‘Sky High: The Series’ Episodes 1 And 2: Recap And Ending: Why Couldn’t Sole Trust Mercedes?

The Spanish thriller “Sky High,” directed by Daniel Calparsoro and starring Miguel Harran, has returned in its expanded series version with a lot of new faces and the same old storyline regarding gang warfare. The makers poured the same old wine into a new bottle with a very tedious ending. Don Rogelio, the city’s mafia boss, and his daughter Sole were previously introduced in “Sky High,” where Angel utilized Sole as a shortcut to reach Rogelio. But after committing a number of crimes, Angel got himself and Sole into trouble by using a large sum of stolen money to cover his tracks.


As the cops detained Angel, Rogelio stepped in to protect his family. But when Estrella, Angel’s one and only true love, helped them remove those bags of cash, she was assassinated in return, and the murderer was none other than a police officer from the department. Angel committed suicide because he was unable to cope with the grief of his girlfriend’s death. Consequently, with Angel gone, Sole decided to take over her father’s business and run it without his involvement. But a significant revelation near the end impacted Sole’s perspective in life. Let’s explore the big revelations of first two episodes of “Sky High: The Series.”

Spoilers Ahead


Episode 1: Recap And Ending – What Was Mercedes’s Suggestion to Sole?

As seen in “Sky High: The Series” episode 1, Sole lamented the loss of her husband. It was revealed that Angel had actually killed himself, in addition to breaking into the jewelry store. If Sole hadn’t taken the crucial choice to call Estrella, both she and Angel would still be alive. She had recovered from the ordeal, but now she had to take care of her son, Pablo. She frequently paid Mercedes visits and even gave her a home call, which Rogelio didn’t appreciate at all. Almost all of the robberies that this group committed were directed by Sole. She took over the business entirely, but according to her father, she wasn’t yet prepared for what lay ahead. Duque, the police officer, was investigating Estrella’s murder and the disappearance of the bags of money at the same time. The scarred officer—who we knew to be the murderer—helped him with the inquiry and made every attempt to hide any information that would incite him. Duque enlisted Fernan, a punk like Angel, to finally catch Rogelio and end his game. Fernan, however, was more than just a punk; he was an informant working with Rogelio’s group to compile solid evidence against his unlawful conduct.

Meanwhile, Sole asked Mercedes for assistance so she could start yet another business and work on her own. Although Mercedes promised to assist her, she had another suggestion. As a result of the large sums of money Sole had lost during their prior affiliation with the Chinese, Mercedes urged her to work in capital investment, which would give her great influence and wealth. Rosa, Estrella’s cousin sister, was a fresh face to us; she was still grieving over her sister’s passing and was curious as to who was to blame. She was a food delivery girl and used her position to spy on Sole, whom she held partially accountable for the death of her sister. Even worse, she called Sole from Estella’s number, which intimidated Sole. She thus exerted pressure on the police to divulge information on Estrella’s relatives. Duque had informed her that Estrella had a cousin sister, which helped Sole to draw the conclusion that the caller might be Estrella’s cousin sister. As a snitch, Fernan interfered with Rogelio’s group, but he also won Sole’s trust, and the two of them began to form a relationship. Sole and Fernan’s leadership enabled the gang to carry out a great deal more robberies while avoiding capture by the authorities.


Episode 2: Recap And Ending – Why Couldn’t Sole Trust Mercedes?

Once again, “Sky High: The Series” episode 2 opens with a robbery in which Fernan and Sole’s men attempt to steal from a safe, but it turns out that there isn’t any money inside—only some documents that Sole refers to as German bonds. Given that German bonds were more valuable than gold and that everyone in the gang could buy their own stores with the proceeds from the sale of these bonds, Sole and Mercedes engaged in the sale of German bonds and made a profit of 6 million. As Sole’s faith in Rosa, the delivery girl, began to waver, Fernan was ordered to obtain information about Rosa. When she finally met Rosa, she learned that Rosa was searching for the person responsible for her sister’s murder. She also knew that Sole had spoken to Estrella just before she died, which virtually suggested that Rosa thought Sole was responsible for Estrella’s passing. But Sole was just as perplexed as Rosa over who could have killed Estrella. She had a sneaking suspicion that perhaps the Chinese money launderers had deceived her, stolen all the money, and murdered Estrella, but she wasn’t confident enough.

After receiving a profit of $6,000,000, Sole started to have doubts about Mercedes. She started to think that Mercedes was using her for her personal benefit, so she could grab all the profit, and also about her being the person behind Estrella’s death. Mercedes, thereafter, took her to the shareholder meeting where every influential investor was gathering in order to make their deal with the Colombian investors. However, Sole noticed some Chinese investors in the crowd who appeared to be known to her. Due to Sole’s refusal to make payments on her prior debts, the Chinese investors rejected her contribution. To force an agreement, Sole prepared an attack on the Chinese shop, where she warned the owner to tell the Chinese stockholders that she wanted to discuss the negotiation or else she would set fire to all of their stores. In upcoming episodes, we’ll witness how Sole convinces the Chinese to rely on her and how she establishes her gang and her reputation on her own.


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