‘Silo’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Juliette Find George’s File?

Juliette has not even become the sheriff, and things have already started falling apart. Mayor Ruth is poisoned to death. George’s missing notes mean that either someone stole them, or someone has hidden them, which also means that bad people are looking for them. Episode 4 of Silo further shows Bernard taking over Ruth’s position as the new acting mayor, at least until the elections. And the guy is, from the looks of it, up to no good. Something is brewing inside the Silo, and Juliette has to figure out what before it’s too late.


Spoilers Ahead

A Past To Fix

Losing her brother and mother has affected little Juliette a lot. She likes to fix things, while her father, Pete, is a doctor. An argument with her father reveals that she is fed up with doing things that she isn’t supposed to do, like taking out the trash, and cooking. As much as she may hate it, it’s the way things are, and both she and her father have to make do to live by it. Juliette goes to Martha and gives her a letter that is supposed to be from Juliette’s father. In it, he asks Martha to let Juliette be in the Mechanical department.  But the truth is that Juliette wrote the letter because she didn’t want to be at home anymore. Martha reaches out to Pete who realizes that Juliette isn’t happy at home and thus agrees to let her work under Martha. And though Martha disagrees with keeping Juliette there, the latter’s adamant behavior and her talent to really repair things make Martha let her stay back. But more than being able to repair things, what keeps her there is the fact that when she is working, she is too busy to think about her brother or mother. That she has realized it and found a way to vent out that pain at such a young age is proof enough of how mature she is.


Sworn Sheriff

Mayor Ruth is gone. So Juliette has no one to help her understand and maneuver her duties as the sheriff. Bernard Holland will take up the role of Ruth as the acting mayor, at least until the elections. The best she can have is Deputy Sam Marnes. But he, too, is devastated. He knows Ruth was poisoned and intends to find out who the murderer is by any means necessary. Well, the only person who can help him and is available is Juliette. While swearing Juliette in as the new sheriff, Bernard makes it clear that she wasn’t his choice. We all know that it was Paul Billings. Maybe he is doing what he has to do unwillingly and has wicked intentions for the future. Be that as it may, Juliette knows that the first thing she needs to look for is the clue that Holston left for her. And so the moment she takes charge and arrives at her office, she asks the sheriff’s assistant, Sandy (Holston’s assistant), for George Wilkin’s file, but unfortunately, the Judicial doesn’t have any information on him. As she is going through another file that Holston left for the next sheriff, she is informed of a fight taking place somewhere. Sam Marnes is beating someone to a pulp.

The Deal

Franky Brown has previously poisoned two levels of the Silo with “bad booze.” Ruth died in the same manner. So it is only natural for Sam to think that Franky killed Ruth. After bringing Sam back to the office, Juliette opens up to him about the sign Holston said he would send her if he found something fishy. He did send a sign, but it came at a cost, i.e., his death. She shows Sam Holston’s badge with the word “truth” engraved on its back. It was Ruth who gave it to her. Maybe Ruth knew something, but before she could do anything, she was killed. We cannot help but notice the similarity between the words “Ruth” and “truth.”. It’s the “T” that separates the two words. It doesn’t mean anything for now, but maybe later on. Juliette and Sam thus make a deal. She will help him find out who killed Ruth, and in return, he will help her find George’s killer.


The Last Warning

Juliette and Sam visit Patrick Kennedy, a guy who has had connections to the Judicial via relics and is also involved in extortion and robbery. This reminds Juliette of George’s hard drive that Holston had with him. She asks Sam about it, and he directs her toward the recycling center. Juliette also thinks that someone killed Martha because of something she did; maybe she took a step that someone somewhere didn’t like. But Sam knows Ruth better than anyone else and believes that she can never do something wrong or hide anything from him. So there’s a sinister plot at work here. Later, she arrives at Recycling, asking for anything that may have arrived from Holston’s room, like a hard drive of documents. Nothing like that has arrived. Meanwhile, Sims meets Sam again and tries to convince him to sign the papers so that Judge Meadows can make Paul Billings the new sheriff. Although it is unlikely that Sam would agree to this because he doesn’t like Sims or the Judicial in general, his deal with Juliette, and all that she has told him, make him tell Sims that Judge Meadows will have to wait on that decision. In other words, Sam would rather have Juliette as the sheriff than anyone else. He doesn’t tell Sims why, other than that she was nominated by Holston. By now, we can tell that Sims isn’t happy, and neither are Bernard or Judge Meadows.

Does Juliette Find George’s File?

As fate would have it, Martha contacts Juliette and informs her that she may have something for her. She has been able to fix the camcorder that Juliette and Holston recovered from George’s base. Whatever is in that camcorder will reveal a lot about the Silo and its past. Also, Juliette finds George’s file inside the shaft in her office. Holston hid it there so that no one could find it, and he hid it strategically so that only Juliette could recognize what it was. As she goes through the file in her office, Sam is attacked by a mysterious guy in his office. He must have been sent by either Sims or Bernard if not Judge Meadows. They will probably force him to sign the document and replace Juliette with Paul Billings as the new sheriff. Silo Episode 5 will reveal what’s in George’s file, and that will help Juliette learn more about him and perhaps what he knew. There is also the camcorder. And we can only hope that Sam isn’t killed.


Silo Episode 4 isn’t as happening an episode as the last one, but it is a stepping-stone for the episodes that will follow. We see Juliette’s inexperience with the sheriff’s duties and how Sam is ready to help her in return for her help. The episode moves at a steady pace and also tells us how she got into Mechanical as a kid. It thus reveals the pain that Juliette carries inside as well as her toughened character, which is a result of literally growing up in the mechanical department. So, there is this dichotomy in her that we realize for the first time.

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