‘Single Drunk Female’ Season 2, Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Sam And Alex Break Up?

The third and fourth episodes of Single Drunk Female had Sam and her mother having a confrontation about her journal in which Sam, in detail, criticized Carol. She is shocked to know her daughter would think of her in this way and goes into defensive mode. Carol’s reaction to Sam’s journal proves all the points she has written down in her journal to be true. Sam moves out of her mother’s home. Meanwhile, Brit is jealous to see Joel moving on, and it has started bothering her how quickly he was able to detach himself from her. Felicia is surprised to see her ex in town wanting to stay in Zach’s life because he is done being a stuntman in Los Angeles. Will Felicia be okay with him being around her all the time now that she is with Pete? Will Carol ever work on herself and learn how to deal with her daughter, who is attending the AA meetings regularly? How are Sam and Brit getting along?


Spoilers Ahead

Sam And Alex Plan a Trip

In episode five of Single Drunk Female, Sam moves out of her mother’s home and lives with Brit. She is now dating Alex, her ex-boss, and they both seem to get along well. The two of them decide to go camping to spend more time with each other. Sam is excited to be doing this because living in a tent amidst the forest is something she has not done before, and she would like to do this as something of an out-of-the-box experience for her. She wants to challenge herself because now that she has been sober for over a year, she wants to experience things that are unconventional for her. Camping with Alex would be an unconventional thing.


Sam And Brit’s Day Out

In the same episode, Sam and Brit have started to get along as they live together, Sam lets her know everything that she likes so far about Alex. Brit is supportive, but seeing Sam having a good time with her beau makes her miss Joel. She misses the companionship part of the relationship, where she and Joel would spend time just enjoying each other’s company. The separation is taking more of a toll on her. As Sam and Brit shop at a local store that sells camping supplies, Brit ends up stealing one of the items because it reminded her of Joel. She does not reveal it until store security confronts them, and Brit admits to having stolen the item. Brit is in a phase where she misses her ex-husband because she misses doing the things they used to do as a couple. She knows she cannot get together with him anymore, but just the presence of him and the feeling of having someone around to talk to makes her miss Joel. Sam understands her predicament. As her way of making Brit feel safe, she lets Alex know that she will not be able to go on the camping trip because she wants to spend the weekend with Brit. Sam wants to be the friend she couldn’t be a few years ago. As Brit is going through a tough time because of the divorce, she would rather be with her, giving her company.

Sam And Alex Meeting Their Friends

The sixth episode of Single Drunk Female has Sam and Alex coming out officially as boyfriend and girlfriend, they are happy to be in that stage of their relationship. They are now eager to introduce each other to their friends. Sam’s current boss assigns her to cover the Boston Film Festival for their website, and she is excited to be interviewing one of the stars of the movie being screened at the festival. She meets Felicia and Brit at the event and plans to introduce them to Alex. Alex also gets his friends, so they get to meet Sam. Alex’s meeting with Sam’s friends goes well, but Sam’s meeting with Alex’s friends does not go well. Sam notices his friends do not take drinks from the servers at the event, and she assumes that he told them about her stint with alcoholism and AA, and as a way to patronize her, they refuse to drink. Alex is shocked to see Sam accusing him of something that is not even true. Sam was quick to judge that Alex would do something like this just to make her angry. Sam probably does not realize that Alex is just getting to know her, and he would never intentionally hurt her. Sam is offended by the fact that his friends are judging her, and even with Alex trying to calm her down, Sam walks away from the conversation. This behavior comes from the fact that she believes people she dates do not inherently like her because of the past, and even if Alex’s friends do judge her, it should not offend her. Through this knee-jerk reaction, she ends up behaving like her mother. Sam does not want anyone to think badly of her.


Carol’s Tries to Redeem Herself

Throughout the fifth and the sixth episodes of this show, Carol is struggling to join a support group meant for family members of people who are attending AA meetings and are on the road to recovery. Carol is struggling because she never approached any support group, even after the death of her husband due to cancer. She feels that talking to a group of strangers will not help her at all. Carol still feels she has not received enough gratitude for letting Sam in. What Carol does not understand is that, as a woman and a mother, she should have given her daughter some space and understood her words and pain. She did the opposite. She is struggling to even get through the doors where this support group meets. She meets up with Jim, who is also attending the meeting. Jim lets her know that the meeting helped him and his family, as his sister was attending AA. Carol disagrees with Jim at every juncture, and she ends up disagreeing with Bob as well. Carol might be on the verge of losing a lot of people close to her if she does not get her act straight, just like Sam finally had to do to bring her life back on track.

Why Do Sam And Alex Get Into A Quarrel?

James is struggling with the AA meetings, as he is not sure if they are helping him at all. He starts being harsh to people who are talking about their journey. James is having a hard time getting his life back on track since he has gone back to drinking again. The man also went through a breakup, and seeing Sam get better is also taking a toll on him. James finally comes to terms with the fact that he must clean up his act; if not, his life would just spiral. He is losing momentum on the app because the funding is running out. He manages to get hold of his mother, who is probably the only person who understands his predicament. She takes him to church to help him settle down mentally. James is struggling with his professional and personal life, and he can only hope going to church will give him the peace his mind requires right now.


Sam and Alex, on the other hand, get into their first fight, where Sam accuses him of ruining the interview she was supposed to have because of the tiff they had right before her time came up. Her interview with the celebrity goes awry because Sam ends up speaking a lot about herself instead of asking questions about the film. The celebrity gets awkward, too, by the end of it and wonders if Sam is doing okay. Sam was panicking after the argument she had with Alex, which led to her losing momentum while asking questions about her work. She ends up mixing her personal life with her professional life, which hampers her work the most. Sam confronts Alex after the interview and accuses him because she clearly cannot find any other person to blame her faults on. Sam could have been more professional instead of letting a small tiff ruin her mood. Alex is also mad at her accusation, as he cannot believe that at this stage of their relationship, Sam is not taking responsibility for her mistakes, and he walks away from her so that the argument does not escalate.

Sam barely manages to construct a decent article from the interview she had, and that is when Alex walks into the office to let her know that Nathaniel is on a long leave of absence because of his divorce and that Alex is his replacement. This would mean Alex is once again her boss, and they will have to find a way to make their relationship work and keep their love lives separate. Alex is struggling to keep it separate right now. She will have to talk with him, and hopefully, she will have to make sure not to mix work with pleasure. Alex and Sam are not broken up at this point, but with him being her boss, they are not sure if they can sustain their relationship. Only the coming days will tell.


Carol is upset to see Bob moving out and possibly breaking up with her because he realizes she is struggling to have him around 24×7, and he can also notice she is finding it hard to make him feel welcome in her home. Carol claims to be good at relationships, but she sees another one of her loved ones moving out. Bob walks out on her because of her condescending behavior. Carol finally attends the meeting where she is supposed to talk about being lonely and helpless. Carol finally understands she probably needs help because she managed to lose two people she loves very quickly. Hopefully, this will be her journey to rectify things with Bob and her daughter, Sam.

What Can We Expect Next?

The next two episodes will be about Alex and Sam trying to come to terms with the fact that they now have a professional relationship to deal with as well. It may be too difficult for the two of them. The boss-employee relationship might lead to a breakup. Sam would again have to go back to look for another job. If they don’t break up, it would be a significant development for Sam because, hopefully, she would not let her worst instincts decide for her. Carol, too, will find a way to get back to her daughter and make things. For the first time, Sam would apologize to her daughter. It will be interesting to see Sam’s life trajectory from here on.


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