‘Snag: Chapter One’ (2023) Ending, Explained: What Happens To Valentina? Is Snag Dead?

Snag: Chapter One tells the story of an Australian man, Snag, who works for Victoria, a powerful drug mafia lord. However, his life is turned upside-down after he inevitably falls in love with Victoria’s daughter, Valentina. Against all odds, they decide to get married, but their happiness is short-lived when Valentina is tragically killed on the day of their wedding. Snag is devastated at the loss of his beloved fiancée and leads a lonely life, haunted by the memories of their time together. But things change when Snag discovers that Valentina is still alive. He sets out on a mission to rescue Valentina from the clutches of the dangerous criminal organization that is holding her captive. The movie revolves around Snag’s journey as he navigates a dangerous world full of violence to reunite with his lost love.

Spoilers Ahead 

What Happens To Snag?

The movie Snag: Chapter One starts off with a thrilling escape scene in a flashback, as we see our protagonist, Snag, making a daring escape. He heads to a tavern, hoping to catch a break and take a load off. Snag finds himself under attack by Victoria’s henchmen, ready to take him down. Just as things start to look bleak, Snag is saved by an unexpected savior: Victoria’s daughter, Valentina. With her commanding presence, Valentina manages to fend off the attackers and save Snag. From that moment on, Snag and Valentina strike up an unlikely friendship as they connect over their shared experiences of living under Victoria’s shadow.

Despite their different backgrounds, they find solace in each other’s company, and their relationship blossoms into something more. Fast forward to the present day, and we find Snag living a solitary life in the harsh desert landscape, haunted by the memories of Valentina’s death.

What News Does Marco Bring?

We witness the deep-rooted bond between two old friends, Marco and Snag, who have worked together with Victoria in the past. Marco, being one of Victoria’s top assassins, is aware of Snag’s dubious past, and Snag, in turn, is skeptical about Marco’s true intentions. However, Marco surprises Snag with a piece of information that changes everything: Valentina is still alive! At first, Snag is hesitant to believe Marco’s words, but gradually, the truth dawns on him. Marco reveals that his newfound loyalty to Snag stems from the fact that he shares a special bond with him, one filled with respect and a sense of indebtedness. In the past, when Victoria had hired Snag to kill Marco, he had fled with the money instead, and Marco knew that if he were in Snag’s place, he would have been killed without a second thought.

How Did Snag Escape Victoria In The Past? Why Did Valentina Want To Run Away? 

Snag is a man of remarkable survival skills, known for his ability to cheat death even in the most dire circumstances. Victoria had made numerous attempts on his life in the past, but Snag always outsmarted her. On one occasion, Victoria even held a gun to his head, but Snag managed to distract her and push the gun away, allowing him to escape. Despite Valentina’s initial hesitation and suspicion about her mother’s intentions, Snag remained determined to face Victoria and secure her approval for his relationship with Valentina. He knew that running away was not a permanent solution, as Victoria was known for her conniving nature.

On the other hand, Valentina was aware of her mother’s true colors and knew that Victoria would not hesitate to kill Snag if it meant keeping her daughter away from him. Even though Valentina loved Snag deeply, she feared that their relationship would ultimately end in tragedy if they tried to fight against Victoria’s wishes. Despite Victoria’s relentless attempts to keep Snag away from Valentina, the couple’s love for each other only grew stronger. When they finally decided to get married, Victoria once again tried to intervene and end their relationship by attacking Snag at the wedding. 

However, Valentina bravely stood up to her mother and managed to save Snag from harm. During the scuffle, a bullet was fired, and Valentina was hit. She lost consciousness, and Snag believed that Valentina had died. Despite the pain and trauma of the event, Snag was relieved to know that Valentina was still alive and vowed to protect her from any harm that may come her way.

Who Is Victoria’s Secret Messenger?

Before executing his plan to confront Victoria and her men, Snag visited Tio, a man who had been hiding in a secret basement where he sold guns and ammunition. Snag had wanted to arm himself with some weapons from Tio’s stash to ensure his safety during the confrontation. However, before he could leave, Victoria’s men discovered his whereabouts and attacked Tio’s hideout, killing him in the process. Snag had barely managed to escape with his life, but he was even more determined now to take down Victoria and her men once and for all.

Snag learns that one of his closest friends, Jackie, has been betraying him all along by reporting his plans to Victoria. Despite the help of Marco and other friends, Snag and his companions are unable to escape Victoria’s men, and they are hunted down by her men. In the end, Snag is the only one left alive, and Victoria assigns Jackie to kill him. Before Jackie shoots Snag, he speaks to Victoria over the phone, and she reveals a painful truth to Snag: that he has a son. The revelation comes as a shock to Snag, and he is left with many doubts. However, before Snag can ask any more questions, the sound of a gunshot is heard, leaving the audience to wonder about Snag’s fate.

‘Snag: Chapter One’ Ending: Is Snag Alive? 

As the movie comes to a close, Snag’s fate seems uncertain. His plans have been foiled by the treacherous Jackie, and he is presumed dead by his beloved Valentina. But a glimmer of hope remains, as the final scene shows Snag being secretly treated in Tio’s basement. Is it possible that Tio survived the attack, or is a new ally waiting to be introduced in the sequel? One thing is certain, however: Victoria’s days of tyranny are numbered. Despite claiming to love her daughter, she has caused nothing but pain and suffering for Valentina and those close to her. With the revelation that Snag has a son, the stakes are higher than ever before. Snag will stop at nothing to reclaim his family. Will Victoria find a way to save herself from Snag? The answer lies in the future, but one thing is for certain: it will be an unforgettable ride.

Overall, Snag: Chapter One seems to be a thrilling action movie with a complex web of relationships and betrayals. The character of Snag, who is known to be difficult to kill, adds an element of intrigue to the plot. Despite everything, the storyline of the film lacks coherence and connectivity, and there are certain elements that are not properly explained. For instance, it is not clear why Victoria is so against Snag and Valentina’s relationship. Additionally, the characters themselves could benefit from more development and depth. Similarly, Victoria’s character is one-dimensional, and her motivations are not fully explored.

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