‘Somewhere Quiet’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: How Did Madelin Torment Meg?

After watching Somewhere Quiet, I felt really shaken up. Olivia West Lloyd’s horror thriller film explores Meg’s emotional state as a woman who went through severe psychological turmoil after being kidnapped. As viewers, one could really feel Meg’s pain and state of confusion as she struggled to make sense of everything that was happening to her. It was like being in a scary dream, where nothing felt quite real around her. Meg’s husband, Scott, didn’t seem to understand what she was going through, and his cousin, Madelin, was downright mean to her, which made the situation worse. Somewhere Quiet had this spooky vibe throughout its runtime, which just made everything feel even more scary. When Meg visited Scott’s family’s old cottage, it was like she was facing her demons head-on. It was difficult to watch her confront the terrible things that happened to her, and it made me wonder whether Meg will find the courage to face her fears or if she will succumb to her trauma, pushing away those closest to her and sealing her own fate.

Spoilers Ahead

What Scary Things Does Meg Experience?

As Meg and Scott head to a remote cottage, Meg comes across some really scary incidents that mess with her head. First, at a gas station, she sees a poster with her face saying she went missing, which freaks her out, hinting at a past trauma that still haunts her. It makes her doubt her husband and feel super vulnerable. When they reach the cottage, things get even weirder. Meg starts seeing things after getting to the cottage, like a strange lady in the jungle, which makes her feel like someone is watching her. Inside the cottage, things get even weirder when she sees Scott sleepwalking and getting way too close to her. But when she tells Scott about it the next morning, he acts like it never happened. To make matters worse, Meg finds a broken plate one night, but it’s gone the next day, leaving her confused and paranoid. She tries to talk to Scott about her feelings, but then his cousin, Madelin, shows up, making Meg even more uncomfortable.

Meg keeps having hallucinations and struggles to control her emotions. Meg tries to avoid her, but she still gets roped into things, and Madelin’s insensitive behavior towards Meg doesn’t really help either. She opens up to Scott about how awful she feels, like she is trapped in her own nightmarish past, and remembers how she used to count her kidnappers’ footsteps to prepare herself for the torment she was about to face. But then she starts noticing a weird relationship between Scott and Madelin, like they’re too close, and their intimate gestures and exchanged glances stir suspicions within Meg. As if that’s not enough, a guy named Joe at the beach tells Meg that Scott was here before last winter, which Scott never mentioned. Meg starts feeling like she can’t trust anyone, especially Scott. She tries to distract herself by fixing an old bike in the garage, but deep down, she knows something’s not right in her relationship with Scott. All these leave Meg feeling isolated and unsure of what’s real and whom she can confide in. She’s desperate for answers about who did the kidnapping and a way out of the psychological mess she’s trapped in.

How Did Madelin Torment Meg?

As Meg wandered through the woods, she stumbled upon Madelin’s house and walked in, hoping for some respite. But instead, she found herself in a place filled with unsettling reminders of death. A portrait of Madelin’s drowned little brother hung on the wall, casting a shadow over Meg’s already anxious mind. Madelin’s casual talk about suffering and loss only added to Meg’s discomfort, setting the stage for what was to come. In the junkyard outside, Meg found the broken plate she had seen before at her cottage, even though Scott said it wasn’t there. This contradiction left Meg confused and on edge. During dinner, Meg’s unease grew as Scott and Madelin laughed and joked, making her feel like an outsider in her own home. When Madelin tried to take Meg’s plate before she finished eating, Scott brushed off Meg’s discomfort, making her feel even more anxious, saying that Meg did not know how to eat in front of others. This further intensified Meg’s anxiety, prompting her to devour her meal in haste. That night, Scott’s apology for the kidnappers poisoning her food brought back painful memories for Meg, leading to a tense argument that left both of them shaken. The next morning, Scott apologized to Meg, saying that he would do anything for her. Meg wanted to leave that place as soon as possible, but a punctured tire delayed their departure, leaving Meg feeling trapped and frustrated.

Seeking distraction, Madelin suggested they come to the old cabin for a fun game night to get their minds off things. But Meg felt even more isolated as Scott and Madelin started mingling without her, making her feel like she did not belong with them. The sight of the broken plate’s quote in a charades game only added to Meg’s paranoia. Things took a dark turn at the beach when Meg saw Scott and Madelin being intimate, making her feel sick and disgusted. Unable to bear being around them any longer, Meg fled on her bike, accidentally killing Madelin’s dog in the process. When Meg returned to the cottage, she discovered Scott and Madelin talking behind her back, confirming her suspicions that something was very wrong. Furious, Meg stormed into Madelin’s house, only to find a shocking document outlining the need for help for Meg as an incapacitated person. Suddenly, Madelin appeared out of nowhere and asked for Meg’s help in finding her missing dog. But Meg, worried that Madelin might get angry, confessed that she had accidentally killed the dog and hit her from behind so that Madelin couldn’t attack her. When Madelin woke up, Meg demanded to know if Madelin or Scott had planned her kidnapping.

In a chilling response, Madelin suggested that Meg was doomed to succumb to her torment, unable to separate reality from illusion. She hinted that Meg might become a burden or even take her own life. Meg’s screams echoed with the weight of her trauma as she grappled with the horrifying implications of Madelin’s words. The confrontation escalated when Scott entered the room, with Meg accusing him of orchestrating her kidnapping for his own financial gain from Meg’s trust fund. Scott denied the allegations, but his aggression toward Meg only fueled her fear. Terrified for her life, Meg ran into the jungle, haunted by nightmarish visions of Scott and Madelin plotting to drown her on the beach.

During Somewhere Quiet‘s ending, Meg tries to escape from the terrible situation she’s in. Meg gets into a passing car with a gun in hand, desperate to get away from the cottage and the pain caused by Madelin and Scott’s betrayals. But as Meg drives away, she realizes she doesn’t know where she’s going. She wonders if leaving will really help her escape the terrible memories haunting her. Meg feels trapped, like she’s stuck in a maze of her own thoughts and fears. She wonders if she’ll ever be free from the darkness inside her mind. With nobody to help her, Meg feels lost and alone, weighed down by the burden of her suffering. Perhaps Madelin’s words held a glimmer of truth—she had indeed become a burden, not only to herself but to all those around her. Perhaps being trapped in the haunting grip of her past, she might convince herself that rather than burdening others, she should finally seek solace by ending the nightmarish existence altogether.

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