‘Sinam’ Ending, Explained: How Did Pari Catch The Persons Responsible For Madhangi’s Death?

Writer R. Saravanan has tried to craft a contemporary story around the social conflicts in the latest Netflix release, “Sinam,” however, the film focuses more on human emotions rather than corrupting them with unnecessary compassions. If you are burning with vengeance, the last thing you would care about is showing compassion to a person who has caused you severe pain. It is only natural for the movies to make the protagonist do the right thing by setting an example, such as giving the antagonist a chance to rectify his mistakes. But the makers here were not bothered about making the protagonist great; in fact, those decisions had made the protagonist more humane or flawed than anything else.


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‘Sinam’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Movie?

Pari Venkat (Arun Vijay), an honest Sub Inspector, had recently joined the police force. He could not stand any nuisance from local criminals. He refuses to take orders from senior officers, who are already corrupt. Pari was married to Madhangi (Palak Lalwani) against her father’s will. However, they were so much in love that Madhangi never missed her parents that much. Soon the couple had a daughter, and they were living the best years of their life. Pari’s ruthless attitude helped the police department bring a local thug named “Bazaar Murali” to court. However, before “Bazaar Murali” could be presented in front of the judge, another thug slit his throat and killed him in cold blood. The senior officers accused Pari of his reckless behaviour and concluded he was the reason behind Murali’s death. Pari was too proud to tolerate such an insult. He swore to find the person responsible for Murali’s death as soon as possible.


That night, two things took place. Pari was so focused on finding Murali’s killer that he forgot to take Madhangi to her parent’s home. Madhangi called Pari again and again, but since his phone was silent, Pari could not receive the call. Pari was adamant about finding the killer and finally getting hold of the person who was responsible for Murali’s murder, and soon after that, he picked up Madhangi’s call. Pari decided to pick her up from the bus stand. But Madhangi was nowhere to be found. Soon, Pari confronted the second incident of that night. He saw that the police had discovered Madhangi’s dead body. She was lying on the field alongside an unknown man. Both of them were brutally killed. Soon after the rituals, Pari was asked to go to the police station, where he had a brawl with the senior inspector, who was talking badly about Madhangi. Pari was suspended for a while but was soon called to investigate Madhangi’s murder case.

Pari was finally met with the gang that raped Madhangi and killed the unknown man, who was merely trying to help Madhangi. Listening to the events of that particular night, Pari could not control his anger and killed each of the persons involved in his wife’s murder. At the end of the film, we don’t see him showing any sign of compassion for the people he had killed, nor does he feel any regret for killing them. Which definitely proves the dark side of the protagonist. He justified the killing by saying to himself that he did what needed to be done, and perhaps he was right at some point. However, there can only be such scenarios where one can identify the good from the bad quite clearly, like this one.


‘Sinam’ Ending Explained – How Did Pari Catch The Persons Responsible For Madhangi’s Death?

Madhangi used to come up with new stories that would help her daughter sleep. She used to weave stories surrounding the things she saw in front of her. Like, if she saw something, she had the ability to craft a story around it. Pari knew this from the very beginning. So, one night, after Madhangi’s death, their daughter called Pari and told him to tell a story as she was unable to fall asleep. Pari was mourning Madhangi’s death, so he was unable to come up with a story. Instead, he asked his daughter to tell him one of her mother’s stories. The daughter started with the story her mother told her for the last time while she was travelling in an auto. The story had a farmer and a monkey in it. 

Pari trusted his instincts and gathered all the autos in the area where Madhangi’s body was found. He examined each of them and finally found a monkey keychain in an auto. He followed the auto and ended up confronting Dhana’s parents. It was Dhana’s father’s auto, but on the night of Madhangi’s murder, Dhana was driving it. One of Dhana’s friends came to the house at that moment, and Pari caught him. Pari had asked him to take him to Dhana, and he did so. However, Pari ended up being surrounded by Dhana’s gang. Romeo, Dhana’s friend, finally told Pari how they had raped and killed Madhangi. Pari could not resist the anger after knowing the truth. He killed everyone, including Dhana, at the end of the movie. 


Pari had not only avenged Madhangi’s death but also finished off a gang that used to take advantage of young girls’ innocence and do unspeakable things with them. So, even if Pari’s decision to kill those filthy men was wrong, from his point of view, it just felt right. Madhangi should not have died. Pari’s honesty as a police officer was mocked by his superiors every now and then. Society is already far too corrupt to give some rapists a second chance to make amends. Rape should not have any justification. A rapist doesn’t deserve any mercy. And it was right for Pari to think of it as such. A rapist’s apology can never bring back the victim’s honour, at least not in this society where you are mocked even after your death.

“Sinam” is a 2022 action thriller film directed by G. N. R. Kumaravelan.

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