‘Song Of The Bandits’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What happened to Eon-nyeni?

Previously, in Song Of The Bandits Episode 6, Hee-shin survived the injury she had endured in the station of Changchun. It turned out that the men Yoon and Hee-shin had met there were from the Japanese military, pretending to be insurgents. Gawang, however, had information about Yoon escorting the man with the stolen money, so he raided the village where they were staying. But Yoon managed to scare Gawang off, threatening to kill him. Eon-nyeni was once again assigned the task of killing Yoon, but she didn’t even want to do it. In Song Of The Bandits Episode 7, we got to see whether she could kill Yoon or change sides to take out the Japanese men instead.


Song Of The Bandits Episode 7 opened with Lee Yoon successfully escorting Hee-shin to the hotel, operated by Seon-bok in MayeongJeong. For a few days, they decided to conceal themselves from the threat of the Japanese army. Seon-bok wholeheartedly welcomed Hee-shin and provided her with as much comfort as she could. But while Hee-shin was settling in the motel room, Seon-bok discussed their safety with Lee Yoon. Hee-shin appeared right in the moment, and Seon-bok let the two of them talk.

Spoilers Ahead


Why didn’t Eon-nyeni kill Lee Yoon?

Lee Yoon confided in Hee-shin about his acquaintance with Lee Gawang. He revealed that Lee Gawang was his master, who took care of him and his younger sibling after their parents died. Yoon’s mother died a long time ago of an illness, but his father was killed by the Japanese forces who framed him for treachery. After the tragic passing of Yoon’s father, he almost became a slave for Gawang, who exploited him in every way. Hee-shin felt great pain hearing Yoon’s backstory and sympathized with him, but during this emotional conversation between them, Eon-nyeni was seen closely observing Yoon from a distance. She was following Lee Gawang’s commands and was about to pull the trigger to kill Yoon. However, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. As Eon-nyeni overheard the tragic backstory of Yoon, she could relate to him due to having a similar history. She could remember how her father was brutally killed by the Japanese men right before her eyes; therefore, Eon-nyeni’s humanity prevented her from killing Yoon.

As Eon-nyeni contemplated killing Yoon and finally decided to lower her gun, she was caught by a bunch of Japanese police officers led by Superintendent Ooka. Ooka captured her and inflicted severe torture upon her for terrorizing the people of Gando with a gun in her possession. Eon-nyeni revealed that she was on an assignment from the Japanese major, Miura Sohei, aka Lee Gawang, but Ooka didn’t trust her. As he directly called the Major and asked him about Eon-nyeni, Lee Gawang felt threatened, and instead of saving Eon-nyeni, he lied to Ooka, claiming that he didn’t even know the woman. Moreover, Lee passed the order to execute Eon-nyeni for trespassing and lying about her authority. Ooka put Eon-nyeni behind bars and commanded the officers to execute her the next evening.


What happened to Eon-nyeni?

The next evening, Lee Yoon and Seon-bok decided to covertly transport Hee-shin and the money to the Independence Army. But in the meantime, the Japanese army appeared to raid the motel after getting tipped off that Yoon was staying there. Consequently, the transportation plan was cancelled, and Seon-bok, taking the matter into her own hands, fearlessly confronted the army. She managed to hold back the army until Major Lee Gawang arrived at the scene. Gawang humiliated Seon-bok and even struck her badly. As Seon-bok was not able to stop the army from entering the motel, they raided the motel, searching for Lee Yoon and Hee-shin. Lee Yoon asked Hee-shin to go out and pretend that she was a captive of Yoon, but Hee-shin strictly opposed the idea of betraying the one who saved her life. Therefore, Lee Yoon had to come out with the gun and start attacking the military.

On the other hand, we saw the Japanese authority led by Superintendent Ooka bring Eon-nyeni to execute her, but right at the moment they were about to behead her, they were interrupted by the gunfire between Gawang’s men and Lee Yoon. Ooka halted the execution and asked one of his constables to imprison her while keeping an eye on her. Ooka had never been able to tolerate Gawang for his Korean background, so getting infuriated by the scenario, he confronted Gawang, resulting in another fight between the two parties. However, the shootout gravely injured Ooka, and it was tough to tell whether he was dead or alive. However, Eon-nyeni managed to get out of the prison by knocking out the constable. Right after she broke free, she decided to help Yoon take out the soldiers.


Did Lee Yoon help Hee-shin leave for her destination?

Meanwhile, in the motel, Eon-nyeni finally joined Yoon and faced a heavy altercation with the Japanese army. Though initially Yoon had doubts about Eon-nyeni’s intentions, she proved herself as a great warrior and a true patriot by helping Yoon out in the battle. While Lee and Eon-nyeni were busy taking out those soldiers, Choong-soo’s gang appeared in the meantime. They began to orchestrate attacks on the Japanese army and the authorities to distract them.

Meanwhile, during the fight, Lee Yoon managed to escort Hee-shin to a carriage and left for the destination to hand the money to the Independent Army. However, the Japanese army didn’t stop chasing them. They were on horseback and chased and kept on attacking the carriage, but Yoon managed to elude their grasp. Finally being able to elude capture, Yoon escorted Hee-shin through a secret passage and advised her to leave MayeongJeong for once and all. But before Hee-shin could get into the car, she vowed to meet Lee Yoon again and wanted him to promise her the same. Before the two of them parted ways, they hugged and shared a kiss. However, the kiss reminded Hee-shin that she had met Yoon earlier somewhere. She asked Yoon to take care of himself and promise that no matter what, in ten or twenty years, the two of them would meet each other again.


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