‘Silo’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Killed Sam Marnes?

Till Episode 4 of Silo, Juliette at least had Sam with her for assistance. In the absence of Holston, Sam was the only one who was ready to listen to her and all that she had learned about the Silo from George. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Sam succumbs to the attack. We have no idea who the person who killed him was or if anyone sent him to kill Sam. It is up to Juliette to find out. Also, we must remember that she needs to visit Martha. She has repaired George’s relic, the camcorder.


Spoilers Ahead

The List

Bernard, Sims, Paul Billings, who is the new Chief Deputy, and Juliette decide to organize a joint funeral for Sam and Ruth. It is important to make sure that people don’t find out how they died, as it will only add to the panic that has already resulted from the death of Sheriff Holston. They need a distraction, and Bernard intends to organize a race. After the guys leave, Juliette searches Sam’s body for any clues or evidence and finds a piece of paper with a list of names on it. “Dorris Kennedy” is circled. Dorris is the wife of Patrick Kennedy. She meets Hank later on, and he reminds her that he is available at all times. He is worried about her and understands how tough it is for her.


Doubtful Doug

Sandy knows that the only reason Juliette accepted the position of Sheriff is that she intends to find out what happened to George. And if she wants to do that, she will have to help Sandy find out who killed Sam. So Juliette sets out with Paul to talk to the people whose names are on Sam’s list. After speaking to Charles Martin and realizing he couldn’t have killed Sam, she sends Paul home and decides to visit Patrick Kennedy. She doesn’t want someone from the Judicial to find out about Patrick. Getting no response after some knocks, Juliette breaks into his room and finds rat poison and the portrait of Ruth that seems to have been torn from a wall in Sam’s office. She returns them to their spots and leaves. There can be no way Patrick brought them to his place after Sam’s death. She then finds Patrick, and after whatever she finds out from him, she puts him someplace where no one can find him, especially the Judicial. What did Patrick tell her that made her believe that people would come after him? Meanwhile, Paul visits Sims and meets a guy named Doug Trumbull, who is one of the candidates to be Sims’ assistant. Doug is the very guy who killed Sam. Paul surely doesn’t know it, although Sims might. We cannot tell for sure. Paul’s shock at seeing Doug with Sims does point the finger at Doug’s potentially notorious reputation.

The Race

Paul returns to meet Juliette in her office. She finds out from him that the people at the Judicial believe that a guy named Ralf Melby is responsible for the killings of Ruth and Sam. Ralf’s name is on Sam’s list too. But what’s curious is that the guy has only two minor assaults to his name. Why would the Judicial take him for a murderer? That’s when the truth dawned on her. Ruth’s portrait and the rat poison were false evidence to pin the murders on Patrick Kennedy. And sending her after Melby, knowing that she will find nothing, is the Judicial’s way to prove that she is unworthy of being the Sheriff, and the badge will be passed on to Billings. She thus releases an arrest warrant for Patrick Kennedy and heads out to get him before the Judicial can find him. The Race to the Top, organized by Bernard, begins. Along with it begins Juliette’s chase after Doug, whom she finds knocking on Patrick’s door. He has been sent by the Judicial or someone else, probably Sims. The chase ends with Doug escaping with a broken finger while Juliette is left hanging by the rail of the main stairs. She is pulled up by two participants of the race, and she returns to her office.


Doug meets Sims and gives him a note. Together they take a walk, and to our expectation as well as surprise, Sims pushes him off the railing. Doug falls to his death. This is his punishment for being unable to perform his duties as Sims’ shadow. So, it was indeed Sims webi sent him to Patrick. We also come to know that it was Doug who killed George. And it was Sims who sent him to kill George, Ruth, and Sam. Doug’s death removes the last piece of evidence that could have led Juliette to Sims. Juliette brings the note discovered from Doug’s dead body, the one that Doug handed Sims, to Judge Meadows, which Doug apparently wanted to plant in Kennedy’s room or maybe on him after killing him, just like Ruth’s portrait and the rat poison.  Sims just have planted the note on Doug’s body without anyone watching. But neither Juliette, Paul, nor Meadows has any idea why a Judicial [Doug] would intend on killing the mayor. There is no need to continue the investigation into the murder of Ruth or Sam. Unfortunately, Juliette doesn’t get to know that it was Doug who killed George. Only Sims and Bernard share the umbrella of our suspicion.

What Is On the Camcorder?

Sandy has been reassigned. She is glad that Juliette did as she promised, but now she wants to go back to her people. Plus, Sandy also mentions that she has always felt like someone has been watching her. Juliette meets Bernard, who seems to have realized that Juliette will be an effective sheriff. He offers his help, but all that Juliette wants, for now, is two days’ holiday so that she can visit her friends down at the mechanical department, especially Martha. After all, she needs to see if there is anything George’s relic can reveal. On the way, she passes the cafeteria, where the guy she had met earlier shows her lights that are visible in the night sky. Neither of them has any idea what they are, but we do. They are stars. It is really scary to think that there can come a time when humans will have no idea what stars are. Our fight to survive will make us forget one of the most beautiful creations of the universe. She meets Martha, who is not happy. She shows Juliette her multipurpose tool. One of the guys found it after it fell out of her pocket while she was hanging off the rail.


Martha doesn’t have a magnifying glass powerful enough to magnify what’s written inside the camcorder. And according to the Pact i.e., the Silo Constitution, there is a limit to magnification. So, if someone tries to use magnification to look deep within a relic with wiring as deep as that in the camcorder and the Judicial finds out, there will be consequences. But Juliette has to investigate George’s death, for which she needs effective bait so that the Judicial doesn’t get to know about it. And that bait lies inside George’s box of relics at the bottom of the silo in the digger. The fifth episode of Silo ends with Juliette holding a relic in the digger. We have to see what Juliette plans to do now. Also, it is curious how Bernard has suddenly taken Juliette’s side despite intending to remove her from the Sheriff’s chair a couple of days ago. What is the reason behind Sims getting Mayo, Ruth, Sam, and George killed? Or was it someone else who ordered Sims to do so? Did Bernard give the order? Is Judge Meadows involved? Episode 6 will reveal more.

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