‘Sixty Minutes’ Cast And Character Guide: What Happens In Netflix’s German Film?

Netflix is all set to release its new German-language action thriller, Sixty Minutes, directed by Oliver Kienle and co-written by Philip Koch. The film centers around a mixed martial arts fighter, Octavio Bergmann, who ditches an important match just to arrive at his ex-wife Mina’s place to attend his daughter’s birthday. Mina gives him an ultimatum of one hour and expects him to come on time, or else she will take her daughter away from him forever. Desperate to make it up to his daughter, Octavio not only abandons his over-hyped ring match but also makes some dangerous enemies on the way. Sixty Minutes is all about Octavio’s desperate efforts to attend his daughter’s birthday in time, which fills his journey with some heart-pounding actions and a nonstop adrenaline rush. Let’s get a better idea of all the major characters in Sixty Minutes to know what exactly is going to happen in the Netflix German action film.


Spoilers Ahead

Emilio Sakraya As Octavio Bergmann:

The protagonist of Sixty Minutes, Octavio Bergmann, is a martial arts fighter who is somewhat reckless with his life. Octavio’s entire world revolves around his gym and the fights he takes part in. Although Octavio is deeply concerned for his family, especially his daughter, whom he calls, Angel, it is Octavio’s busy schedule that stops him from spending much needed time with his daughter. Perhaps that is why Octavio is separated from his wife. However, this time Octavio promises his daughter that he will be there with a cake and gifts for her on her birthday. But unfortunately, on his daughter’s birthday, an important match with his rival, Benko, is scheduled. Unaware that the match has already been rigged by his handler, Paul, Octa does not take the match very seriously. So, when his ex-wife Mina calls him and informs him that if he doesn’t come on time, she will take custody of his daughter, Octa decides to give up the match and runs away. The gambling mafia, who have organized the match, chase Octa to catch him, but Octa doesn’t care about them. On the way to his daughter’s house, the gambling mafias attack Octa several times, as they are not ready to let him go easily. Now let’s see if Octa will be able to arrive at his daughter’s place in time or if he will prepare himself to lose his daughter forever.


Marie Mouroum As Cosima

Cosima, Octavio’s friend and mentor, is an important character in this story. She isn’t very happy about her payment and occasionally a little bit nagging about her raise, but she doesn’t throw her friends under the bus in difficult situations. Cosima plays a big role in Octa’s life by training him and encouraging him to be the best fighter he can be. Not only that, but she stands by his side when Octa needs a friend the most. Cosima’s character is not much discussed in the story, but she plays an important role in saving Octa’s life from his enemies.

Dennis Mojen As Paul Lehmann

Paul Lehmann, the handler and co-owner of Octa’s gym, organizes the matches for Octa. However, this time, hoping to earn easy money, Paul teams up with a gambling mafia named Chino, who and his other gang members bet their money on Octavio. Paul never talks to Octa or Cosima about his affiliation with the gang, which creates a huge problem. When Octa suddenly decides to ditch the match, the gangs get a hold of Paul, threatening to kill him if he doesn’t make Octa come back. Paul and Octa’s friendship is initially ruined because of the discretion maintained between them, so now it remains to be seen if they manage to reconcile by the end.



Chino, one of the bad guys in the story, is a gang leader working under an even more powerful figure than him, Danica, who is the main puppeteer. As instructed by Danica, Chino becomes desperate to capture Octa; otherwise, a substantial amount of money will slip out of their hands. But it becomes impossible for them to capture Octa, who overcomes all the obstacles on his path just to attend his daughter’s birthday as promised. Chino is a formidable fighter who tries to knock Octa out multiple times, but it remains to be seen whether he will be able to bring Octa into the match or if he will be forced to give up on himself.

Livia Matthes As Mina

Mina is Octa’s ex-wife, who has raised her daughter all alone for seven years. Due to Octa’s busy schedule, Mina might not have a life of her own. The absence of her husband during important times had emotionally hurt both her and her daughter, so this time, frustrated by Octa’s excuses, she gives him an ultimatum to prove his genuine care for his daughter. She tells him that if he doesn’t arrive at her place by 6 p.m., she will take custody of her daughter, making sure that Octa will never be allowed to see his daughter again. Perhaps Mina’s behavior seems a little irrational and careless, but she has her reasons for which we cannot judge her. Let’s see if she will have to take custody of her daughter or if she will forgive Octa for his unfortunate circumstances.



Leonie is the one for whom Octavio can even turn the whole world around. Leonie, Octavio’s daughter, is the one and only person Octa cares about. Leonie, just like her mother, felt the absence of Octa in her family, but she is still hopeful that her father will keep his promise and show up on her birthday. Leonie doesn’t eat anything the entire day just to enjoy the birthday cake that her father has promised her to bring. But will Leonie be able to celebrate her birthday with her father, or will Octa mess up the last chance given to him? To find all those answers, we’ll have to wait for Sixty Minutes to hit our TV screens on January 19th only on Netflix.

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