‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 3 Episodes 4 And 5 Recap & Review: There’s A New Girl In Town

Watching Single’s Inferno makes me feel as if I’ve stumbled into an illegal circus. To me, it almost comes across as demeaning when the panel discusses what’s happening within the show. Obviously, since the show is such a super hit, I’m the problem here, but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the idea at all. Especially now that the drama has begun, I’m just so frustrated by the reactions from the panel. I guess that’s what’s meant to make things fun, considering I wouldn’t be reacting at all if it weren’t for these 5 people largely reacting to ordinary things. Maybe it’s also how forgiving they are to men in comparison to the women? Specifically, with the whole thing happening with Min-Young and Jin-Seok this week, I’m quite disappointed with their reactions. A lot takes place in the two almost 90-minute episodes, and some new sparks are definitely flying. With a new member joining the group, things are about to change.

What Happens In Episode 4?

It’s only the fourth episode of Single’s Inferno, so why do  I feel like I’ve been watching it for days? While at first, it seems like things are going to be great in Paradise for Gwan-Hee and Ha-Jeong, they take a drastic turn when they start to play a drinking game. Gwan-Hee keeps trying to cross a line when it comes to being playful, but in truth, he’s trying to be all serious with Ha-Jeong. She’s under the impression that she can continue being her straightforward self, and this makes for a heated discussion between the two of them. On the other hand, between Won-Ik and Si-Eun, things are as awkward as Bambi in an ice rink. It’s really quite a struggle to watch when they can’t make eye contact and don’t know what to say to each other, especially when they’re playing with flower petals in a bathtub. The two couples are polar opposites. One’s high on energy, and they’ve got so much to banter about, and the other simply doesn’t have anyone to take the initiative to start anything between them.

On the helicopter ride (I suppose there are perks to being on this show) back to the Inferno, it seems like Min-Kyu and Gyu-Ri have grown quite close. At this point, it’s been announced that the two Infernos will be merged together. This means those who haven’t had the chance to get to know each other yet can finally do so. Min-Young and Jin-Seok are finally reunited, and Jin-Seok seems stoked. Min-Young, on the other hand, is worried because she’ll be seen as taken because Jin-Seok is so certain about his feelings for her. She does like him, but she still wants to get to know the other men in the Inferno too (I mean, that’s the whole point of the show). In the Inferno, couples get paired up, and Min-Woo is the odd one out (again) for a game of squats. The men have to carry their partners and do squats in the water (the way these scenes are shot, though, barf). To everyone’s shock, it is Won-Ik who wins the game (never judge by appearances, kids) with Ha-Jeong. They get to have a special lobster dinner, while the rest are left with the bare minimum. In this game, Gwan-Hee is paired with Hye-Seon again, and he’s happy to hear her share her feelings with him, something that Ha-Jeong hesitated to do. He claims his interest is divided equally among three women- Ha-Jeong, Hye-Seon, and Gyu-Ri. We then get to watch the men and women interact with their own kind as they discuss their likes and dislikes. There’s definitely beef between Hye-Soon and Ha-Jeong, but they play it off quite coolly until it’s time for barbeque dinner and they’re both going around feeding the man. I suppose this little baby is only looking for attention. After dinner, there’s a drinking session by the bonfire, and all the members are meant to place candy in boxes for the people they’re interested in. The results leave everyone in shock. Amongst the guys, it’s Ha-Bin who gets candy from all the girls, something he obviously hides from the whole group. We haven’t seen this guy interact with anybody all this time, so what’s going on? At the end of episode 4 of Single’s Inferno, everyone’s playing games again, the infamous “truth or drink.” Gwan-Hee is asked who he’s interested in, and he points out the three girls he’s “interested in” in the most disrespectful manner.

What Happens In Episode 5?

Nah, but even if I was desperately interested in someone, I could not stand what Gwan-Hee did, and the panel agreed. He’s been so overconfident this whole time about his choices that it’s finally time he regrets them. After doing so, Gwan-Hee still manages to chat up Gyu-Ri, who seems to be interested (she’s a great actor), but it’s later revealed that she was mostly annoyed by his behavior (yes, girl!). The girls all discuss how terrible they feel, and it seems like Ha-Jeong is the most annoyed and straightforward of the lot too. Drunk Min-Young has a little cry because she is confused about her feelings for Jin-Seok, at least according to me. The panel, on the other hand, sees it as a red flag: “I am allowed to cheat, but you need to be loyal.” Jin-Seok is nice to Min-Young and tries to be understanding, so the panel falls for him, making it seem like he’s the coolest person in the whole world (he really isn’t). Unfortunately, Ha-Bin isn’t doing so well on the scoreboard despite his popularity because of the way he behaved the previous night. The girls realize he got all five candies, which would’ve boosted his ego, making him act all confident in front of everyone. This irks the girls, so he’s probably going to be hung out to dry for a bit, at least.

On the other hand, shy and puppy-like Min-Woo is making lasting impressions. His mysterious demeanor has all the girls intrigued, specifically Si-Eun and Hye-Seon (why is she always stuck competing?). This is when a new bombshell enters the villa. Oh, I’m sorry, a new single enters the Inferno. Min-Ji gets to talk to all the men one-on-one without meeting the women and has the chance to go to Paradise with two people (scandy). The way the panel is overjoyed to see this, though, they should win awards for these performances. After a sit-down with all the men, who seem to be very intrigued by Min-Ji (there’s obviously something special about novelty), she picks Jin-Seok and Min-Woo, the two most different men of the lot. She’s then asked to pick one for dinner and one for the swimming pool date (she’s never going to understand this concept). She chooses Min-Woo for the dinner because this would be the poor guy’s first time in Paradise, and he’s been very hungry (the sound of that, though).

The dinner with Min-Woo is quite awkward, and the guy is only 24 years old, which explains why he’s so shy in comparison to the rest of the men. Min-Ji admits later to Jin-Seok that she likes someone who is more fun like him, and Jin-Seok seems to have fallen hard for her (the guy really told Min-Young he’s got eyes for nobody else, and in half a day he’s flipped on his words). Ha-Jeong finally has a word with Gwan-Hee, revealing to him how the girls really felt about what he did. He claims he just wants them to make the first move because there are three of them, and that would make it easier for him to choose (red flag alert). Ha-Jeong does not hesitate and spills out all her anger in a straightforward conversation with Gwan-Hee. He’s stumped by her reaction, falling hard from the fluffy cloud he’s made for himself (definitely deserves worse). At the end of Single’s Inferno Episode 5, there’s trouble in Paradise for Jin-Seok and Min-Young. Min-Kyu gives Min-Young advice and tells her to fight for Jin-Seok because it will be unfortunate if she’s left behind as the person nobody is interested in. Ultimately, we’re left wondering if any of the girls will actually choose Gwan-Hee and how he’s going to make up for this blunder.

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