decided to disclose the information to anyone. Furthermore, he decided not to call off the engagement, but Gawang’s assistant overheard the entire conversation between him and the spy.

Did Hee-shin marry Lee Gawang?

On the other hand, in Gando, the bandits in Yoon’s group started celebrating their win. Luckily, Nam-chun didn’t die, as Yoon found him on the desolate ground and swiftly brought him to the village for his treatment. The entire gang took pride when their wanted posters started moving around the town of MayeongJeong. But, even in the midst of all this, Lee Yoon was missing Hee-shin, so Choong-soo advised him to pay a visit to his beloved. Yoon decided to head towards Geyongsong, the town where Hee-shin was currently located. However, upon his arrival in the town, he sensed the whole scenario had changed.


With hope in his heart, he bought some flowers, looking forward to meeting his love and gifting them to her, but as Lee Gawang was already there, living with Hee-shin, she found it extremely difficult to meet with him. Therefore, she set up a meeting between Yoon and the leader of the Independence Army. Yoon received a note from a kid, and following the address, he reached a nearby location to meet the leader. The leader informed Yoon about the danger looming over the Joseon people in Gando. He told Yoon that the Japanese were about to launch an attack on the Joseon people, just like they had previously attacked Gurye and killed all of them in the village.

Yoon was extremely disappointed to hear it, and he realized that he had no hope of meeting Hee-shin again. Their dream was yet to come true, so they should emphasize achieving the freedom of their motherland. Yoon, with his broken heart, threw away the flower and headed towards the station to catch a bus to return to Gando. Hee-shin looked out of the window and found Yoon leaving. It broke her heart that she couldn’t pay a visit to the man she loved. She hurried outside to meet Yoon for once and maybe for the last time, but before she could see him, Yoon got into the bus. He had spotted Hee-shin but didn’t want to bother her anymore. Hee-shin returned after not being able to find Yoon and embraced the thrown flower, as it was the only memory Yoon had left for her.


Yoon returned to his home in Gando, and together with the bandits, he stood up against the Japanese Army’s invasion. On the other hand, Lee Gawang and Hee-shin tied their knots and exchanged vows. However, the series didn’t explain how the battle between the Joseon bandits and the Japanese men ended up, but it surely set the stage for an upcoming season of Song of the Bandits to come soon on Netflix screens. Although there was no official announcement for the renewal of the season, we may anticipate a second season with a compelling narrative and more organized character arcs.

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