‘Sky High: The Series’ Episodes 3 And 4: Recap And Ending: What Did The Chinese Want From Sole?

Previously in episodes 1 and 2 of “Sky High: The Series” we saw Sole assume charge of her father’s gang to carry out all of the robberies and dealings on her own. Nevertheless, in order to increase her influence and get more money, she enlisted Mercedes’ help and chose to participate in capital investments. Chinese investors, with whom she had a prior disagreement over Angel’s money laundering issue, refused to take Sole’s investment into any of their projects. In the meantime, Fernan, who was serving as a snitch for the gang, aided Sole in every way, winning her trust and making her fall for him. Let’s watch these episodes to discover if Sole was able to achieve her goal and establish her own reputation.


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 3: Recap And Ending – Did Rogelio Come To Know About The Snitch?

We see Sole visiting the Chinese as episode 3 of “Sky High: The Series” opens in order to discuss the previous debts. But she also brought up Estrella’s murder, to which the Chinese made it obvious that they had nothing to do with the assassination of Estrella. They clarified that they wouldn’t approach Sole for a bargain if they had slain her friend Estrella and taken all the money. Mercedes raised Sole’s suspicions, so she made friends with Rosa and requested that she spy on Mercedes. Rosa did so and discovered Mercedes was recording every client she spoke with. This might be a clear hint that Mercedes was actually working for the police, which was the fact that Sole was unintentionally overlooking. Sole was cautioned to avoid Mercedes by Ferran but she was adamant enough to look into the situation on her own. When she discussed the transaction with Mercedes, she asserted that the Chinese didn’t exactly want money in return; rather, they wanted something that was kept in Paris.


Rosa persisted in spying on Mercedes, and while doing so, she ran into Marta, Mercedes’s daughter, with whom she became romantically involved. Motos, another member of the gang, continued to steal cocaine as Poli and other gang members joined him, but this was something Sole was unaware of. Poli and his friends were arrested during the theft, while Motos escaped without being caught. He was afterward trailed by Rogelio’s goons, who wanted to know where he kept all the coke. The scarred-faced policeman, Ferran Rogelio’s dependable henchman, arrived to discuss the mole in their group with Rogelio. He advised Rogelio to be concerned even though he had not yet revealed who the spy was. Rogelio saw that they needed to be cautious enough to expel the mole from the gang in order to rescue their business. Sole landed in Paris with all of her gang members, including Fernan, to finalize their arrangement, but it seemed like none of them actually knew what exactly the Chinese wanted from them.

Episode 4: Recap And Ending – What Did The Chinese Want From Sole?

“Sky High: The Series” Episode 4 untangles a number of threads and explains why the Chinese choose to send Sole to Paris instead of negotiating with the money. The Chinese were after an old piece of pottery that the Europeans had stolen in 1860. They desired that Sole carry out the heist and return their work of art to Chinese hands. After Sole entered the Paris Museum with her gang members and glanced around to learn about the security, Sole explained to her gang why she was in Paris. Upon hearing the plan, every member of the gang, including Fernan, had a strong reaction and refused to take part in the theft. In this regard, Sole and Fernan even got into a fight, and ever since they returned to Madrid, they haven’t spoken to one another, which caused a lot of trouble for the police to decode Sole’s motivation for her next step.


In the meantime, Rogelio developed a concern about Fernan and started investigating his profile. He persisted in his research and asked several of his gang members if they knew where Fernan had come from. Fernan was Angel’s friend, so when Rogelio learned that Fernan was now dating his friend’s widow, he began to have some doubts about him. Mercedes, however, wasn’t even spared from Rogelio’s worry; he approached her and warned her to keep away from Sole, but Mercedes made no such commitment to him that she would adhere to his rules.

Rosa, on the other hand, was invited to Marta’s house and also given the opportunity to go through Mercedes’s belongings. She discovered a safe inside her residence and notified Sole about it. Sole then started to plan an ambush on Mercedes to discover her true identity. Mercedes, however, understood she had been watched when she noticed Rosa always being close by. She even confronted Sole to learn if she trusted her or not, but Sole’s reaction concerned her. Ultimately, we see Sole planning a robbery at Mercedes’ house so that her true motives would be exposed. She discussed the proposal with Ferran. Thus, let’s wait and see what is discovered in Mercedes’s home in the upcoming episodes that will eventually assist Sole in realizing that Mercedes was preparing to turn against her.


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