‘Sky High’ Film Recap And How Does It Connect With The Netflix ‘Sky High’ Series

The Netflix Spanish thriller “Sky High” is about people who were born in the mud but aspired to touch the sky. “Sky High” (Hasta el Cielo), a film by Daniel Calparsoro and starring Miguel Harran, centers on Angel, a roadside punk whose only ambition is to rise in societal structure and form his own dynasty. However, on his path to becoming a conqueror, he had to endure a number of hardships, including a tragic loss that left a deep emotional scar. Let’s see if Angel can eventually rise to the top, or if he fails miserably.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Summary: What Happens In ‘Sky High’ Film?

Angel (Miguel Harran) is a rookie goon in the suburbs of Madrid, where the majority of the youth are now enmeshed in the murk of illicit activity out of a desire to get quick cash. One of them, Angel, had lost both parents and was now living with his grandfather and Chico, the dog whom he believed to be his closest friend. Having no restrictions in life, Angel became desperate and corrupted, earning easy money by working under the gangs. He fell in love with Estrella (Carolina Yuste), a free spirit who was at the time dating Poli, a short-fused gang leader. Angel joined up with Poli in an effort to win Estrella’s love and to make some easy money, but he had plans to turn  on Poli at the same time. Poli’s gang stole a car and ransacked a jewelry store while taking the newbie, Angel, along with them, but only Angel was caught because of CCTV evidence of him being there in the gas station where he stole the car. Angel, however, was able to get out of jail thanks to Poli’s connections and the assistance of his attorney, Mercedes.


After that, he runs into his old friend from school, Sole (Asia Ortega), who happens to be the daughter of Don Rogelio (Luis Tosar), the town’s most powerful man, whose storehouse is where every stolen item ends up. Angel realized that the only way he could succeed and found his own gang was by working under Rogelio’s protection. He, therefore, married Sole in order to gain access to the power of Rogelio. But his love and affection for Estrella had never wavered in his heart. He took control of Poli’s group and started his own. The punk-turned-gangster Angel became a police target as his new gang started to emerge. After engaging in a number of illicit pursuits, Angel ends up with a substantial sum of plunder money. Police detained him for laundering a large amount of cash, but his litigator, Mercedes, advised him to convert all of his black money to white in order to avoid punishment. Angel tried to follow Mercedes’ directions and use some Chinese fraudsters to transform his stolen money into white, but the cops were monitoring Mercedes’ calls. Rogelio drew up a separate strategy to save his family because he already knew that enlisting Marcedes’ assistance would put their lives in danger. It was clear that Rogelio wasn’t just the ruler of the underworld; he also had contacts with the government, which gave him an advantage over other hooligan gangs.

Did Estrella Die At The End Of ‘Sky High’?

Angel persisted in his scheme despite Rogelio’s cautions and used Sole’s assistance to communicate with the Chinese in order to exchange the money, but the police learned about the arrangement and raided the hotel where the meeting was taking place. Together with Sole, the cops detained the entirety of Angel’s gang. Yet, all credit should be given to Sole for the case cover up. At the police station, she made a phone call to Estrella and asked whether she could steal those suitcases full of cash and disappear with them. Estrella consented to it and succeeded in doing so, but after leaving the hotel, as she prepared to take out her SIM card to make sure she left no trace, Rogelio’s hitman, a police officer with a scar on his face, shot her to death.


The police dropped all allegations against Angel as a result of their inability to get any relevant evidence. But Angel wasn’t yet in his right mind since not only had his ambitions of being the big man in the city been crushed, but the only love of his life had also gone. He drove his car around the streets, wracked with agony, but while his eyes lingered on the jewelry store, he drove right into it. The conclusion hinted that Angel may have once daydreamed of accomplishing everything while standing next to Estrella, his beloved. Yet, without Estrella, he had no reason to be the person he had always wanted to be. Hence, his “Sky High” aspirations were diminished, and he was condemned to be nothing more than one of the thousand punks of the suburbs, as he always had been.

How Does The Film Connect With The Upcoming Series?

We can infer from the movie’s ending that Angel was either arrested or, more likely, committed suicide after his beloved was gone. As a result, in the forthcoming series under this name, without Angel in the picture, we may presume that after his passing, Sole would take control of the gang and continue operations. She would support her son alone by acting as the gang’s new leader, and in the upcoming series, we would see her working alongside the recently introduced protagonist Fernan, who seems to have resembled the spirit of Angel. Let’s check that out in the upcoming Netflix television show “Sky High.”


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