‘Skymed’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Recap Spoilers: What Was The Investigation For?

Skymed, Season One, was released last year to lukewarm reviews. The show was greenlit for a second season, and it has been out for people to watch and enjoy since January 11th, 2024. It’s a CBC show, and the second installment began from the point the last season ended, and it is an extension of the life all the nurses and pilots lead in the northern and colder regions of Canada by saving lives. Skymed Season 1 introduced the viewers to the characters and walked them through their pasts and jobs. While many had other aspirations, only a few of them were ready to quit the air ambulance to pursue their dreams.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Chopper Back With The Air Ambulance Service?

Chopper, at the end of the season, was all set to join the selection camp organized by the Canadian space agency, and he was determined to be an astronaut. The first episode of the second season had a man trying to climb the electric pole. The pole blows up, and the man is found brutally injured by the Skymed team. The man they rescued turned out to be Chopper, whose real name was Jay Chopra.


Chopper was found with multiple injuries, and it would mean he could neither join the space program nor fly the planes ever again. He was close to quitting his dream, but Bodie’s encouraging words helped him. The team at the North House also learned of his removal from the space program. Chopper did not fly until full recovery, but an emergency that involved Bodie and Lexi’s flight crash landing had Wheezer requesting Chopper put his skills as a pilot to use. After a successful rescue mission, Chopper was back with the Skymed air ambulance at North House, and he was happy working with his old team.

Who’s Lexi’s New Love Interest?

Lexi was happy with her job as the pilot with the ambulance service, and soon she met a new nurse, Stef. Both were attracted to each other right from the start, and there was mutual admiration for the job they did. Stef and Lexi got closer after Lexi, along with Bodie and Tristan, had crash-landed in the woods amidst the snow. Lexi was not sure about a serious relationship because she had other professional aspirations, but the accident startled her, and she committed herself to Stef.


Do Wheezer And Hayley Fall In Love?

Wheezer announces his separation from his wife to Hayley, and both end up spending a lot of time with each other. Since they worked under different chiefs, there were no laws that could stop them from being in a relationship. The continuous back and forth of flirtations led to them coming clean about their feelings for each other. Both begin dating but choose to keep it discreet for some time. Hayley, on the other hand, was going through constant pain after her shoulder surgery. The agony made her take painkillers regularly, to the point where she became addicted to them.

Was Nowak Having A Hard Time Trusting Tristan?

Nowak was having a hard time trusting Tristan because of his constant belief that his boyfriend was afraid of commitment and was very vocal about it. The new pilot, Reese, was flirting with Tristan, which bothered Nowak to the point where he was under the impression his boyfriend enjoyed the attention. His paranoia peaked when Tristan revealed Reese kissed him without knowing of his relationship with Nowak. Nowak went through bouts of anxiety, panic attacks, and overthinking after a fight with Tristan and ended up sleeping with another man. Tristan was honest about spending the night drinking with Hayley and Reese, which made Nowak regret every decision he made because of his spiraling mind. On the night of Tristan’s mother’s wedding, Nowak came clean about his infidelity. Tristan was heartbroken and ended the relationship instantly.


What Incident Scares Lexi?

Lexi was now a captain and was responsible for dropping logistic supplies to medical centers across the region around North House. Captain Lexi was supposed to be flying alone everywhere in the remotest parts of the region, and she was excited about being offered the job that her father held as well. On a cold winter night, she was interrupted by a strange-looking man who invited himself into the tiny propellor flight and demanded she drop him off at the next location. Lexi did as instructed, but she was scarred by the memory of being confronted by a large man and felt completely unsafe, for she had nowhere to run. She stepped away from the job to become a pilot for the Air Ambulance, a move that puzzled Wheezer.

Was Crystal Happy With The Medical School?

Crystal was at the medical school; unfortunately, her work as a nurse with Skymed was an added responsibility along with studying and working around the hospital, shadowing Dr. Yana. Yana was critical of Crystal’s work but both gradually came to good terms. Yana encouraged Crystal to balance work and life structure. She also encouraged Crystal to present her research paper. Crystal had been working on an indigenous plant that could be used in treatments. Even though Crystal’s paper was approved thanks to Yana’s high recommendation, she was stopped from mentioning the inputs of her ancestors. Yana did not want Crystal to be disappointed and requested that she follow the rules for the people to accept her. Crystal contemplated editing her research work based on Yana’s advice.

Why Does Bodie’s Father Seek Him Out?

Bodie was made aware of a distant relative seeking a donor for a kidney transplant. The young man was under the impression it could be his long-lost mother, Jolene, but it was his biological father, Kingsley was the one who required another kidney to survive. Bodie was under the impression Kingsley was in touch only for transplant purposes. He believes his father abandoned his mother and moved away. Kingsley comes clean about his search for Bodie’s mother and him over the years.

Kingsley loved the woman and the child she bore based on the letter he received a little bit too late. Bodie was slowly softening up to his father when he witnessed his involvement in helping him and Madison with their infant son. Kingsley was a Jamaican and owned many retail stores and used them to send across many things required for a baby. Kingsley understood Madison and Bodie were financially struggling which made him go out of his way to help him. Bodie finally came around and reliazed he could trust his father’s words and actions.


Did Hayley Have An Addiction Problem?

Wheezer was quick to pick up on Hayley’s addiction to painkillers. Despite their strong relationship, Wheezer insisted Hayley come clean to Crystal and the team as the medicine could affect her decision-making abilities. Wheezer, as a boyfriend, wanted to help her come to terms with the reason why she was popping the pills unsupervised. Hayley, on the other hand, was in denial about her addiction because the pills were working for her. Her mind and body were interconnected with the pain of losing her mother, and this caused addiction, but she never admitted it. Hayley had to come clean when Wheezer accidentally revealed the same to Crystal. Crystal had prescribed the pills to her once. Feeling betrayed by a friend who could bring an end to her medical studies and career, Crystal chose to stay away from her.

Meanwhile, Wheezer and Hayley temporarily broke things off, as she believed he went behind her back to speak to Crystal. Hayley had hoped that Wheezer would give her time to understand addiction and let her discuss the same with Crystal. Crystal and Hayley took time to develop a friendship, as they did not start on good terms in the previous season. Crystal was with Hayley during her surgery, proof of their friendship. Crystal was upset as she was the only indigenous student in her class, and it meant something to her. Hayley deciding for herself without consulting Crystal was a breach of trust.


What Was The Investigation For?

There was an accident involving a mother and her daughter as their car was hit by a large deer. The mother sustained more injuries than the young daughter. The parent insisted Hayley airlift her daughter and use an ambulance for herself. This was a crucial decision for Hayley, who was at the scene of the accident. Troubled by the memory she had of her mother and the trauma of never being able to save her, Hayley was forced to make a tough decision. She finally agreed to the mother’s request. The daughter was saved in time, but the mother did not survive the accident.

The guilt of not being able to save another mother stayed with Hayley. The whole investigation was done to understand if the shortage of recruits could cause such incidents. Hayley was under the impression that the inquiry was set up to understand the effect of the pills on her decision-making skills. The investigation implied the government had a shortage of people in this field and probably wanted to use this case as a method to attract more locals to join the cause of helping and saving lives. Everyone on the team was relieved by the outcome of the final verdict.


Where was every crew member headed after the investigation?

Crystal finally decided to add references to her ancestors in the research paper. Crystal wanted to amplify the contribution of the native cultures in the treatment of many ailments and give her legacy some credit, which was long overdue. Her grandmother Isabelle was suffering from cancer, and as a result, she was willing to talk openly about their family’s culture and the knowledge she received from her father. Yana finally approved Crystal’s move and believed it to be bold. She was afraid of being targeted for upholding her culture, but Crystal’s words and determination helped her agree to the changes.

Nowak met with an accident while rescuing a patient and it slightly changed his dynamics with Tristan who was at the scene with him. Nowak was in severe guilt for having cheated on Tristan, and nothing could reconcile them as the trust was broken. The accident brought him closer to understanding the gravity of his mistake. Tristan visited him at the hospital during his recovery but disclosed his reason for not continuing the relationship, and that would be trust issues. Tristan was right as he overcame his commitment issue but was thwarted by Nowak’s one wrong move. Nowak was approached by another commercial airline, which was impressed by his profile. He was initially just a reference for Lexi, but they ended up considering him for the post of Chief Pilot with the airline. Nowak considered taking up the job, as there was nothing left to work on in the relationship between him and Tristan. Since Tristan broke up largely because of Nowak’s mistake, the latter was considering moving out and starting over. A new job would offer him a new perspective on life.


Bodie agreed to give his kidney to Kingsley because he came to terms with his father’s explanations. Kingsley finally wanted family around after living with his adopted parents. Bodie kept away from his roots and culture while growing up. With Kingsley around, he could impart all the knowledge about his father’s and mother’s roots to this infant, as he plans to be a great dad going forward. Giving his kidney was the first step toward bringing the family together.

Hayley and Wheezer decided to call off their relationship as she was dealing with rehab. Wheezer obliged her request, but Crystal confronted Hayley’s plan to move to Toronto as a habit of running away from problems. Crystal was hoping Hayley would deal with the matter head-on instead of falling back on her old patterns. Hayley cleared her stance by stating that she was visiting family in Toronto and her mother’s grave. Hayley admits having made mistakes in the past, and facing her mother’s grave was her first step towards accepting and moving on. It implies Hayley would be back in North House. Crystal could finally see a friend in her, and she was coming close to forgiving Hayley for her mistakes.


Lexi confronted Wheezer about having felt unsafe on that particular night facing a dangerous man. She addressed how women sometimes were on the back foot, and men took advantage of that. Lexi could have been assaulted that night, and there was nothing anyone could do to save her from a dire situation. Wheezer understood her predicament. many times for women such horrifying moments pass and they are left frozen and terrified. Wheezer added a distress call named after Lexi’s father, ‘Marty’, that could alert everyone on the base station in case anybody faces any untoward situation. Wheezer wanted to acknowledge Lexi’s fear, and this was one step towards the safety of female and male pilots. Lexi had plans to move to a commercial airline, but Wheezer’s constructive move helped her change her mind. Staying back with the team would also mean coming closer to Stef.

Skymed Season 2 ended with everyone hanging around a bonfire and discussing their future. Wheezer got some good news about their team, which would be sustained for another few years. There was a fear of the base getting shut down. Wheezer’s dedication changed their fate and the base was saved from being closed for good. Crystal and Hayley gaze at the northern lights, and as a local, she refers to them as ancestors dancing in the sky and protecting them. She believed her parents would stay with them wherever they were, and Hayley should keep her mother’s memory alive in her heart. Maybe her mother could be watching over her through those aurora lights.


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